Number of Children Declining in SF…Duh!!!!


San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom laments the fact that the number of families with children residing in the city by the bay are dramatically declining.

According to the Associated Press:

San Francisco has the smallest share of small-fry of any major U.S. city. Just 14.5 percent of the city’s population is 18 and under.

It is no mystery why U.S. cities are losing children. The promise of safer streets, better schools and more space has drawn young families away from cities for as long as America has had suburbs.

But kids are even more scarce in San Francisco than in expensive New York (24 percent) or in retirement havens such as Palm Beach, Fla., (19 percent), according to census estimates.

Of course the liberal media and politicians believe it has little to do the lifestyle choices of San Franciscans.

San Francisco’s large gay population – estimated at 20 percent by the city Public Health Department – is thought to be one factor, though gays and lesbians in the city are increasingly raising families.

And many of those families who are left are considering leaving.

A recent survey by the city controller found 40 percent of parents said they were considering pulling up stakes within the next year.

And so to help preserve families in San Francisco, America’s favorite pro-family advocate, Gavin Newsom comes to the rescue.

Determined to change things, Mayor Gavin Newsom has put the kid crisis near the top of his agenda, appointing a 27-member policy council to develop plans for keeping families in the city.

“It goes to the heart and soul of what I think a city is about — it’s about generations, it’s about renewal and it’s about aspirations,” said Newsom, 37. “To me, that’s what children represent and that’s what families represent and we just can’t sit back idly and let it go away.”

Memo to Mayor Newsom:

Before you start concocting your formula for promoting families, please consider the following equations:

1 man + 1 man = no children
1 woman + 1 woman = no children
marriage= 1 man + 1 woman
marriage= children

Craig DeLuz

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