NAACP Withdraws Resolution Supporting Same-Sex Marriage


Activists on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate were anticipating a heated discussion on the topic during the upcoming NAACP National Convention in July. Well it looks like that debate will not be taking place after all.

Uncommon Sense Media Group has verified that the California Conference of the NAACP has voted to withdraw it’s resolution from consideration by the National Convention. Rumor has it that Julian Bond, himself a supporter of same-sex marriage, made the call to the California chapter and urged them to pull their resolution. Shortly afterwards, the executive committee was convened and voted to withdraw the measure.

Speculation has it that this move by the Bond does not represent a change of heart. Rather, it demonstrates his belief that such a resolution would not survive a vote by the NAACP National Conference. Such a defeat would be a major step backwards for same-sex marriage advocates.

As you may recall, in a post last month “NAACP Trades Marriage for Memberships” I predicted that this might occur.

The NAACP National Convention is coming up in July. It will be interesting to see if Julian Bond (a supporter of same sex marriage) will let the CA NAACP resolution see the light of day.

Although, it was easy to see this coming, as the original passage of the resolution created a firestorm of controversy. At the center of the discussion was the declaration by California NAACP President Alice Huffman that:

“This issue is really an issue that is not clearly understood by many segments of my community, especially the fundamentalists”

Insinuating that Blacks did not understand the issue of marriage. (Also see “NAACP thinks Blacks are too stupid to know what marriage is.“)

Craig DeLuz

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