South Carolina Democrats Nominate a Brain Surgeon for Senate… NOT!!!

I cannot decide if this story is funny or just plain sad.

In South Carolina, Democrats nominated Alvin Greene to be their candidate for US Senate against Sen. Jim DeMint. They funny part is that now their party leadership is crying foul and accusing Mr. Greene of being a plant by the Republican Party.

They claim that someone else paid his filing fees and put him up to run because his being black would garner a good chunk of the democratic vote, since much of the electorate in South Carolina also happens to be black. Little did they suspect how right they would be.

After raising no money and doing no campaigning, Alvin Greene garnered almost 60% of the Democratic vote in their primary, making him their nominee. And as you can tell from the above video, he is eminently qualified.


  • Unemployed
  • Facing felony pornography charges
  • Involuntarily discharged from the military
  •  Doesn’t own a computer or cell phone 
  • His name was first on the ballot

 Heck, he should run for President!