LA Times Plays the Race Card. But It’s not going to work!

In a feeble effort to portray Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a racist, the Los Angles Times released an excerpt from a tape that was recorded during a private meeting.

(Click Here to Listen to the tape)

The LA Times goes on to detail the closed door conversation:

They move on to Garcia, a Cathedral City lawmaker who is the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants. On her website, Garcia is described as “born on the Lower East Side of New York to teen parents.”

“Bonnie Garcia is great,” Kennedy says on the recording. “She’s a ball-buster. She’s great. Is she Puerto Rican?”

“She seems to me like Cuban,” Schwarzenegger says.

“She’s not Mexican,” Kennedy replies.

“No,” the governor agrees.

“But she said something,” Kennedy says, “and I thought, I thought she was Puerto Rican.”

Then Schwarzenegger offers a theory.

“She maybe is Puerto Rican or the same thing as Cuban. I mean, they are all very hot. They have the, you know, part of the black blood in them and part of the Latino blood in them that together makes it.”

My first question is how did they get this tape? Who was recording it? Well it appears that from time to time the governor records some of his meetings so that his speech writers can capture his speech patterns and language styles on policy issues. So, he does not record all of his conversations. But this was clearly meant for internal use and must have been leaked by someone inside the administration.

My second question is what are people supposed to be so offended about? Are Latinos and Blacks supposed to be up in arms because the governor said we are hot? I AM HOT!!! And so is Assemblywoman Garcia!

I’ll tell you what does offend me though… The fact that the liberals like the LA Times and gubenatorial candidate Phil Angelides would think so little of Blacks and Latinos to believe that such trivial garbage is all that we care about.

Even the most liberal of liberal Blacks aren’t falling for this one. In a statement released by Dr Amos Brown, the President of the San Francisco NAACP he stated:

Anyone who knows the Governor as I do shares my deep offense to Mr. Angelides’ calculated political attack on the Governor today.

“Mr. Angelides’ record of divisive and partisan politics stands in sharp contrast to this Governor’s leadership and commitment to all communities.”

While I do not agree with the governor on everything, he has done more to empower people of color within his administration and in the community than any of his recent predicesors. He has appointed more people of color (Blacks and Latinos in particular) than Gray Davis ever did. And unlike Davis, he has actually given them the authority necessary to do their jobs.

But you won’t see the Times reporting on that; because it actually portrays a Republican in a good light. Not media bias here, eh?