Sacramento’s ABM Treaty “Anyone But Matsui”


The Sacramento News and Review saw fit to publish my commentary on the sad state the 5th Congressional District race is. I think they agree that DC Democrats have no place selecting our representatives.

Too bad the Sacramento Bee did not see fit to stand up to the establishment as well. (But I guess that is a little difficult when you are part of the establishment.) They admit that Matsui has ethical issues:

“… Matsui disclosed her past partnerships with real estate developer Angelo Tsakopoulos. These partnerships represented a serious lapse of judgment, especially since Tsakopoulos has sometimes contacted Congress for help on regulatory relief and other matters.”

The continue on to point out that her effectiveness could be compromised because she has lost touch with Sacramento:

“she will need to demonstrate a connection to Sacramento, a place where she hasn’t lived full-time for many years.”

This lame endorsement by the Bee is no surprise to those who follow their liberal leaning endorsement practices. If one looks at the major races (Sacramento City Council, County Supervisor on up) an interesting pattern starts to immerge.

In a race that is in a moderate to Democrat district, they will endorse the Democrat frontrunner (no matter how poor a candidate he/she may be) over the Republican frontrunner (no matter how good a candidate he/she.) And in a Republican leaning district, they tend to choose the more liberal of the two GOP candidates. That is unless the conservative is a major frontrunner or an incumbent.

I know that I am not the only one who has noticed this trend. And the Sacramento Bee refused to admit that the ideological (liberal ideology) bent of their editorial staff, is clouding their judgment in the endorsement process.

The fact is, they are just at out of touch with Sacramento as Doris Matusi. But what makes them worse is that have been here, in town. But I guess one’s perspective isn’t exactly the same from the Ivory Tower.

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Craig DeLuz

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