“Speeding ticket? Pay for it with extra prayers.” Palestine flooded with Hamas Jokes

“All police stations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been ordered shut because all complaints must now be filed directly to God.”

This is just one of the many Hamas jokes that are being circulated amongst Palestinians in the wake of last week’s electoral victory by the extremist Islamic group, best known for their support of terrorism and their desire to destroy Israel. And once they actually take power, their election may prove to be no laughing matter.

Associated Press is reporting:

Invoking God and Islamic tradition is the mainstay of all the quips that have been spreading by word of mouth and mobile phone text messages in the past few days.

Until elections Wednesday, Hamas’ goal of installing an Islamic state in the West Bank, Gaza — and Israel — was held in check by the ruling Fatah, which had no religious program.

But with voters handing Hamas 74 of parliament’s 132 seats, in a protest against the long-dominant Fatah, that check has weakened, if not evaporated.

Hamas officials rushed to deny that they will force their beliefs on Palestinians.

“Rest assured we don’t impose our thoughts on anyone,” Hamas leader Khaled Maashal said Saturday in the Syrian capital, Damascus. “We will present our thoughts to our people and they have the right to choose.”

Many Palestinians were not reassured.

Nor should they be. History has proven Hamas to be less interested in democratic rule than in compliance with Muslim law.

In Gaza in the early 1990s, after the first Palestinian uprising in Israel, Hamas used a quasi-police force to shut down restaurants serving alcohol and to impose a conservative dress code.

Can extremist militants be converted into fair minded diplomats? I don’t it. But if it is possible, this could be the most profound victory for democracy in the middle ease yet.

And if not? I’m sure comedy central will find a way to use the material.

Craig DeLuz

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