NAACP thinks Blacks are too stupid to know what marraige is.


Today the California Conference NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Crooked Politicians) made public their October 2004 vote to support Assemblyman Mark Leno’s Same-sex Marriage Bill (AB 19).

The Associated Press quoted the NAACP California Conference President Alice Huffman as saying:

“This issue is really an issue that is not clearly understood by many segments of my community, especially the fundamentalists,” said Huffman, adding that despite lingering opposition among some NAACP members, the organization would testify for Leno’s bill and lobby lawmakers, if necessary.

Ain’t it good to know dat we got impotent folks like Mz. Huffman to tells us unedumacated blak peoples da way it be?


Can Alice Huffman possibly be more condescending? As a Black man who does not support same-sex marriage, I am greatly offended. What is it I don’t understand?

Please enlighten us Ms. Huffman! You clearly believe that we Blacks are too stupid to understand what marriage is. So tell us why an institution that has been the bedrock of society does not deserve to be protected?

The truth is… Black voters do understand the value of Traditional Marriage. That is why we have voted to protect it every chance we have been given.

Craig DeLuz

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