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Revelation of gun ban for Tehama County shooter revives enforcement criticisms

(EAST BAY TIMES) – “If law enforcement had the ability to do that, why didn’t they?” DeLuz said, referring to the confiscation of Neal’s weapons. “We have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and this still occurs.”

He added: “This goes to show that the only people affected by these laws are the law-abiding. There was a failure of the government to enforce those laws, and yet the answer folks keep coming up with is that we need more gun laws.”

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Brown OKs open-carry gun restriction, vetoes other gun bill

(KCRA) – Firearms Policy Coalition spokesman Craig DeLuz said the bill (AB 7) is another infringement on law-abiding gun owners.

“How will law-abiding Californians who aren’t in a pro-carry county or political donors of a sheriff exercise their constitutionally-enumerated right to bear arms?” he asked in a statement. DeLuz suggested the ban will be overturned if opponents challenge it in court.

Feinstein moves to close automatic-rifles loophole in wake of Las Vegas massacre

(SACRAMENTO BEE) – Craig DeLuz, a spokesman for the Sacramento-based Firearms Policy Association, a gun rights group, declined to weigh in on the legality of the device, but characterized any legislation proposed in the wake of a shooting as “opportunistic” and suggested Feinstein is politically motivated.

“Maybe before we start coming up with a solution, we ought to give investigators time to get all the information needed to determine if there is a problem,” DeLuz said in an interview. “The senator wants to ban all semi-automatic rifles. We’re opposed to banning the most-commonly owned firearms in the entire country.”

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California adopted some of the toughest gun control laws in country after multiple mass shootings

(LA TIMES) – “Gavin Newsom and Kevin de León are nothing more than opportunistic politicians who prey on tragedies for headlines, so it’s not surprising that they would try to rush to promote gun control before the police have finished their investigation,” DeLuz said. “They treat anti-gun laws as magic talismans that will ward off evil. It hasn’t worked in California and it won’t work in other states.”

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Gun groups fight California bills they say will drive up cost of firearms

(SACRAMENTO BEE) – “They’re finding it harder and harder to come up with anti-Second Amendment legislation that they deem to be reasonable,” Firearms Policy Coalition spokesman Craig DeLuz said.

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Pro-gun foe sworn in as California attorney general

xavir-becerra-confirmation(GUNS.COM) – “He’s made it clear that he sees the Second Amendment as a second-class right, not worthy of the same deference as other civil rights,” Craig J. DeLuz, director of communications with the Firearms Policy Coalition, told in an email Tuesday. “He’s also committed to working with those of us who disagree with him on gun rights to ensure transparency and accountability in California’s Department of Justice. We look forward to holding him to that commitment.”


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Craig DeLuz – It’s About Civil Rights (Video)

(MODESTO BEE) – Calling gun ownership a fundamental, constitutional, inalienable right, DeLuz, who also is an actor and media commentator in the Sacramento area, also fired up the audience. “I don’t need you to sit there and tell me you don’t know why I need a 30-round magazine,” he said. “… It doesn’t matter if you don’t see a need for me to own more than one gun. … My fundamental right to be able to defend myself and my family has nothing to do with what you believe I need.”

He later added, “When we run for office and go to serve the public, we swear an oath to defend this nation from enemies foreign and domestic, and that is up to and including a tyrannical government. Our founders got that, that’s the reason why they put (the Second Amendment) there.”

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Highlights of FPC’s Craig DeLuz speaking at the Pro 2A Rally in Modesto, CA on September 10, 2016.

Here is Craig’s entire speech:

Craig DeLuz on Haus Rules Radio Show: SEC Football Programs Banning of Gun Ownership (Video)

Craig DeLuz was interviewed by Michael Hausem, host of the syndicated radio program Haus Rules on September 12, 2016.

They discuss FPC’s investigation into several University Football Programs that appear to ban their players from owning guns.

They also touch on a recent court victory striking down a zoning policy Alameda County that would have disallowed any new gun stores in the county.

UC Davis begins nation’s 1st gun violence research center (Video)

(KCRA) – “We are not against research at all, but research has to be objective,” DeLuz said. “Treating firearms or firearm violence like a disease is completely wrong because it removes the component of human behavior.”

DeLuz fears the research will become a slippery slope to more gun control legislation.

“From the very beginning, it’s been about fabricating statistics to support their already predetermined conclusion, which was increasing laws and gun control,” DeLuz said. “All that it’s going to do is disarm the good guys.”

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California CCW Permitting Process Could Soon Get More Expensive (Video)

(CBS – 13 NEWS) – Craig DeLuz has a carry concealed weapon permit issued by Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones.

Deluz, also a statewide gun rights lobbyist, has had it for six years.

“A conceal carry permit is the only way a Californian can exercise his constitutional right,” DeLuz said.

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Firearms Policy Coalition: “Gunpocalypse” Gun Control Laws Will Lead to “Mass Non-Compliance.” And Worse?

courtesy-pinterest.com_(THE TRUTH ABOUT GUNS) – “The Legislature ignored every rule in the book to fast-track their civilian disarmament agenda and herd the people into a state-wide gun-free-zone,” said Craig DeLuz, the director of public and legislative affairs for Firearms Policy Coalition.

Continued DeLuz, “There are still a dozen anti-gun bills pending in the Legislature, and while Governor Brown’s actions today were disturbing, Firearms Policy Coalition and our members will continue to fight to defend and restore the Second Amendment in California.”

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The DeLuz Brothers dreaking down this week in presidential politics

Following the California Primary, the presidential matchup is now set between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The De Luz brothers help break down what has been a busy week in politics.

