Nunez says what California Republicans Can’t- “Post-partisanship?” Pfft…

If there was ever any doubt that Post-Partisanship meant anything other than doing what Democrats want; California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez has officially put that to idea rest.

The San Jose Mercury News has a story today in which the Speaker made it clear that it was the Democrat agenda not a bi-partisan agenda that got advanced last year.

Nuñez also commented skeptically about Schwarzenegger’s newfound advocacy for what the governor calls “post-partisan” politics. While in Washington, Schwarzenegger repeated the phrase he coined earlier this year, referring to himself as a governor who accepts ideas from all sides.

“What he’s talking about sounds good theoretically. I think in practical terms the way I read it is it’s just semantics. Post-partisanship — what does that mean? I don’t know. It’s some word he made up,” Nuñez said.

“But I think he has a claim, in some ways, to that new term because last year we got a lot of things done. But you know we did it because we reached across the party aisle . . . Remember, everything we got done were Democratic issues.”

I was really hoping that some Republican in DC would speak up and say something about this, but it was a Democrat who finally spoke up. Maybe Speaker Nunez is tired of the Governor getting all the credit for the all that got done last year.

Could it be that he wants credit for getting a Republican Governor to go along with his agenda?