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DeLuz Brothers & Support the Platform coming to the Capitol Hour!

Tuesday, September 9th & Wednesday, September 10th I will be sitting in for Eric Hogue during The Capitol Hour 12 noon to 1 pm.

Tuesday will feature the ongoing family feud of The DeLuz Brothers – That’s my liberal brother David & myself. We will be breaking down the party conventions, the VP choices and much more. You don’t want to miss the fireworks!

Wednesday will be Support The Platform Day on the Capitol Hour. We will be inviting Sacramento area canidates to call in and declare their support for the GOP Platform (ALL Of IT!) and share with us how we can get involved in helping them. Special invited guests include: Sen. Tom McClintock, GOP nominee for CD 4 & Mayor Abram Wilson, Republican nominee for AD 15.

Details Below:

When: Tuesday & Wednesday, September 9th & 10th
Station: KTKZ 1380AM

Live Audio Steaming at (for those of you out of the Sacramento Region)

TIME: 12 noon-1 pm (PST)

Call in Numbers: (916) 923-3300 or 1(800) 923-1380

Assembly Democrats refuse to allow California to pay its bills

This evening, Assemblyman Guy Houston (R- Dublin) offered up AB 24X3 which would allow the Sate of California to continue to pay its bills during the budget impasse. As predicted, the Assembly Democrats voted overwhelmingly to not allow the measure to be heard.

This just goes to demonstrate the hypocrisy of legislative Democrats. They can no longer blame Republicans for contractors and employees not getting paid, as they have refused to even discuss a measure that would have allowed the state to issue checks to school districts and vendors while the Big Five continue to debate the budget. But we all know that Democrats count on the teachers and the poor to come to the capitol to pressure Republicans to vote for the budget. And that doesn’t happen if the money continues to flow.

So if you are a business owner who contracts with the state; a teacher or schoolboard member or a recipient of state aide who is waiting on the state to cut you a check STOP CALLING THE REPUBLICANS!!!!!!!!!

Assembly Speaker Karen Bass’ number is (916) 319-2047.

Ask her why Democrats won’t let the state pay its bills

Schwarzenegger calls Dem tax and spend budget “Very Courageous”

Finally! More than two months after the consitutional deadline to pass a budget, Senate Democrats finally put a budget proposal up for a vote. And it is not news to say, it failed on a party-line vote.

But what is noteworthy is that while Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger praised the Democrat budget proposal that increases both taxes and government spending, calling it “Very Courageous”. Legislative Republicans, whose votes are needed to pass the budget are not so impressed.

The Sacramento Bee reported:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today praised a new Democratic version of the state budget as “very courageous” and urged Republican senators to vote for it.

Schwarzenegger was 500 miles away in San Diego, campaigning against any budget that relies on borrowing money from local governments and transportation funds, as the Senate began debating the new Democratic version. He issued his words of praise in response to a reporter’s question.

The new Senate Democratic version is based on Schwarzenegger’s own latest proposal to break a near-record-long stalemate, with its centerpiece being a one-cent increase in the state sales tax for three years. Its chief difference is that Schwarzenegger would reduce the sales tax below the current after the three-year period while Democrats would merely end the extra penny without a further decrease.

Schwarzenegger stopped short of saying he would sign the new version.

On the other hand, Republican Assembly Leader, Mike Vilines sent out the following statement which appears to express the sentimant of most (if not all legislative Republicans):

“Today’s budget vote was neither courageous nor productive – it was more of the same from liberal politicians who would rather pick the pockets of hardworking families instead of cutting wasteful spending.

“Assembly Republicans commend our Senate Republican colleagues for defending hard-working Californians from billions in higher taxes and billions in new spending by standing united against the Senate Democrat budget. It’s clear that Senate Democrats didn’t even have unanimous support in their own caucus for this half-baked proposal.

“Their irresponsible budget would have hurt working families by increasing the state sales tax, threatened public safety byincluding a dangerous direct discharge parole scheme and done nothing to reform our broken budget system.

“Now that the Senate has joined the Assembly in rejecting a budget proposal containing tax increases, I hope we can finally get serious about working together to reach consensus on an honest budget compromise. We must come together to craft a state budget that helps California live within its means, improves our economy and protects Californians from higher taxes.”

One thing can be said for sure, the liberals who are working to increase our taxes are not interested in working with Republicans to truly fix this budget mess.

Paper or Plastic? How about a New TAX?

A bill that has been circulating around the capitol all year now has a new number, but it’s still just as bad.

In the 11th hour “gut and amend”, legislation that would impose a $0.25 tax on paper and plastic grocery bags. A similar bill was held by the Senate Appropriations Committee earlier this month, yet the proponents are attempting to advance this proposal during the waning days of the legislative session.

AB 2769 being introduced here in California would place a twenty-five cent fee on every plastic or paper grocery bag used. This legislation was proposed by Assembly Member Lloyd Levine and amounts to a regressive tax that will hit the working class the hardest. Consumers in the state of California use 600 bags per second. If AB 2769 was passed than that would be $150 out of consumers pockets every single second. As a matter of fact, a recent Department of Finance analysis concluded that this tax on just plastic grocery bags used would result in $4.75 billion in new costs on consumers. And this new bill would actually tax ALL GROCERY BAGS.

