Sac County Supervisors Consider Giving Drug Addicts Unrestricted Access to Needles

Yesterday I got a call asking for my help to stop the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors from approving a measure that would give drug addicts unfettered access to needles throughout the county. The following is from the email she sent to me:

You may know that Tuesday, October 18, 2005, at 3:30 PM, the Sacramento Country Board of Supervisors will be hearing a final discussion and will vote whether to accept a proposal which will enable drug addicts to purchase, without a prescription, up to 10 hypodermic needles at any pharmacy in the program.

I am strongly opposed to this proposal as it is very dangerous public health policy which puts 99% of the population at risk for the purported health of 1% of the population. The stated intent of the proposal is to reduce HIV, Hep C and other blood-borne disease. Extensive 2004 data by the Centers for Disease Control and the Office of National Drug Policy verify that unprotected sex, not needles is #1 cause of spread of all BBDs, and addicts die of overdose, not AIDS. This proposal, in the name of “Harm Reduction” for the user, was pushed and paid for thru the legislature last year by the Drug Policy Alliance, the George Soros-funded organization whose stated goal is to legalize all drugs. The then Senator John Vasconcellos carried the bill: he has carried all the pro-drug bills in recent years; he now is a board member of DPA!

I have seen needle access programs across the country and throughout the world. We do not want these poor souls walking around our grocery stores, and pharmacies, parking lots, river fronts, etc. Injecting drug addicts are pathetic people strung out on heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine etc.–all felony penalty drugs– who live from one fix to another, shooting up 4-6 times a day…hoping to find a “dirty” needle with a little juice left in it. The Needle Access areas are full of people selling drugs and themselves for sex, and are involved in all crimes you can imagine.

I have attached a copy of my testimony I gave at the August 10, 2005, meeting, and have backup material for every statement I make. At the time of my testimony, I said that the action of the BD would affect everyone in Sac County, including those in the incorporated cities, and that those city councils should have a say in this issue. Three sups voted to wait for this input. Thus, Brook and I have been to 6 city council meetings in the past 3 1/2 weeks. I’ve had 3 minutes to speak at each! For some reason, the issue was never put on the Sac City Council agenda. Perhaps because Roger Dickinson and Ila Collin already support the proposal and do not want any rumblings from the City? Fortunately, each of the other cities will recommend the supervisors not support the proposal, but they need to hear from citizens also.

IF YOU WILL HELP, PLEASE SEND A BRIEF EMAIL MESSAGE, OR MAKE A PHONE CALL TO YOUR SUPERVISOR. ASK THAT THEY OPPOSE THE NEEDLE SALES TO ADDICTS ISSUE…It is euphemistically called the Disease Prevention Demonstration Project…item 28 on the agenda. It’s especially important that those of you who live in the Carmichael area and zips 95821, 825, 864,815 and 608 PLEASE CONTACT OUR SUPERVISOR, SUSAN PETERS, AT 874-5471, EMAIL AS SHE DOES NOT REPRESENT ANY INCORPORATED CITY, SO WILL NOT GET ANY INPUT, EXCEPT FROM YOU! For the other supervisors, use the same address but add their name. If you do not know who your supervisor is, call the County Clerk 874-5411. The phone numbers are:

” 2 ILLA COLLIN 874-5481
” 3 SUSAN PETERS 874-5471
” 5 DON NATTOLI 874-5465

If you have time, and are interested, it would be great to see you at the Board meeting, Tues. afternoon-evening. Being item# 28, could make it a long wait. No one knows when the issue will be brought up. The Supervisors meet at 700 H, first floor. Good parking on G right behind the building.

Sorry for the short notice…but I just got the bright idea to call on you for help. I’ve been flying in circles! Call and leave messages or send emails for the supervisors any time this weekend and until Tuesday noon. Please forward this note to your friends who might care…especially about our childrens’ children!

And call me if you have any questions…


Carla Lowe
” 708-4111


I think that about says it all. If you can’t make the meeting this afternoon, please call the supervisors and encourage them to vote “NO” this proposal. You can also email them at:

DIST. 1 –
DIST. 2 –
DIST. 3 –
DIST. 4 –
DIST. 5 –

Thank you Carla for the heads up!

Craig DeLuz

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