Mexican Stamp Is Bad, But U.S. Rappers Have It Licked

While the NAACP, Jessie Jackson and a host of other supposed black advocates condemn the Mexican government for issuing a collection of stamps that portray blacks in a negative light, they say noting about XXL Magazine which just released their “Jail Issue” dedicated to “Hip-Hop’s Incarcerated Soldiers

Gregory Kane writes in the Baltimore Sun:

Fiddy — as 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, is known to his adoring legion of addle-brained fans — stands wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, black pants and a black doo-rag. His hands appear to be clasped behind his back.

To his left stands Yayo in an orange prison jumpsuit. He has his hands behind his back. The caption tells us that Fiddy and Yayo are “G-Unit’s convicted felons.” G-Unit is Fiddy’s clique. It stands for either “Gorilla Unit” or “Guerrilla Unit.” Or at one time stood for “Guerrilla Unit” and now stands for “Gorilla Unit.” It depends on which Web site you access.

But if you think the cover is bad, the content is even worse.

Potential buyers who’ve been weirded out by the cover and the theme will open the magazine and read what some of “hip-hop’s incarcerated soldiers” have to say at their own risk. But they’ll learn one of the “soldiers” is Antron “Big Lurch” Singleton. “Big Lurch” is serving life without parole for murdering a woman and eating part of her lung.

If there was ever any doubt that there is a problem in the hip hop music industry, this should clear that right up. As a fan of this musical art form, it saddens me to see these degenerates drag it down this destructive path.

How can we criticize the Mexican government over some stamps when right here in America we have built an entire industry based on the denigration of the black woman and the violent, immoral and self-destructive stereotype of the black man?

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(Hat tip to Booker Rising)

Craig DeLuz

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