Steve Scmitt partners with Fabian Nunez- That figures!

Don’t ask me how I missed this announcement. But I cannot say that I am surprised.

About two weeks ago, the Capitol Alert announced that the left-wing former Speaker of the California Assembly Fabian Nunez was joining Mercury Public Affairs, which already employed the genius behind the McCain Presidential debacle… er… campaign, Steve Schmidt:

Former Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez, who served as both Democratic foil and dealmaker with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, has joined the high-powered public relations firm whose California office is currently occupied by Schwarzenegger’s former campaign manager and communications director.

Núñez, a Los Angeles Democrat, will be the newest partner and co-chair of Mercury Public Affairs, LLC, a political firm with offices in seven cities across the country, according to a letter he has sent to supporters.

Steve Schmidt, who was the architect of Schwarzenegger’s reelection campaign, and Adam Mendelsohn, the governor’s former communications director and deputy chief of staff, are the current partners in Mercury’s California office.

Schmidt was Sen. John McCain’s campaign manager during this fall’s presidential election. Terry Nelson, who served as McCain’s campaign manager until his resignation in the summer of 2007, is also a Mercury partner, as is former McCain campaign spokesman Brian Jones.

Núñez’s presence in the GOP-leaning firm gives the public affairs group a foothold among Democratic interests in California, the nation’s most populous state.