Study shows most illegals not hard up. Just trying to move up the corporate ladder!

As liberals try to portray illegal immigrants as destitute, unemployed farm workers just looking to feed their families; the facts are revealing and entirely different picture. According to Pew Hispanic Center 95% of those who enter this country illegally had jobs in Mexico before coming here.

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting:

Most undocumented workers from Mexico had jobs there before they entered the United States, according to a report released Tuesday.

The vast majority of migrants are not looking just for work, but for better work, at higher wages, with better working conditions — and in many cases, they’re trying to reunite with growing networks of families who settled in the United States before them, according to researchers with the Pew Hispanic Center in Washington.

The report’s conclusion undercuts a long-held explanation for illegal immigration: that migrants can’t find work at home.

Lack of work does not appear to be the main reason why migrants leave Mexico for the United States,” the report says.

Those who are coming to the US represent the heart of the Mexican workforce. Thus they are not coming here to because they were unemployed in Mexico, but they are looking for higher wages.

Undocumented Mexican immigrants traditionally have been portrayed as desperate job seekers without options in their own country. But of the Mexican immigrants surveyed who had been in the United States for two years, only 5 percent said they were unemployed before venturing north of the border.

The lure of higher wages appears to be a big incentive. Although undocumented Mexican immigrants draw a median income here of only $300 a week — less than half that of U.S. workers — those earnings easily surpass the $100 to $120 average weekly salaries they draw at home.

Another interesting, if not obvious finding in this study was that the fact that these immigrants were here illegally had little affect on their ability to find work.

In one notable finding, the researchers said immigration status apparently had little impact on chances for employment in the United States. “Overall, low education levels, weak English-language skills and lack of a U.S. government-issued ID do not seem to pose barriers to finding work in the U.S.,” the report said.

This just goes to show how important it is that we not only take significant steps to close the boarders, but that we also make a concerted effort to crack down on those who employ workers who are here illegally.

Craig DeLuz

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