Some Katrina Survivors Use FEMA $2000 Debit Cards at Strip Clubs

The Houston Police Department is reporting that some recipients of FEMA Storm Relief Debit cards are getting relief in some unexpected ways; by frequenting local strip clubs.

WorldNet Daily is reporting:

The Houston Police Department just formed a task force to investigate the abuse of the cards, which were distributed to thousands of Katrina hurricane victims to provide for necessities, such as food, clothing and toiletries. On the first day, the police found the cards being used to buy beer while ogling exotic dancers.
According to a report by KPRC, Channel 2, in Houston, a manager at Caligula XXI Gentlemen’s Club said he has seen at least one debit card used at his club. A bartender at Baby Dolls, identified only as “Abby,” said she has seen many of the cards used at her establishment.

“A lot of customers have been coming in from Louisiana and they’ve been real happy about the $1.75 beers and they’re really nice,” she said.

She couldn’t say for sure whether the cards she has seen were from the Red Cross or from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but she found no fault in using federal dollars to guzzle beer at a strip club.

I think we all knew that some abuse of relief funds was inevitable. But this is ridiculous!

Craig DeLuz

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