First it was frogs in France, now Red Squirrels in Scotland.

Has World War III begun? Are the animals taking over? Could PETA be behind this animal uprising?

The Sunday Mail is reporting:

A RED squirrel has brought a £1million development at a Scots castle to a halt.

The endangered animal was found at National Trust-owned Crathes Castle, Aberdeenshire.

Builders were working on an 82ft-high obstacle course, named Skytrek, when the rare mammal was spotted.

The work was due to be finished next month but has been shelved until October when bosses hope the squirrel will have moved on.

Breeding season for the species is usually from March until late August and the young nest until September.

By October they are usually ready to fend for themselves.

A Scottish Wildlife Trust spokesman said: “We are delighted the Trust have deferred their building plans.

Ok so maybe WWIII isn’t here quite yet. But you never can trust those Commie Red Squirells!

Craig DeLuz

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