Student Fights Teaching of Communism on Campus


Instructors at Santa Rosa Junior College are in an uproar because of student protests against the propagation of communism in the classroom.

I want to know why the instructors aren’t protesting with them.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat Reports:

Santa Rosa Junior College’s oak-studded campus is aflame with controversy triggered by the anonymous posting of red stars and a reference to communist indoctrination on 10 faculty office doors.

Instructors quickly saw the action as a threat to academic freedom, but the student who claimed credit for the protest said it was about left-leaning bias in the lecture hall.

But what was interesting about this protest was what accompanied the stars.

The stars, which unnerved some instructors, were accompanied by a copy of a state Education Code section prohibiting the teaching of communism with the “intent to indoctrinate” students.

Instructors have vowed to have the State Education Code changed. But it doesn’t say that communism can’t be taught. It simply prohibits “the teaching of communism with the ‘intent to indoctrinate’ students.” Unless they intend to indoctrinate these students with communist propaganda for the purpose of making them communists, there is no need to change the law.

But this is not what they are arguing! They are not trying to defend the content of what they wish to teach, They are trying to protect the intent behind what they teach. “What intent?” you ask?

The article quotes philosophy instructor, George Freund, “The Advocacy of Communism

But hey… There’s not left wing bias on college campuses? Yeah Right!

Someone Get this student a medal!

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