Liberal Commentator Bob Beckel: Condi Rice is Too Middle-Class to be a Role Model for Blacks

Liberal commentator delcared that the first Black Secretary of State was not a good “Symbol” for people who live in the ghetto because she grew up in a middle-class Black family.

So, let me get this straight… Because Codolezza Rice was the daughter of two public school teachers in the Jim Crow south, she is a poor role model for inner city youth today? Really?

It is interesting how the “non-judgemental” folks on the left are always casting judgement of folks they disagree with or just don’t like.

Condolezza Rice grew up in the segregated south, where as she put it, “…parents can’t take thier daughter to a movie theater or a resturaunt…”. Her parent’s weren’t wealthy. They were school teachers. But somehow, Bob Beckel believes she was too privilaged to be held up as a role model for Black America.

I believe that she is the perfect role model!

She is proof that no matter what the circumstance you may grow up in you can overcome. She is proof that a two parent household works. She is proof that education can be the great equalizer and that determination along with focus can help you do anything to which you set your mind.

But then, only Republicans believe that to be true.

Democrats believe that we are controled by our circumstances; that dark forces around us (The white man or Republicans) have orchestated things so that Blacks can never get ahead.

I’m wondering where all the Black Liberal Leaders are in condeming Mr. Beckel’s comments? Oh… I know why they haven’t said anything… Because as far as they are concerned, Condolezza Rice is not BLACK ENOUGH for them. The fact that she has left the LIBERAL PLANTATION means she is no longer one of them. She has chosed to free herself of the victim mentality that liberals have hoisted upon Black America.

But she is living prooof that not only shall we overcome… but we have overcome…. But too many of us just don’t know it yet.