Oh Hell No! Coming to Calvary Christian Center- October 2006

“Oh Hell No- A Revelation of Hell” is an original production by the Theater Arts Ministry at Calvary Christian Center.

Watch the preview:

Runtime – 0:51

Pastor Joseph Warren is a passionate and God fearing man who has dedicated his entire life to reaching the lost for Christ. Joseph is a man who seeks the Lord in every area, so when he and his church body become the targets of an intense spiritual attack, he immediately turns to God.

God’s answer to prayer is not at all what Joseph was expecting. A mysterious visitor, who Joseph soon learns is an Angel of Lord, has come to take Joseph on a journey into HELL.


Calvary Christian Center

2667 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815

7pm nightly



Email: info@ohhellno.net

Phone: (916) 922-1505


The performance on Sunday October 29th will be broacast live over the internet at Streaming Faith.