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Why are Democrats resorting wedge issues?

Liberals are always accusing Republicans of promoting divisiveness and campaigning on wedge issues. But this election cycle it is Democrats appear to be doing the dividing and fear mongering; two Sacramento area Democrats in particular.

Assemblyman Dave Jones who is a candidate for insurance commissioner and Dr. Richard Pan have chosen to inject the controversial issue of abortion into the heart of their campaigns. One has to wonder why they have chosen to focus on an issue that has consistently ranked outside the top five issues concerning voters, especially during these trying economic times.

In this campaign speech, Asm. Jones is talking about how he plans to use the office of insurance commissioner to fight for government funding of abortions, an item that was so controversial it was removed from the national health care bill.

Dr. Pan has purchased millions on TV, radio and mail to emphasize the fact that his opponent, Andy Pugno is pro-life. This commercial is just one small example of how Pan is attacking his opponent on the issue of abortion.

So, one has to wonder why these Democrats are so focused on such a divisive issue that voters seem less concerned about than job creation and the economy? I believe it’s because they know that they are on the wrong side of the issues that voters are truly concerned about.

Voters don’t want higher taxes. Both Jones and Pan support higher taxes on Californian’s. Voters want to see government spending reduced. Both Jones and Pan support increased government spending. Voters want to see stranglehold that public employees have on our elected officials ended. Meanwhile, both Jones and Pan are running campaigns that are largely funded by these very same unions.

Dave Jones and Richard Pan are hoping that voters won’t recognize the fact that their campaigns do not speak to the issues Californians are really concerned about. This is because democrats cannot win on the issues. They can only win by demonizing Republicans.

Democrat consultants know that were they to campaign on the Stimulus Bill, Obama Care or tax increases they would lose most swing voters and many of their supporters. So instead, they are focusing on wedge issues and demonization of Republicans. This just goes to show how desperate they really are.

Father of the Bride Part II: The Honeymoon is Over!

When President Barak Obama was inaugurated back in 2008, I wrote a piece called “Father of the Bride: My View of the Inauguration of Barak Obama” in which I likened my feelings to that of a father who’s daughter was about to marry a man of whom he did not approve. Well now the honeymoon is over and it is time to say, “I told you so!”
The new addition to our family has inserted himself all up in family business where he doesn’t belong. The smooth talking suitor who claimed to bring unity to the family, has not only created massive divisions within the family, but has offended long time family friends while at the same time reaching out to those who would do our family harm. And to top it all off he has up all the credit cards, mortgaged the family house and now expects all of us to foot the bill.
I wish I could say that I didn’t see this coming. But all the signs were there. But like a blushing young bride, head over heals in love America couldn’t see passed Obama’s handsome smile and enticing promises.
Think about it! A man who had never led anything in his life was all of a sudden going to lead the greatest nation on earth? A man who believed in spreading other people’s wealth was now going to help Americans be able to actually create their own wealth? And a man listened as his pastor preached divisiveness to him for 20 years and didn’t say a word was going to help us bridge the divide of relations in America? I think not!
Now I realize that as young brides often do, there is a contingent of the American people who, despite his abysmal record are holding on to the hope that he will become the man he once claimed to be. They will exclaim: “But he loves me!” “He would never do anything to hurt me.” “It wasn’t his fault.”
All the while, he continues to head down a path of destruction asking us to trust him. Well I can’t do it. I’ve seen where he’s taking us. And while his intentions may be good, the results will clearly be bad.
The time has come to accept that to date, this marriage is not working out. And if things don’t change pretty darn quick, divorce is inevitable. In fact, he should consider the 2010 General Election as official notice to shape up or ship out!

Expectations dwindle from “Change we can believe in” to “It could be worse”

As the 2010 midterm election approaches, President Barak Obama is no longer talking about change we can believe in. Instead, his rhetoric has shifted back to blaming Bush and the Republicans and declaring that things would be much worse if he wasn’t in charge.
 A recent Associated Press article made note of the significant change in messaging:
President Barack Obama, who rocketed to the White House promising “change you can believe in,” is now telling voters they shouldn’t change a thing.

