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As Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist prepares to pull the trigger to end the Senate’s filibuster of President Bush’s Nominees to the Federal Court of Appeals (Article Here) , RadioBlogger goes to the source in Washington, DC to clarify the Senate’s roll in the confirmation process.

There we were, waiting in line to view “the documents” in the rotunda. There, under guard and sealed in an argon gas case, was the three pages of the original Constitution. While all of this document is worth reading, I naturally focused on the middle panel, which starts out with Aticle II, Section 2.

And much to the Suprise of Senate Democrats he discovers:

When it came to Treaties, the founding fathers wanted a 2/3 vote to approve. They felt it was real important that there was consensus. Next part. The president appoints ambassadors, cabinet officials, & judges. There is no specific vote requirement, unlike the treaty section, so the default has to be a simple majority. No evenly divided nonsense, no checks and balance, no protection of minority rights. It’s all an empty load of rhetoric.

Hat tip to RadioBloger.

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