Plastic bags were first developed as an environmentally friendly substitute to paper bags. In a time when energy costs are rising, it still makes sense to use plastic, which require far less energy to produce than paper bags and are fully recyclable.

Less than a year ago the legislature passed Levine’s AB 2449 improving the recycling programs for plastic bags. And now,before we have even had a chance to see if this measure would make a difference, Levine has already ruled it a failure? How about giving this new law time to succeed?

In 2006, 812 million pounds of plastic bags were recycled — a 24% increase from 2005. This alone shows how a little information, as opposed to a tax, can go a long way in educating the public on how to do the right thing.

At a time when the state of California faces both fiscal and environmental problems, it is imperative that we find the most cost-effective way to meet these challenges. Well, AB 2769 goes in precisely the wrong direction.

Paper and plastic grocery bags are fully recyclable with curbside and drop-off programs available throughout the state. Ironically, California recently enacted the nation’s first state-wide plastic bag recycling statute. This program is just over a year old and the Integrated Waste Management Board has yet to publish any data indicating the amount of material being recycled under this law.

Nevertheless, indications are that more plastic grocery bags and other film-type plastics are being recycled in increasing numbers. In fact, Assembly member Levine agreed writing in a recent Op-Ed “that law has already resulted in a substantial increase in both plastic bag recycling and the use of reusable bags, thanks to environmentally conscious consumers.”

If the author of this legislation agrees that California’s existing recycling programs are working, why would the Legislature considering abandoning this new program and saddling consumers with a new tax proposal that does nothing to advance the recycling of these products?

Proponents argue that this legislation is an incentive for consumers to bring a reusable bag to the grocery stores. While this option is surely suitable for some, it is not a practical option for many especially those that rely solely on public transportation. Furthermore, consumers who accidentally forget to bring a reusable bag are left with no choice but to pay this exorbitant tax on a product that is fully recyclable and where recycling opportunities are becoming more convenient. AB 2769 does not make sense.

The Legislature should give the state’s recycling programs an opportunity to work and not further burden hard-working families with yet another tax proposal.

Schwarzenegger reverses course again… Like anyone is really suprised!

Not exactly known for sticking to his guns, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced today that despite his proclaimation that he would not be signing any bills until there is a budget; he would be willing to sign bills containing bonds for high-speed rail and/or water bonds.

The Sacramento Bee issued the following Report:

Schwarzenegger reverses course; will sign high-speed rail

By Kevin Yamamura –
Published 11:32 am PDT Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nearly three weeks after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he would block any bill that reached his desk until the Legislature approves a budget, he sent a letter late Monday to legislative leaders saying he will make an exception for a high-speed rail clean-up measure and a water bond.

Schwarzenegger indicated that in at least those cases, he is willing to renege on his Aug. 6 vow that “some good bills will fail.”

The Assembly is expected to send the governor a bill today that will revise the $9.9 billion high-speed rail bond measure, which is already on the November ballot but is widely agreed to contain flaws in its current form.

Schwarzenegger plans to sign the bill when it reaches his desk, according to his press secretary, Aaron McLear. The Assembly passed it earlier this month but withheld it due to the governor’s threat.

In the letter, Schwarzenegger asked leaders to send him four proposals immediately so they can be placed on the November ballot. Besides high-speed rail, they include a water bond, a plan to expand the California Lottery, and a budget reform plan to strengthen the state’s rainy-day fund. The latter two proposals are part of budget negotiations that remain unresolved 57 days into the current fiscal year.

“The governor believes Californians ought have the opportunity to vote on these four measures on the November ballot despite the fact that the Legislature is two months past their deadline in passing a budget,” McLear said.

Nobody knows for certain when the deadline is for placing new measures on the November ballot. McLear last week said his office believed it was this past Sunday, but Secretary of State Debra Bowen says only that the Legislature can change election laws and decide for itself when the absolute deadline is.

If lawmakers do not place the proposals on the November ballot, they would likely consider a special election after November or the regularly
scheduled June 2010 election.

From a practical standpoint, counties are scheduled to begin mailing ballots to overseas voters, including soldiers, on Sept. 5.

Schwarzenegger made a big splash early this month when he denounced lawmakers for passing legislation without a budget in place. He suggested that they should be focused on the budget alone, and he said he would not sign any bills until a spending plan was approved. He also said he would
veto any bill before it had a chance of becoming law without his signature.

“The governor remains committed that he is not going to sign any bills until we have a budget,” McLear said. “However these four measures need to get
on the November ballot and he does not believe simply because the Legislature has failed to do their job that Californians should not have the opportunity to vote on these measures.”

Democratic Assembly Speaker Karen Bass replied that the governor ought to spend more of his time convincing members of his own party to back a budget plan. “It is unfortunate that Republicans continue to block progress on a budget, budget reform, the lottery, and a water bond without any proposals of their own,” she said in a statement. “It?s time for the Governor to stop sending letters and holding press conferences and start getting votes from legislators of his own party so that our state can move forward on these critical issues.”

Still no budget while democrat Budget Chair parties at DNC

So much for working hard to solve the budget. According to the following press release from the CRP, the Chairman of the Assembly Budget committee John Laird (D- Santa Cruz) decided to go to the Democratic National Convention.

