Liberal Christian Talk Show Host can’t handle Uncommon Sense

First of all, we’ll ignore the fact that a liberal Christian is an oxymoron.

But setting that aside, I was invited to go on the air with a Dean Schoenwald, a liberal Christian talk show host on WVOL 1470AM in Tennessee. When we spoke on the phone I was told that his listenership was middle of the road politically and they really didn’t have an agenda for the show; we would simply go wherever the discussion lead us.

Sound like a setup? Well it was. But I guess he didn’t know who he was dealing with as yours truly turned the tables on him. As a matter of fact, the intellectual beating got so bad he actually hung up on me.

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Here is how the whole thing went down. Schoenwald called the President of the California Black Republican Council, David Morgan and asked him to be a guest on his show. He was equally as evasive with David, so he decided to check with the California Republican Party press folks to see if they were familiar with this show. And in fact, they were.

Evidently, CRP Chairman Duff Sundheim had been on the show and his experience was less than pleasant. So, heeding their advice, David decided that he would employ the services of a bona fide “Liberal Slayer“. Thus, knowing of my background in talk radio, he thought he would give me a crack at doing the show.

Now, I’ll admit that my performance wasn’t perfect. But keep in mind that I had no idea what the topic was going to be or that they would be coming at me from a “Christian” perspective. Had I known, I would have been better prepared with historical and scriptural references. But overall, I think I did ok.

But I did want to point out a few interesting observations.

First, did you notice how Schoenwald dismisses the Bible in favor of his own definition of Christianity? Like most Christian liberals, he dismisses the validity of the Bible because much of the scripture is in conflict with this liberal world view. So, instead of altering their world view to fit their faith, they alter their faith to fit their world view. Thus, they only talk about those parts of scripture such as love, forgiveness, and charity that they agree with and dismiss those parts like the consequences of sin, righteousness and repentance that they don’t like. I also love how he throws in “Tolerance”. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I don’t know where in the Bible God says that we should be tolerant of sin.

Secondly, how Christian is it to lie to someone in order to get them on your show? As I previously stated, Schoenwald was insistent that they did not have a topic in mind for us to discuss. It sure sounded like he had a topic in mind… Clearly, he wanted to go after me on the war in Iraq. And from what I heard about Duff Sundheim’s experience, this was his typical MO; to call Republicans, act like he is an objective talk show host who is interested in open dialogue and then he ambushes his unsuspecting conservative guest. Is this supposed to be Christ-like? I think not.

And finally, he showed his true colors when he commenced to call me names. “An embarrassment to Black People”, “A coward” and stating that I was “not a Christian” were just a few of the zingers he threw my way. Although I guess calling him “An Idol Worshiper” wasn’t the nicest thing to say. But hey… at least I backed it up with scripture.

Craig DeLuz

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