Race Wars


Jill Stewart of the Sacramento News and Review makes an interesting observation about leadership choices in the California State Legislature.

To sum up, the Republicans are wallowing in the 1980s, still knuckle-dragging with a crew of white Anglo-Saxon men, only slowly adding women and minorities. Equally out of touch, in a different way, are the Democrats, stuck at an imaginary 1960s peace protest where Latinos, blacks, Asians and gays control things–and icky WASP men are quashed.

Or maybe you like this description better.

The result is plain: an extreme over-preponderance of white, Christian, ultraconservative men among the Republican legislative leadership; and an extreme over-preponderance of urban, ultra-leftist ethnic and gender warriors among the Democratic leadership.

Ok, maybe these are a little extreme. But they do make a very valid point. Neither party is doing a very good job of communicating a message that resonates beyond their already existing constituencies.

Craig DeLuz

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