Democrat Budget Chair “Cringes” When Caught By Reporters At Convention

“It is time for every Californian to take action. Tell the Legislature that they need to pass the budget now.” – Assembly Democrat Caucus budget website

As California enters its 55th day without a state budget, assembly Democrats are urging Californians to call their Legislator and tell them to immediately pass a budget.

That could prove to be difficult, however, because the Democrat Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, Assemblyman John Laird (D-Santa Cruz) is partying it up in Denver at the Democrat National Convention.

Despite a late budget that has hurt many Californians, Laird doesn’t seem to be worried. In fact, this morning he was found leading chants of “we are one!” at a convention breakfast. (Source: Capitol Weekly Blog)

KCRA political reporter Kevin Riggs caught Laird playing hooky this morning. Riggs’ convention blog says Laird “cringed” when he was caught by reporters cheerleading at the convention, instead of working to resolve California’s budget crisis. (Source: The Riggs Report)

How can Assemblyman John “What Me Worry?” Laird abandon his duty as Chair of the Budget Committee during our fiscal crisis?

There are 14 Southwest flights from Denver to Sacramento today…the people of California expect Mr. Laird to be on one of them.

Save the Date: Sept. 20th is the Red County Red Meat Roundup!

Sacramento Republican Assembly is hosting a Red County Red Meat Roundup to raise money for local candidates running in the upcoming November election. This year’s featured candidate is Mayor Abram Wilson, who is the GOP nominee for the 15th Assembly District.

The event is scheduled for September 20th from 3-7 pm at the beautiful home of Mike and Diane McCollum.

This will be a premier event, with local elected officials and candidates, a STEAK BBQ, music and DJ, microbrews, and plenty of good Republican conversation. You won’t want to miss this exciting party!

Please mark your calendar for this must-attend event and Click Here to RSVP.

Event Details:

When: Saturday, Sept. 20th from 3-7pm

Where: 10196 Clover Ranch Dr., Sacramento, CA 95829 (Click Here for Map)

Cost: $50 per person / $99 per couple

For more information: Craig DeLuz- or Angela Azevedo-

Another Episode of “Democrat Senators Gone Wild”

Here is yet another story of a California State Senator acting like a fool.

Two weeks ago, Senator Pat Wiggins cursed at a pastor during a committee hearing, stating that is aurguments were “Bull S***t”.

And yesturday, Senator Carole Migden’s entire staff was sent home after she berrated and yelled at them.

Here is the story as reported by the Capitol Alert:

After yelling episode, Migden’s staff sent home

Sen. Carole Migden’s Capitol staff was sent home on Thursday afternoon and told not to report to work on Friday, after the San Francisco Democrat was heard berating them from the hallway.

Enedina Hidalgo, the director of personnel for the state Senate, overheard Migden screaming, according to a witness to the event. The source said Hidalgo entered the office while the senator was not present on Thursday, informing the staff of their rights.

Soon after, Hidalgo returned to Migden’s office with Tony Beard Jr., the chief sergeant-at-arms of the state Senate. They told the staff to pack up their belongings and escorted them out of the building, the witness said.

A spokeswoman for Migden, Tracy Fairchild, declined comment and referred all questions about the incident to the Senate Rules Committee.

Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, an Oakland Democrat and chair of the Rules Committee, declined to comment. Secretary of the Senate Greg Schmidt, the top aide to the Rules Committee, and Hidalgo also declined to comment.

When Sen. Carole Migden was directly asked about Thursday’s events, Perata aide Lynda Gledhill sought to intervene, telling Migden she did not have to comment.

“They weren’t sent home,” Migden said of her staff, before walking away.

Late Thursday afternoon, the phones to the Migden’s Capitol office went unanswered and mail had piled up by 4:45 p.m., stuffed under the locked office door.

On Friday, none of Migden’s regular aides reported to work in the Capitol. Her office was staffed by temporary workers from the Senate Rules Committee.

Migden, known for her brusque attitude, is a 10-year veteran of the Capitol, having served six years in the Assembly and one term in the Senate.

Earlier this year, she lost a three-way Democratic primary to Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco. She was the first California legislator in a dozen years to lose a primary re-election contest.

“We need responsible representation,” Leno said to a Marin audience during the campaign. He campaigned in part on character issues.

Migden suffered a bout of bad publicity during the campaign, especially surrounding an erratic 30-mile drive last May on Interstate 80 in which she careened off the center divider and later rear-ended a car with her state-owned SUV.

She later suggested that medicine she was taking for leukemia may have contributed to the episode.

A no-nonsense lawmaker, Migden admitted during the primary that her curt demeanor sometimes rubbed associates the wrong way. But she was unapologetic. “I make no apologies that sometimes it’s a tough arena,” she said at the time.

Migden will leave office at the end of November.

Gov’s idea for rainy day fund is all wet

Yesterday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger offered, what he calls a “Compromise Budget” that he says, “responsibly addresses California’s remaining $15.2 billion budget shortfall and reforms our broken budget system.” (Click Here to See his Press Conference)

The truth is that his current budget plan is not new, not a compromise, does not contain budget spending reform and does not address the current budget deficit.

The Budget Reform measures being offered by the governor include:

A Strong Rainy Day Fund

• Increases the size of California’s Budget Stabilization Account (BSA) from 5 percent of General Fund expenditures to 12.5 percent -or approximately $13 billion dollars today.

