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Eco-Tyrany in California

Craig speaking at the Rally Against Cap & Trade at the California State Capitol Building.

The people’s Prop 23 would reverse the politician’s AB 32… Bizzaro World? No, Just California….

When the people California began gathering signatures to overturn the politician’s Global Warming Initiative, who would have thought that irony would be played out so perfectly?

Should it pass, Proposition 23 (The California Jobs Initiative) which was put on the ballot by the people, would REVERSE AB 32 (The California Job Killer) that was passed by the politicians.

As pointed out by California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) AB 32’s higher energy prices will increase the cost of doing business here and cause economic “leakage” to occur: meaning that businesses will leave the state in search of greener pastures.

Jack Stewart, president of the California Manufacturers and Technology Association stated, “California has already lost 630,000 manufacturing jobs in the last decade, and the state is far below the national average in new industrial job growth. The Legislative Analyst’s most recent report makes it clear we’ll lose even more jobs and manufacturing activity if AB 32 implementation proceeds as scheduled.”

But needless to say, environmentalists will argue that despite the facts, AB 32 will not cost jobs and that those who want to repeal it simply want free reign to pollute California’s air and water.

I can see the commercial’s already- The BP oil spill… George Bush… and somehow referencing children and minorities…

President’s first Oval Office address falls flat

Yesterday, President Obama delivered his first ever national address from the Oval Office. This is move usually reserved for important announcements, not whimsical political speeches. Guess which one he delivered last night?
As he discussed the current environmental crisis facing the Gulf Coast, it was evident that he had very little of substance to say. He announced a 6 month moratorium on offshore drilling, which was old news. He assured viewers that British Petroleum would be held responsible for the spill. Then in the spirit of “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste…” he declared a need for new environmental regulations.
President Obama did not explain why it has taken his administration almost two months to kick into gear on this issue as the economy and environment of the Gulf Coast is ruined. He offered no substantive plan as to how the oil spill will be cleaned up and the habitat restored.
But he did do as he usually does… talks about the future in an effort to inspire in order to distract from his lack of meaningful action on the issues facing the nation right now.