KTKZ is canceling the Eric Hogue Show- The Death of Conservative Talk in Sac?

First KFBK releases the ever controversial Mark Williams from his evening spot and replace him with milk toast liberal, Bruce Maiman.

Now KTKZ, the home of the Recall is replacing the guy who almost single handedly put them on the map, morning host Eric Hogue. WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY THINKING!!!!!!!!

Sacramento’s Salem Broadcasting is under new management. And it appears that they are operating under the belief that they can save money and increase the bottom line by eliminating all local talk and going all syndicated, all the time.

Maybe I’m mistaken, but wasn’t that KTKZ’s format before Eric got here? And weren’t their ratings in the toilet? What is it that makes these folks believe that eliminating one of Sacramento’s favorite local talk shows in favor of an already failed programming format is a good idea?

Well I, for one am not willing to let this go without a fight. And I am not alone. I have been in contacted by some soon to be former KTKZ advertisers and listeners who have asked me to urge everyone who cares to contact the management at Salem and let them know that we want Eric to stay.

So I’m asking…. No….. I’m pleading with you, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Send an email to : edwarda@salem.cc and let them know that we want Eric to stay! And that we value local conservative talk here in Sacramento. And then send this email to every conservative you know within the KTKZ listening area.

We have until September 1st to make a difference. So let’s make it happen!