• Requires annual transfers to the BSA of 3 percent of General Fund and eliminates the ability to suspend those annual transfers. In years when the BSA is full (at 12.5%), the annual transfer is reduced to 1.5 percent. During economic downturns, when funds can be drawn out of the BSA, the transfer would not occur.

• In addition to the annual transfer of 3 percent of General Fund to the BSA, the compromise proposal requires that all current-year revenue above the amounts included in the Budget Act be transferred to the BSA, after first providing funding to education as required under Proposition 98. This would mean that any unexpected spike in revenues that occur during the fiscal year – normally recognized in the Governor’s May Revision – would be transferred to the BSA.

• Funds could only be transferred out from the BSA under the following conditions: 1) actual revenues during the Fiscal Year must be below a specified level: prior year spending adjusted by population growth and per capita personal income growth; 2) funds transferred from the BSA back into the General Fund must be appropriated in a stand-alone urgency bill, subject to a 2/3rds vote of the Legislature. The amount transferred out of the BSA during a fiscal year would be limited to the amount which would bring revenues up to prior year spending adjusted by population and per capita personal income growth.

• When the balance in the BSA reaches 12.5 percent, the excess would be available for one-time purposes only. One-time purposes would include: paying down debt, paying off outstanding General Obligation bonds, investing in infrastructure and capital outlay projects, paying for “settle-up” dollars owed to education, pre-paying health care liability for retired employees (OPEB), and tax relief.

Mid-Year Reduction Authority

• Authorizes the Director of Finance to do the following when s/he determines, mid-year, that revenues have fallen below specified levels:

• Reduce state operations budgets by up to 7 percent without modifying or suspending the law.

• Freeze Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs), rate increases or increases in state participation in local costs, as designated in the Budget Act, for up to 120 days.

• Requires the governor to submit urgency legislation to permanently suspend COLAs and other rate increases. If the governor fails to act within the 120 days, or the Legislature fails to adopt the suspension, the COLAs and other rate increases are reinstated.

There are several problems with this proposal. First, there is noting in it that addresses the issue of overspending. All it requires is for the state to contribute 3% of whatever they spend to the reserve, thus increasing the amount that goes to the rainy day fund as spending increases. But it does not limit spending!

A firm spending cap would limit the argument for future tax increases as long as revenues are in line with spending. But under this proposal, Democrats will be free to increase spending as they wish as long as they offer tax increases to help cover the cost.

Secondly, what good is it to allow the governor to make mid-year reductions that will last only 120 days? That’s right! Unless the 2/3 of the legislature votes to make the reductions permanent, then spending goes back to normal levels.

Maybe I am mistaken. But I don’t think there are any Democrats who would vote to make such cuts permanent. And it is highly unlikely that Republicans will get a supermajority in both houses of the state legislature anytime soon. Thus, the offer of mid-year reductions as offered in this proposal is all smoke and mirrors.

It is regretful that the Governor has caved on the idea of a spending cap. I believe that legislative Republicans could legitimately consider supporting his proposal if it truly addressed the issue of out of control spending.

Asm. Roger Niello explains the benefits of a Budget Spending Cap

As you already know, Assembly Democrats have already shot down ACA 19 which would amend the state constitution to include a hard spending cap. The following video contains a detailed description and explanation of the Republican proposal that you will not find in the MSM.


The Democrats went on to spend the rest of the committee hearing attempting to misrepresent the legislation and almost literally calling Asm. Niello a liar. But he did the GOP proud. I am working on getting the rest of the committee hearing for you to view. So stay tunned!

Rep. Richardson’s home declared a ‘public nuisance’.

Laura Richardson just can’t get get it together!

Today, the LA Times is reporting that Laura “Pimp my ride Richrson’s Sacramento home (you remember the one that was foreclosed on, sold, stolen back by the bank that sold it and given back to Richrson… that home) has been cited by Sacramento Code enforcement as a public nuisance.

First Rep. Laura Richardson was having problems making house payments, defaulting six times over eight years.

Then after a bank foreclosed on her Sacramento house and sold it at auction in May, the Long Beach Democrat made such a stink that Washington Mutual, in an unusual move, grabbed it back and returned it to her.This week, in the latest chapter in the housing saga, the Code Enforcement Department in Sacramento declared her home a “public

The city has threatened to fine her as much as $5,000 a month if she doesn’t fix it up.Neighbors in the upper-middle-class neighborhood complain that the sprinklers are never turned on and the grass and plants are dead or dying. The gate is broken, and windows are covered with brown paper.

“I would call it an eyesore,” said Peter Thomsen, a retired bank executive who lives nearby.

The city action was prompted by police action.

Police were twice called to investigate reports of a suspicious person in or around the house, perhaps a homeless man squatting there. Officers called the Code enforcement Department, which boarded up a broken door.

Code enforcement inspectors visited the house twice in July, finding “junk and debris” in the driveway and “rotting fruit on the ground in the rear yard which creates rodent harborage,” according to department documents.

Ron O’Connor, operations manager of the Code Enforcement Department, said homes in the Curtis Park area seldom were tagged as a public nuisance.

“It’s a really nice neighborhood,” he said.