His message for the fall elections, which are looking ominous for his Democrats, is that Republicans caused the nation’s economic troubles, but he and the Democrats are starting to fix them. So stick with the Democrats and don’t go back to the GOP.

“This is a choice between the policies that led us into the mess or the policies that are leading out of the mess,” Obama said recently in Las Vegas.

Trouble is, it’s a tough sell to voters who’ve seen little progress.

Unemployment is stuck near double digits and polls show many voters have decided Obama’s policies are to blame, not his predecessor’s.
This is despite the President’s attempts to continue to blame the previous administration that has been gone for over a year and half as well as congressional Republicans who haven’t been in the majority in either house since 2006. The voters recognize that this is his  mess and he needs to own it. But, we all know that is not going to happen.
Obama often frames the argument by saying that Republicans had their chance to drive, then drove the car into a ditch and shouldn’t get the keys back. But voters may be concluding that Democrats, who control the White House and both chambers of Congress, have had their chance at the wheel, too, and haven’t gotten very far.

“From the American public’s point of view, the people in charge at this point are the people who own the problem,” said Andrew Kohut, head of the nonpartisan Pew Research Center.  
The truth is that the Obama Campaign created a level of expectation that the Obama Administration would never be able to live up to. And now that reality has set in for the voters, the blame game is al the Democrats have left. 

But Obama’s pickings were slim when it came to campaign themes.

The narrative that worked so well when Obama was a presidential candidate offering himself as a transformational figure who could change Washington is no longer at his disposal. He can hardly claim to have delivered on that promise because he hasn’t changed Washington, at least not much, as he’s acknowledged.

The people’s Prop 23 would reverse the politician’s AB 32… Bizzaro World? No, Just California….

When the people California began gathering signatures to overturn the politician’s Global Warming Initiative, who would have thought that irony would be played out so perfectly?

Should it pass, Proposition 23 (The California Jobs Initiative) which was put on the ballot by the people, would REVERSE AB 32 (The California Job Killer) that was passed by the politicians.

As pointed out by California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) AB 32’s higher energy prices will increase the cost of doing business here and cause economic “leakage” to occur: meaning that businesses will leave the state in search of greener pastures.

Jack Stewart, president of the California Manufacturers and Technology Association stated, “California has already lost 630,000 manufacturing jobs in the last decade, and the state is far below the national average in new industrial job growth. The Legislative Analyst’s most recent report makes it clear we’ll lose even more jobs and manufacturing activity if AB 32 implementation proceeds as scheduled.”

But needless to say, environmentalists will argue that despite the facts, AB 32 will not cost jobs and that those who want to repeal it simply want free reign to pollute California’s air and water.

I can see the commercial’s already- The BP oil spill… George Bush… and somehow referencing children and minorities…

NAACP supports legalization of marijuana… They’re fighting for your right to get high!

The California Conference of the NAACP has offered it’s unconditional support for an initiative that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the Golden State.
The Sacramento Bee reports:

In a news conference today, the California State Conference of the NAACP is due to throw its support behind the initiative to legalize marijuana for adults over 21, allow small residential cultivation and permit cities to tax and regulate pot sales.

In a statement, Alice Huffman, the state NAACP president, said the organization is backing the initiative, Proposition 19, to counter marijuana arrest rates that she contends unfairly target African Americans.

“There is a strong racial component that must be considered when we investigate how marijuana laws are applied to people of color,” she said. “The burden has fallen disproportionately on people of color and young black men in particular.”

The NAACP’s enthusiasm on this issue is not widely shared amongst African American leaders.

…(Ron) Allen, president of the International Faith-Based Coalition, a Sacramento group representing 3,600 congregations, said he is stunned the state NAACP would favor legalized marijuana.

“Most African American pastors are disappointed, absolutely disappointed with the decision,” said Allen, bishop of the Greater Solomon Temple Community Church in Oak Park. “If anyone should know the effects of illicit drugs in the black community, it should be one of our most respected civil rights organizations.”
The primary issue here is the fact that a greater percentage of blacks seem to be prosecuted for crimes involving marijuana than other ethnic groups.

