Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives to come to California?

For those of you who have been wondering where I have been. The following press release from my boss will explain it all…


AB 2704 will help California Non-Profits help Californians

(SACRAMENTO) – Faith-based and community organizations have a long tradition of helping Americans in need and together represent an integral part of our nation’s social service network. In order to help these organizations as they help Californians, Assemblyman Tim Leslie (R-Tahoe City) has introduced legislation creating the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (OFBCI).

“Faith-based and community organizations have been serving our state’s most needy citizens for generations. It is high time we recognize them as partners and better enable them to serve California’s diverse communities,” said Leslie.
Specifically, AB 2704 would establish the OFBCI to:
• Serve as a clearinghouse of information on federal, state, and local funding for charitable services performed by organizations;

• Encourage organizations to seek public funding for their charitable services;

• Act as a liaison between state agencies and organizations;

• Advise the Governor, Legislature, and the advisory board of the Governor’s Office of Faith-based Community Initiatives on ways to increase dialogue between non-profits organizations and the government to more effectively work together to serve California’s neediest communities.

• Partner with the California Service Corps to develop events and communications that foster public support for non-profit organizations and honor their work.

California has over 135,479 non-profit organizations. And of the $1.482 billion distributed via federal competitive grants in 2004, California received just $114.5 million. This means that California’s nonprofits received only 8.23% of these federal grant funds even though they serve 12.1% of the US population.

“If California had received it’s full share of these federal dollars, that would have meant an additional $64.9 million dollars for our State,” points out Leslie. “That could mean a substantial $25,000 grant for 2,000 of California non-profits plus 3,000 more $5,000 seed grants.”

Craig DeLuz

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