Rep. Richardson leaves a trail of unpaid bill along her path to congress

More news is eminating from Longbeach related to political staffer, turned City Councilwoman, turned Assemblywoman turned Congresswoman Larua Richardson. It turns out that her mortgage paymentes were not the only bills that went unpaid during her climb to congress.

The Longbeach Telegram is reporting the following:

Car trouble takes on a new meaning when it comes to financially distressed
Congresswoman Laura Richardson.

In 2005, when she was still on the Long
Beach City Council, she left one mechanic in a lurch with an unpaid bill, then
later had her badly damaged BMW towed to an auto body shop but didn’t pay for
any work and abandoned the car there, owners of the businesses said this week.

The next day, Richardson began using a city-owned vehicle – putting
almost 31,000 miles on it in about a year – and continued driving the car five
days after she had left the council to serve in the state Assembly, city records

I find it sad that someone who has such little regard for their personal finances would be trusted to make decisions over taxpayer dollars.

Too bad Republicans failed to put up a candidate to run against her.

Hattip to Calitol Alert.