“There is a strong racial component that must be considered when we investigate how marijuana laws are applied to people of color,” she said. “The burden has fallen disproportionately on people of color and young black men in particular.”
The problem is not that these young men are arrested for these crimes. It’s that they are involved in these crimes at all. If they did not have possession of illegal substances, then they would not be arrested for having them. And making that substance legal does not fix the underlying problem of drug usage and criminal behavior in the black community. If you want to reduce the number of young black men being arrested for possession, then get them to stop using and selling!
It’s hard to believe that this is the same organization that fought against the proliferation of liquor stores in the black community. I cannot believe they honestly support the idea of unleashing the plague of legalized drugs on those very same neighborhoods.

Black Republican Nominated to Congress in South Carolina. Democrats lament, “He’s no Alvin Greene!”

In 1854, the GOP is founded in opposition to slavery. In 1964, we elected segregationist Strom Thurmond. Now in 2010, we nominate an African-American to fill Thurmond’s old seat. The circle is complete!

Unlike their Democratic counterparts, South Carilina Republicans have nominated an African-American man who is undoubtably qualified and ready serve his constitutents in Washington DC.

The Associated Press reports:

Voters in South Carolina nominated a black Republican lawmaker for an open congressional seat Tuesday, rejecting a renowned political name and potentially changing the face of the national party.

State Rep. Tim Scott defeated Paul Thurmond, an attorney who is son of the onetime segregationist U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond. Scott, who won the runoff with 69 percent of the vote, is poised to become the nation’s first black GOP congressman since 2003.

Scott, 44, owns an insurance business and became the first black Republican in the South Carolina Legislature in more than a century when elected in 2008.

He’s now the favorite in the coastal First District, which has elected a Republican congressman for three decades. He would become the first black Republican congressman since Oklahoma’s J.C. Watts retired in 2003.

I think the fact that Mr. Scott defeated the son of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond is a wonderful bit of irony.

It will be interesting to see how the national establishment reacts to him. Will he be a game changer the way that JC Watts was during his tenure; helping the party develop policy to address issues beyond the usual GOP focus? Or will he be an establishment guy trying to sell the party as it’s ambassador to the black community?

I don’t know him. So, I cannot say which he will be. But I everything I have heard about him is that he is a conservative, independent thinker. That should bode well for the type of leader he will be in Congress.

The one thing I do know is that he is no Alvin Greene!

Congratulations Mr. Scott!

In California, Top of the GOP Ticket Target Black and Latino Voters Early

Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina and leading Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman have begun there general election runs early. And they have done so by targeting those who Democrats seem to take most for granted- people of color.
The LA Times reported that over the weekend Carly was the only candidate of at any level to attend a Juneteenth celebration in Los Angeles.
Though many people had to ask her staff who Fiorina was, they crowded around to shake her hand, request her autograph and thank her for visiting South Los Angeles.

“I think it’s very brave of her to come out, because she certainly knows the kind of crowd she’s facing,” said Cathy Youngblood, 58, a cultural anthropologist from Watts. “She’s shown by being here, she’s willing to listen. … Do you see any other politicians here?”
And last week Meg Whitman began running Spanish language ads during the World Cup; making her the first Republican I can remember to ever do so, as well as the only candidate doing it at this time.
This just goes to show that these are not your typical Republican candidates. And this is not your typical lineup of GOP slate of candidates. Heavy on diversity and real world business experience, they present a stark contrast to the group of liberal political insiders offered up by the Democrats.
And unlike Republicans of the past (and their Democratic opponents) this new group of conservative leaders are not taking ethnic voters for granted. A strategy that I believe will pay off in the long run.
There may be issues that separate Republicans from Black and Latino voters. However, there are just as many issues upon which we have significant agreement. The need for real reform of our public schools, abortion, protecting the definition of marriage and the need for comprehensive immigration reform that includes aggressive enforcement of existing immigration laws; are just a few areas where there is support for conservative ideas amongst black and brown voters. And just like other voters, these groups are not happy with status quo incumbent politics.
Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina are engaging these voters; and engaging them early. They are hitting Democrats in their own backyard; making them step up and start offering a real alternative to these fresh new faces.
I hope that Meg and Carly keep up the pressure on their Democratic opponents. It will serve to not only help the GOP; but to give all voters a real choice come November.