Pro-Abortion vs Pro-Life…The key question is “When does life begin?”

Pro-Abortion vs Pro-Life…The key question is “When does life begin?”
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Now, I won’t waste my time giving you all of the scientific data that supports the fact that life begins at conception. The absurdity of your masturbation comment demonstrates that no matter how overwhelming the facts, you have made up your mind.
The real key to our disagreement is based on our very different understanding of when life begins. If I believed as you did that life began at conception, I would have to agree that your position makes sense. But I just want to ask you to consider the following:
1. If you did believe that life began at conception (not saying that you do) wouldn’t you then consider the a baby in his mother’s womb life?
2. Could that life have done anything to warrant being taken? And if not wouldn’t that make it innocent life?
3. What do we call the taking of innocent life? Would the term “Murder” be appropriate?
The logic is clear and obvious. If one is intellectually honest and morally consistent, then how one feels on this issue should be based on when one believes life begins.

You argue for the rights of the pregnant woman, because in your eyes, she is the only life involved in the equation. Thus, her rights are paramount. Understanding this, rather than refer to you as immoral or evil as many of my Pro-life allies would do, I prefer to think of you as misinformed.

But those of us who believe that life begins at conception, you must agree, believe that we are fighting to protect the pre-born child’s right to live.