Study shows that contribution limits increased influence of special interests groups

Who knew that limiting the amount of money someone could give to politicians would increase the strangle hold special interests have on our government…. CONSERVATIVES!!!! THAT’S WHO!!!

According to the Sacramento Bee:

The state’s campaign finance watch group says independent expenditure committees have given more than $88 million since 2000 to candidates for state offices, raising questions about whether campaign contribution limits have done anything to curtail money in politics.

The Fair Political Practices Commission is holding a hearing today to explore the explosion of independent expenditure spending on candidates. Chairman Ross Johnson says he’d like to find better ways for the public to track spending because it’s not always clear who’s controlling them. Johnson says even if committees don’t coordinate with candidates, candidates can see who’s helping them.
Back in 2000, voters approved contribution limits to candidate campaigns under Proposition 34. Since then, the commission found, independent committees have pumped millions into state races on behalf of candidates.
For example, in 2000, independent expenditure committees gave $376,000 to legislative races. Six years later, that figure jumped to $23.5 million.
For statewide candidates, committees gave $526,000 in 2002, but that figure skyrocketed to $29.5 million by 2006.
Here’s a list of the top 10 committees that have given to state candidates since 2000:
1. Californians for a Better Government, A Coalition of Firefighters, Police, Deputy Sheriffs, Teachers, Home Builders and Developers – $9,855,582
2. Alliance for a Better California, Educators, Firefighters, School Employees, Health Care Givers and Labor Organizations – $5,245,109
3. First Americans for a Better California Independent Expenditure Committee – $4,256,754
4. JOBS PAC – An Independent Expenditure Committee Sponsored by the California Chamber of Commerce – $3,900,501
5. California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) Independent Expenditure Committee – $3,536,698
6. Morongo Band of Mission Indians Native American Rights PAC – $3,378,853
7. Strengthening Our Lives Through Education, Community Action and Civic Participation, A Coalition of Labor Organizations Candidate PAC – $3,306,944
8. Team 2006, Sponsored by California Sovereign Indian Nations -$3,093,391
9. Alliance for Progress and Education, An Alliance of Professional, Employers and Small Business – $2,953,948
10. Working Californians – $2,637,860

It seems that big money always finds a way to get back into the pockets of the politicians. Every time we try to pass a law to limit their influence, it just seems to give them more power. This is why I have always said that the only thing that will remove the influence of money in politics is an informed and engaged electorate. Voters must start to do their own research and stop relying on campaign advertising to be their primary information source on candidates and issues.

But the untold story here is who makes up these “Top 10 Committees”. Liberals would have us believe that Big Business is controlling politics here in Sacramento. The truth is that liberal interest groups have given the most and have given most (if not all) of their money to Democrats. These groups include: Six groups that are controlled by labor, Three by Indian tribes and only one (Jobs PAC) is a business group. But Jobs PAC actually contributed as much (if not more) money to Democrats as they did to Republicans.

So the next time you hear a Democrat proclaim that he/she plans to end the strangle hold that special interests have on Sacramento, remember to check his bank account.