Asked about the house, Richardson’s office released a statement that said: “Neither Congresswoman Richardson nor her attorney have received any information referring to this matter. Any additional information will be provided at a later date.”

Richardson has few worries in the November election. The 37th District is so solidly Democratic that no Republican is running against her. Democrat Peter Mathews, who has sought the seat several times before, is mounting a write-in campaign.

CTA TV ads target GOP legislators with lies from the left

As the budget battle heats up, the California Teacher’s Association has taken to the airwaves, attacking Republican legislators for not agreeing to vote for the “compromise buget”. The started with the generic ad below. But this morning, I saw the very same ad, only with a tag line at the end encouraging viewers to call Assemblyman Roger Nielo. I also have heard reports of the very same commercial targeting Todd Spitzer.

The funny part is that this commercial is full of lies:

1. “Teachers don’t know what to expect for our schools or how to plan for our students.” – School districts have already passed a budget for the 2008-09 school year. So, they do already know what to expect. Any teachers that would have been let go, already have been. Any cuts that would be required, already have been. And keep in mind, Republicans have already agreed to fully fund Prop. 98. This means that schools will get a $1.8 billion increase.

2. “Thats why lawmakers need to put the partisan bickering asside and pass a ‘common sense’ budget that raises revenue to protect education.” What they are really saying is that Republicans need to agree to raise taxes. The funny part is that most of the money from the proposed tax increases go to social welfare programs, NOT EDUCATION. But even having said that, why don’t they encourage Democrats to agree to common sense budget reforms like a hard spending cap or a rainy day fund?

3. “As a parent and a Republican, it’s time for my letislator to listen to me about schools, not the Republican leaders in Sacramento.” But Democrats should listen to the Democrat leader? This is the set up! But no partisanship here… right?

4. “Call your legislator and tell them to suppport the compromise budget today.” – The only proposed budget that is in print is no compromise. It is the product of the Budget Conference Committee that is dominated by Democrats and has yet to recieve one Republican vote. Even the Governor has insisted that this budget is out of line with what is best for California, and he is “Mr. Compromise”. All it does is raise taxes by $10 billion, increase spending by $3 billion, cuts law enforcement, contains no budget reform and continues to feed their spending addiction.

The truth is, CTA’s view of compromise equates to Republicans folding and doing exactly what THEY and the Democrats want. Don’t be fooled!

Democrat budget cap likely a budget visor…

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Don Perata and the Governor have come to an agreement on the budget.

Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata said Wednesday that Democrats have negotiated key points of a compromise state budget with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and that he considers negotiations over.

“I think we’ve, frankly, gone about as far as we can go,” the Oakland Democrat said.

Perata said the compromise plan includes a major concession by Democrats — a spending cap to limit annual state expenditures.

But one thing you learn in this business is that the devil is in the Senate… er… details.

As of this posting, nothing in writing has been submitted to Senate. So whether or not there is an actual budget spending cap in the proposal is yet to be seen. And if there is one, you can bet that it is not a real cap.

Keep in mind that Democrats have been insisting form months that a spending cap is a non-starter and is not up for negotiations. Put this together with the fact that the Governor’s office stopped talking about a spending cap weeks ago, opting to focus only on a rainy day fund. And now all of a sudden there is an agreement for a spending cap? Me thinks me smells a rat here!

One only need look at the tactics now being reported in the Capitol Alert:

With Don Perata announcing an agreement between Senate Democrats and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on the budget, the focus in the Capitol among those leaders has turned to picking off at least two Republicans in the state Senate to pass the spending plan.

Notice that there is no mention of actually putting the Democrat agreement in writing so that there can be honest and open negotiations. Instead they are opting for coercion, extortion and maybe even bribery. Some would call it “playing political hardball.”

The good news is that Republican’s popularity amongst their voters has been improving as they have stood their ground. This is largely due to the fact that most GOP voters didn’t think that they would do what they said they were going to do.

In the end, this means that when this budget deal comes to the Assembly, the 7 or 8 votes needed to pass it will be hard to come by.

On another note: If Republicans can get a real spending cap, how much should they give up for it? Keep in mind that while we can probably balance the budget without them, Democrats will likely demand some sort of “Revenue Enhancements” in exchange for caving on a hard spending limit.

What would you be willing to give up?

– A one cent increase in the sales tax for three years?

– More borrowing?

– Closing “Tax Loopholes”? Which ones?

– Lottery funds, backed up by new taxes?

– Increase in income taxes on business & high income earners?


Taxpayers pay $1300 per month for Laura “Pimp My Ride” Richardson’s government vehicle

I wish I could say I was suprised to see Laura Richardson in the news again for her fiscal irresponsibility. But once again here she is.

Yesturday, the LA was reporting that Richardson’s $1300 lease of a 2007 Lincoln Town Car cost more than any other representative in congress:

When she arrived in Congress last fall, Rep. Laura Richardson sought out a vehicle that would match her newfound status.

She settled on a 2007 Lincoln Town Car – the choice of many representatives who
lease their vehicles at taxpayers’ expense. But hers was distinct: at $1,300 a month, it was the most expensive car in the House of Representatives.

They go on to point out that the freshman congresswoman is a veteran when it comes to having others pay the tab for her transportation.

