Seeking Common Ground

I originally posted this piece back in March, but a recent commentary at Booker Rising brought up how Pro-life and Pro-Abortion Groups could work with members of the Black Congressional Caucus. I am still a firm believer that the only way we can work with the Pro-abortion crowd is if we set some parameters.


NARAL Pro-Choice America and their President, Nancy Keenan have embarked upon an aggressive campaign calling on Pro-life Advocates and supporters of abortion to find common ground where they can work.

The San Francisco Chronicle Reports:

Keenan noted that NARAL recently placed full-page ads in conservative publications, including the Weekly Standard, which invited political opponents to work together to develop efforts to reduce abortions and unwanted pregnancies — a development she said would better the lives of women and children around the world.

I have to agree with Ms. Keenan on this issue. As someone who is Pro-Life, I believe that it should be illegal to kill an unborn child. But the reality is that abortion is currently legal. Understanding this fact, I believe that it is incumbent upon us to make every effort to at least reduce the number of children being sucked down the sink. And this does not have to be mutually exclusive of our fighting to stop abortion all together.

Having said that, In order for this “coming together” to work, Ms. Keenan, NARAL and others in the Pro-Abortion movement must be willing to work with us in the following areas:

Acknowledging the harm abortion causes. At least we must let women know of the physical and psychological risks that women face when having abortions. Also, it would be immoral to not discuss the physical pain that the unborn child experiences during this procedure. This will help women, who are considering an abortion, make a fully informed decision.

Promotion of abortion alternatives. If the goal of NARAL is truly to make abortion “legal, safe and rare”, then we must remove the barriers that have prevented discussion of alternatives to abortion during the pre-abortion counseling process.

Broader implementation of Abstinence Focused sex education. Studies show that abstinence is the ONLY Guaranteed way to prevent either unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.

Streamlining the adoption process and making it more affordable. Statistics show that states which have taken the most aggressive stances against abortion, are also the most likely have a complicated and costly adoption process. This must change.

I’m willing to bet that this new “common ground” theme is nothing more that a PR stunt. But if abortion advocates truly willing to find common ground, I think we should at least see how serious they are.

Craig DeLuz

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