Bill to video gun buyers, add restrictions to shops pulled

Bill.to_.video_.all_.gun_.sales_.add_.restrictions.to_.shops_.000.pulled-1(GUNS.COM) – “We have spent a lot of time and energy building a coalition against the measure,” said DeLuz. “So far, the ACLU and the CA Pawn Brokers were opposing it. And your gun bill has to be pretty bad for the ACLU to oppose it.”


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FPC’s Craig DeLuz Frustrates Legislator’s Anti-Gun Agenda and Destroys AB 1673

(FPC) – Check out the video below of FPC Legislative Advocate Craig DeLuz in action, educating the California Assembly Public Safety Committee as to why AB 1673 makes no sense whatsoever.

AB 1673, authored by Asm. Mike Gipson (D-Carson), re-defines “firearm” to include “…the unfinished frame or receiver of a weapon that can be readily converted to the functional condition of a finished frame or receiver”

An unfinished frame can include a block of aluminum or a sheet of metal.

AB 1673 would also require that these same bricks or sheets of metal be transferred through a licensed dealer, submitted through DROS and subjected to an unconstitutional 10-day waiting period.

Not only was Craig successful at totally frustrating the author, he was also successful in convincing the Chair of the committee to postpone the bill for the time being.

Local Republicans struggle with possibility of Trump nomination

abc 10 trump craig(ABC 10) – “I could not stay a registered Republican if Donald Trump were to be the nominee,” DeLuz said, “and I honestly believe I’m not alone.”

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Gun debate: Californians support more gun control, poll finds

(Contra Costa Times) – DeLuz, from the Firearms Policy Coalition, said ultimately polls don’t matter so long as the courts keep upholding gun owners’ rights. “The right to keep and bear arms is not up for popular debate,” he said. “It’s a constitutionally enumerated CIVIL RIGHT.”

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With Obama’s orders, gun control activists sense momentum

obama tears(San Francisco Chronicle) – “The firearms-owning community, particularly in California, tends to span the spectrum from far right to far left, economics from poor to Silicon Valley types — and include a lot of immigrants,” DeLuz said. “A lot of folks come here from other countries where they don’t have the rights they do here, like the right to bear arms, and I don’t think they have any interest in giving up those rights.”

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Craig DeLuz takes on Anti-Gun Australian Media

Craig became an international gun rights activist as he takes on Australias anti-gun national media.

Obama’s plan already the law in California, gun-rights advocates say

gun store(Fresno Bee) – “But DeLuz added that he worries about how an executive action by the president would be implemented. “The president doesn’t respect the Second Amendment. Why would he respect any other part of the Constitution (ie. seperation of powers) ?”

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The DeLuz Brothers Breaking down the Presidential Debates

The DeLuz Brothers Breaking down the Presidential Debates on ABC10

Political twins David and Craig DeLuz break down this week’s presidential primaries debates.

Bills on Brown’s desk have uncertain fate

bullets(Sacramento Bee) – An attack on the Second Amendment or much-needed legislation to address gun violence?

California legislators considered that question repeatedly this year in committee hearings and in passionate, mostly partisan, debates on the Assembly and Senate floors.

“You have people who write this legislation who don’t understand the technology and thus don’t understand why the bill is a problem,” said Craig DeLuz, a lobbyist for the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees. “And in the end, none of these will end gun violence.”

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Craig DeLuz Sets The Tone in Debate Over Skinners Fatally Flawed AB 48 (Video)

Yesterday, several anti-gun measures were heard in the California State Assembly’s Public Safety Committee.

Cal-FFL’s Legislative Advocate, Craig DeLuz set the tone as he pointed out one of the many flaws in Assembly member Nancy Skinner’s AB 48.

KGO-TV out of San Francisco aired a report that focused on the issue that AB 48 would turn parents or scout leaders into criminals for providing their kids ammunition while teaching them how to safely use firearms.

“I take my daughter to the firing range to teach her how to use our legally-owned firearm and by handing her a magazine with ammunition in it, I am now in violation of the law, and she is now in violation of the law,” said Craig DeLuz from the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees.

The Sacramento Bee reported on an exchange between DeLuz and Skinner regarding the possibility of gun rights groups supporting her measure.

Skinner asked if the industry associations would support or be neutral on her bill if she amended it to satisfy those concerns.

DeLuz responded by saying he has a 10-page list of deficiencies in the measure.

Despite excellent arguments made by gun rights advocates and the member’s stunning inability to address simple questions on the bill, AB 48 would eventually pass out of the committee on a party-line vote.

AB 48 will next be heard in Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Leader in the Tea Party Movement says Craig DeLuz has “The type of leadership we need”

On April 15th, rallies known as Tax Day Tea Parties were held across the nation to protest out of control government spending and higher taxes. Well during what was the nation’s largest Tea Party in Sacramento, California Mark Meckler who organized the Sacramento Tea Party and is a leader in the National Tea Party movement made it clear that he believes California needs leaders that are willing to stand up, even when it may be controversial, and that Craig DeLuz has that kind of potential.

“I’ve got to compliment Craig, because he was one of the few who came out and was willing to stand with us when nobody else was.” declared Meckler, “That’s the kind of leadership we need in this state.”

Mark went on to point out that Craig is “Somebody who recognizes an issue and isn’t afraid to step up and say something.” He went on to thank Craig for being with the Tea Party movement from the very beginning.

“I have always been committed to standing for what’s right, even if that means standing alone.” Says DeLuz, “And while Marks comments don’t constitute an actual endorsement of my candidacy, they truly mean a lot to me.”

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