But her history with vehicles has been similarly fraught. When she was a councilwoman in Long Beach, she crashed her BMW, abandoned it at a body shop, failed to pay a prior repair bill, and then racked up 30,000 miles on a city-owned hybrid in one year – apparently violating a policy against personal use of city cars.

In her brief stint in the Assembly, she leased a 2002 Lincoln LS for $304 a month – all but $36 of it paid for by the state. So Richardson was already well versed in the use of government vehicles when she got to Washington.

And just like with all her other financial debacles, she is hiding from reporters, leaving her staff to defend the undefensable.

About 130 representatives leased cars last year, according to a report compiled earlier this year by Taxpayers for Common Sense. Most were in the range of $400 to $800 per month.

Richardson’s 2007 lease costs show up on a more recent congressional spending report, because she did not pay the bill until February. According to the report, her first bill was for $1,299, and covered a one-month period from mid-October to mid-November. She then paid a prorated amount of $2,035 for the 45-day period from mid-November to the end of the year.

That makes her lease $300 more expensive than the costliest car in the Taxpayers for Common Sense report. As of last winter, the newest member of Congress had far and away the most expensive car in the House of Representatives.

“A $1,300 lease is a gold-plated lease,” said Keith Ashdown, chief investigator for the watchdog group. “Because it’s federal money and not their personal money, they’re not looking for the best value.”

Rep. Diane Watson, D-Los Angeles, also leases a 2007 Lincoln Town Car, but she pays only $686 per month for it.

According to a former staff member, Richardson insisted that her Lincoln be specially customized, which may explain the high cost.

Richardson’s spokesman, William Marshall, initially stated that Richardson is paying only $940 per month for her Town Car, but gave no documentation of that. After he was presented with the expense report showing the $1,300 lease amount, he declined to answer further questions.

“No comment,” he said.

Oh…. But there’s More!!!!!!

Richardson got the car from a local Enterprise Rent-a-Car office for her use when she needed to travel around her congressional district. The cost would not have been affected by her personal credit history, because it was paid for by the federal government. The price tag also did not include insurance, which Richardson agreed to pay for on her own.

At 8:30 p.m. April 3, a staff member was driving the car on the San Diego (405) Freeway, when he got into a crash. According to a California Highway Patrol report, the staffer, Henry Rogers, reported being struck in the rear by a white sport utility vehicle. The impact caused him to spin out and hit the center median and left major damage to the left rear of the Town Car.

The CHP report gives no information about the insurance on the car, other than to say that it was a “rental.” But Richardson’s subsequent actions suggest that Rogers may not have been listed as an eligible driver on her insurance policy.

According to the former staffer, after the crash Richardson required her district employees to buy additional insurance so they could legally drive the Lincoln. The former staff member did not want to be identified out of fear of jeopardizing future employment prospects.

Another former staffer said Rogers was not forced to pay for the damage to the car, but did not know how the issue was resolved.

Rogers referred questions about the crash to Richardson’s spokesman, who did not return a call about the crash on Friday.

Richardson did not report the crash to Enterprise, but it is not clear that she was required to, given that she was self-insured.

Records also indicate that Richardson owes $83 for illegally parking the Town Car in Long Beach. The ticket was issued Jan. 23, in the amount of $40, but has since doubled because it was not paid on time.

One has to wonder, at what point will this disgraced Congresswoman offer her resignation? Knowing Laura Richardson, probably never.

But an even more interesting question is when will her fellow Democrats start asking for her to step down? Knowing Democrats, probably never!

Don’t Miss the Rally for Life- TODAY!!!


PRESS RELEASE for June 18, 2008

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TODAY, Wednesday, June 18, 2008, the Coalition for Women and Children will hold a historic Rally for Life to demand the Elimination of Abortion Funding from our California State Budget. The Rally will be held on the West steps of the Capitol from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm, followed by a Press Conference from 12:30-1:00, and the Lobby for Life Legislative office visits throughout the afternoon.

During this time of severe state budget crisis, when our schools, parks, libraries, public safety, and healthcare services are experiencing drastic spending cuts, we can no longer afford to subsidize our nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, which according to their own Annual Report is experiencing record-breaking profits. Each year, California taxpayers contribute $33 million dollars to pay for 95,000 “free” Medi-Cal reimbursed abortions, according to the Department of Health Services statistics.

We request that these state funds be re-allocated to truly help the needy citizens of our state, rather than hurt thousands of women, both physically and emotionally, for a life-time. Today, taxpayers from throughout the state will gather to say, “Enough is enough! We will no longer be accomplices to this painful tragedy by subsidizing the lucrative abortion industry with our tax dollars! Women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy deserve our help and compassion, not a free abortion! As an example, these $33 million dollars could be better used to pay for 900 school teacher salaries!”

Rally speakers will include Walter Hoye,, who will address the devastating impact abortion has had on the African-American community, making this the Civil Rights issue of our generation. Also, post-abortive women who have personally experienced the pain of this “choice” will share their stories. At current rates, one in three women will experience an abortion, increasing their risk to breast cancer, miscarriage, premature birth, infertility, depression, addictions, and other physical and emotional difficulties. Senator Cogdill, Assembly Members Villines and LaMalfa will also speak. Closing out the event will be local activist, Craig DeLuz.

