Racist Face of The Liberal Left – Donald Sterling

Those on the left are always bragging about their open-mindedness and love of diversity. So, how could anyone on the left be racist? Well apparently the 2014 NAACP Lifetime Achievement Awardee did not get the memo. Los Angeles Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling was outed as a blatant racist as TMZ released tape recorded comments he made criticizing his girlfriend for blacks to games and posting pictures with them on social media.

And while the enlightened left would love to blame this stupidity on conservatives, it turns out that Mr. Sterling is one of their very own. Politico published an article pointing out that while he is only a modest political donor, all his campaign contributions have gone to Democrats. But then again, that is no surprise. Racism is nothing new to the Democratic Party. They are the party that fought to keep slavery in place. They are the party that instituted Jim Crow. They are the party that founded the KKK, fought against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, support keeping students of color in failing schools and support the government funding of black genocide via Planned Parenthood. For many on the left, their relationship with blacks is a necessary evil. From the very beginning, they traded the right for blacks to join racially segregated labor unions in exchange for unwavering support of the Democratic Party by blacks. And this relationship has paid off in spades for Democrats, as history has proven that when blacks don’t show up and vote for them, democrats can’t win close elections. I am of no illusion that there are not racists on the right. But this incident just goes to show that there is plenty of racist hatred on the left, it’s just very well hidden.