Furthermore, the abortion industry does not deserve our tax dollars. In a recent LA Times article, California Planned Parenthood affiliates allegedly over-charged our state by at least $180 million dollars. Why should we give even more money to an industry that has allegedly mishandled our tax dollars? Recently, Planned Parenthood, founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, eagerly welcomed donations which specifically requested the extermination of African American babies. The citizens of California will not support such racism and misuse of our tax dollars!

Listen to Craig DeLuz on the Capitol Hour with Eric Hogue

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 3rd at 12:30 pm I will be joining Eric Hogue as we breakdown several local races and discuss the battle for the heart of Sacramento’s Republican Party

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Tuesday, June 3rd (Tomorrow) @12:30 pm

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Call in numbers :916-923-3300 or 888-923-1380

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The California Dream Act is Back!

With all the new pieces of legislation being churned out of the Bad Bill Mill, I almost missed the resurrection of the California Dream Act by former Speaker Fabian Nunez via AB 2083. This is the scheme originally cooked up by Senator Gil Cedillo (SB 160) in 2006, which would give illegal immigrants access to state funded financial aid.

Without pointing out the obvious fact that we should not be rewarding people for being in the country illegally, I would like to point out some problems with this measure.

First of all, California taxpayers subsidize somewhere between 70-80% of the cost of higher education in this state. This subsidy was expanded to include illegal immigrants thanks to the passage of SB 540 in 2001. So now they want Californians to subsidize the rest of their education? I think not!

Secondly, this measure comes with a low-balled estimated cost of $4.6 million, $12. million of which will come from Prop. 98 funds which funds K-12 education. Does it really make sense to increase spending on illegal immigrants when most state agencies are facing budget cuts? Keep in mind that every dollar spent on financial aid for illegal immigrants takes funding away from the core missions of our higher education institutions along with K-12 education.

Finally, just last year Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed this idea that came to him in the form of SB 1, also authored by Senator Cedillo. He stated in his veto message:

California has over 100,000 students here legally who apply annually for financial aid to attend college, and our state has limited funds available for this important purpose.

While I do not believe that undocumented children should be penalized for the acts of their parents, this bill would penalize students here legally by reducing the financial aid they rely on to allow them to go to college and pursue their dreams.

I find it hard (ok maybe not that hard) to believe that his position has changed on this issue; which causes one to beg the question: has a deal been cut between the former Speaker and the Governor? One can only speculate… And so… I am.

Why Values Matter- Republican appointed justices approve gay marriage

While Republican candidates and organizations send out a flurry of press releases and statements decrying last week’s California Supreme Court decision, few in the GOP have discussed the fact that three of the four judges who voted to legalize same-sex marriage were appointed by Republicans. Joyce Kennard (Deukmeijan), Kathryn Mickle (Wilson) and Chief Justice Ronald George (Wilson) joined Carlos Moreno (Davis), the only Democrat on the Supreme Court in legalizing same-sex marriage.

If there was ever an argument for supporting Real Republican candidates, it is the travesty that has been hoisted upon the voters of California by these liberal Republican Supreme Court justices. Take for example Chief Justice Ronald George. He was appointed to the Court in 1991 by Gov. Pete Wilson and has too often been on the wrong side of Republican values in his rulings.

In 1996 he and Justice Mickle were in the minority of a 4-3 decision that upheld a law requiring minors to obtain their parent’s consent before getting an abortion. A year later, Justice George would be a part of the 4-3 majority who, in an unprecedented move voted to overturn their own ruling.

It is also worth noting that the key to this reversal was the fact that Justice Armand Arabian, who voted to protect parents’ rights retired not long after the first decision. Unfortunately, he was then replaced by Justice Ming Chin, another Wilson appointee who would then vote to overturn the parental consent law passed by the legislature.

This just goes to show how schizophrenic our Republican controlled court can be when it comes to moral issues; one minute they are constitutional, the next minute they are not. Too many of their rulings have been textbook examples of liberal judicial activism. AND THESE ARE REPUBLICAN APPOINTEES!!!!

I would hate to see what the court would be like with a bunch of Democrat appoints. Of course, with Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

Memo to Republicans: If we elect Real Republicans, we will get Real Justices and Real Justice!

Will the Real Republicans Please Stand Up?

Sacramento Republican Activists Launch Effort to Support the Republican Wing of the Republican Party

(Sacramento) – Limited government, lower taxes and family values are just a few things that voters usually associate with the Republican Party. But recently, elected Republican officials have been actively taking positions against these bedrock Republican values and have supported efforts to increase minimum wage, driving up unemployment; proposed a tax increase on homeowners to pay for fire protection that they are already paying for; and fighting against an effort to protect the definition of marriage, as between a man and a women. Some say you can hardly tell the Republicans from the Democrats these days.

This has caused, a group of Republican Party activists in Sacramento to launch an effort to take back their Republican Party. Today, Support the Platform (STP) officially announced their slate of candidates for the Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee, along with their plans to help Real Republicans get elected. “Our goal is to make sure that we elect Republican candidates to office who actually support Republican values”, declared Craig DeLuz, Chairman of STP. “Our values are outlined in our Republican Party platform. And if you want to represent Republicans in office, we believe you should support Republican principles.”

The Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee (SCRP) is the official arm of the Republican Party in Sacramento County. Thirty-one of the Committee’s 44 members are elected by Republican voters in Sacramento County and run by Supervisorial District. The other 13 are positions held by Republican elected officials or party nominees for various partisan offices. “For too long we have allowed our Party to be controlled by people who are hostile to what we as Republicans stand for,” exclaimed Mali Currington, a candidate for the Ninth Assembly District in Sacramento, “I for one am glad to see Real Republicans standing up to be counted.”

STP’s efforts will start with the upcoming June primary where efforts are under way to elect their slate of candidates to the GOP Central Committee. Additionally, they are asking other Republican candidates to sign the “STP Pledge” declaring their commitment to support Republican values as outlined in the California Republican Party Platform. They also have launched a website to provide readers with up to date news and information on Republicans running for office in Sacramento County and where they stand on the issues important to Republican voters.

According to DeLuz, “We will be on the radio, on the web and in Republicans’ mailboxes letting them know there are still Republicans out there who believe in the values that make this Nation great.”

Study shows that contribution limits increased influence of special interests groups

Who knew that limiting the amount of money someone could give to politicians would increase the strangle hold special interests have on our government…. CONSERVATIVES!!!! THAT’S WHO!!!
But the untold story here is who makes up these “Top 10 Committees”. Liberals would have us believe that Big Business is controlling politics here in Sacramento. The truth is that liberal interest groups have given the most and have given most (if not all) of their money to Democrats.

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NAACP head is paid by tribes, backs their plan- Conflict of Interest?

Last week the Sacramento Bee reported that Alice Huffman, President of the NAACP’s California Conference was serving as a paid consultant for those who support the Indian Gaming compacts, while at the same time advocating for these compacts as the head of the state NAACP. And according to the Bee this is not the first time.

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Nunez says what California Republicans Can’t- “Post-partisanship?” Pfft…

If there was ever any doubt that Post-Partisanship meant anything other than doing what Democrats want; California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez has officially put that to idea rest.

The San Jose Mercury News has a story today in which the Speaker made it clear that it was the Democrat agenda not a bi-partisan agenda that got advanced last year.

Nuñez also commented skeptically about Schwarzenegger’s newfound advocacy for what the governor calls “post-partisan” politics. While in Washington, Schwarzenegger repeated the phrase he coined earlier this year, referring to himself as a governor who accepts ideas from all sides.

“What he’s talking about sounds good theoretically. I think in practical terms the way I read it is it’s just semantics. Post-partisanship — what does that mean? I don’t know. It’s some word he made up,” Nuñez said.

“But I think he has a claim, in some ways, to that new term because last year we got a lot of things done. But you know we did it because we reached across the party aisle . . . Remember, everything we got done were Democratic issues.”

I was really hoping that some Republican in DC would speak up and say something about this, but it was a Democrat who finally spoke up. Maybe Speaker Nunez is tired of the Governor getting all the credit for the all that got done last year.

Could it be that he wants credit for getting a Republican Governor to go along with his agenda?

DeLuz kids promote Volunteerism with California’s First Lady

I was doing some research for a work related project dealing with non-profit organizations in California and came across this picture at the website for California Volunteers. It is a picture of my daughter (Jazmine) and her brother (Craig) with Maria Shriver at the grand opening of the California Hall is fame. (Click Here to see the video)

I also found it interesting that the same picture can be seen when you go to the First Lady’s website. I’ll have to admit that it is kind of cool to see my kids out there promoting volunteerism with the First Lady and the Governor. But I have to lament that I have yet to get the same sort of access to this administration.

I have asked Craig and Jazmine to see if they could hook me up with the Governor and they have told me to have my people call their people. I thought I was their people! 🙂

California Legislature to mandate STD vaccination for 6th grade girls

The childless author of the now infamous “anti-spanking bill” California Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, has introduced yet another bill intruding on the rights of parents to raise their children. Lieber’s AB 16 would mandate that all female students be vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV) before being allowed to enter the sixth grade.

Let’s begin with a few facts. First, 70% of cervical cancer cases are caused by the four strains of HPV targeted by the newly approved vaccine best known as Gardasil. But it is also important to note that all four strains are transmitted only through sexual contact; protected or not.

So the first question we should be asking is whether or not we should be mandating a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease to children who should not be sexually active. Unlike other diseases for which we mandate vaccination (i.e. Tuberculosis and Small Pox) HPV is not highly communicable. Furthermore, the ONLY method of transmitting the HPV strains targeted by this vaccination is sexual contact.

We should also question the wisdom of mandating a vaccination that has been on the market for such a short period of time. Gardasil was just approved by the Food and Drug Administration back in June 2006, less than a year ago. And while it did go through extensive trials, does it really make sense to mandate it be given to children when we have so little history upon which to determine the long-term safety of the product? What’s the rush?

Finally, the hypocrisy of the “choice movement” on the left never ceases to amaze me. Explain to me how a twelve year old girl is mature enough to “choose” to be taken from a school campus and given birth control or even an abortion without her parents’ even knowing about it, but isn’t mature enough to “choose” whether or not the want to receive a vaccine for a disease that is only transmitted through sexual contact? Why can’t she simply “choose” not to have sex until she is in a faithful, committed marriage relationship?