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Red States are going to church… Blue States are going to Hell!

street-sign1Ok ….going to church does not necessarily mean that you are going to heaven. But according to multiple studies, it may mean that you are more likely to vote Republican.

In 2006 Gallop conducted a two year study into the correlation between voting tendencies and church attendance. And what they discovered is the following:

• Forty-two percent of Americans attend a church or a synagogue once a-week or almost once a-week; 43% say they seldom or never attend church.
How often do you attend church or synagogue?
Once a week 31%
Almost once a week 11%
Once a month 13%
Seldom 27%
Never 16%

• There is a strong correlation between frequency of church attendance and partisan voting tendency. The more frequent a person attends church the more likely they are to vote Republican. Conversely, the less frequent a person attends church the more likely they are to vote Democrat.
• The closeness of the national political divide is mirrored by the nearly even split between regular church attendees (42%) and non-church attendees (43%).
• Nine of twelve swing states in Presidential politics are within 4% above or
below the national frequent church attendance average (ie: they range between
38% to 46% frequent church attendance.)
• There are eleven states where frequent (once a-week/almost once a-week) church attendance is 50% or more. Each is a safe Republican voting state in Presidential elections.

This study was further bolstered by a 2014 survey which identified states with the most and least frequent church attendance. And it is no surprise that the 10 states with most frequent attendance are overwhelmingly Republican, while the states with the least frequent attendance are largely Democratic.

These studies do nothing more than shine a light on what has long been obvious to us BIBLE BELIEVING Christian voters. Of the two major parties, it is the Republican Party that is most consistent with our Christian values.

But it also raises an interesting question for “Christian” Democrats. How do you explain the inverse relationship between those who regularly sit under the word of God and those who vote for Democrats? And secondly, do they see themselves as an anomaly in this phenomenon or is their church attendance and belief in the biblical scripture just as shaky as those who don’t call themselves Christians?

The fact is many who call themselves Christians, spend very little time getting to know Christ. Few attend church more than two times a year; Christmas and Easter. And even fewer actually spend time reading the Bible or praying. I have even encountered those who claim to be Christian, but don’t believe in the Bible. And without exception, these folks have all turned out to be liberal Democrats.

Then there are those who do attend Church, pray and I believe love God. But for some reason, they continue to support candidates for public office who are actively working to promote laws and statutes that conflict with the word of God.

I will be the first to admit that the Republican Party isn’t perfect. But when it comes to supporting Christian Values, it stands head and shoulders above the Democratic Party. In my six years of studying God’s word as it relates to the role that Christians are supposed to play in civil government, I have discovered the following duties that we, as believers are called to do:

1. Pray for Leaders- whether we like them or not.
“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers,intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.”[I Timothy 2:1-2]
“IF My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, THEN I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” [II Chronicles 7:14]
2. Select God Fearing Leaders- who Advance Christian Principles in Civil Government
“Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.”[Exodus 18:21](e.g., Federal—State-County/City)
“You shall appoint judges and officers in all your gates, which the LORD your God gives you, according to your tribes, and they shall judge the people with just judgment. You shall not pervert justice…” [Deuteronomy 16:18+]
3. Seek Knowledge and Wisdom (Biblical principles are to be the benchmark for selecting political parties, people (candidates for office), and ballot propositions.)
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” [Hosea 4:6a]
“Incline your ear to wisdom. And apply your heart to understanding. …Cry out for discernment… Then you will understand the fear of the LORD.” [Proverbs 2:2, 3, 5]
4. Take Action to Advance His Principles Until He Returns
“Occupy [do business on My behalf] till I come…” [Luke 19:13b]
“Faith without works is dead…” [James 2:26b]
“For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required…” [Luke 12:48]
“Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” [James 4:17]
5. Obey Governing Authorities and Laws
“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.” [Rom. 13:1] (see also I Pet. 2:13,14)
6. Resist Tyrants and Laws that Violate Scripture [Daniel 3 & 6, and
Acts 4 & 5] See Daniel 3 & 6 and Acts 4 & 5 for examples of godly individuals who violated man’s law in order to obey and honor God.
7. Teach Our Children the Biblical Principles (including their duty to select just leaders and the Biblical principles of Liberty); we must re-establish an inter-generational perspective
“And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children…” [Deut. 6:6-7a] (Also see Deut. 4:9 and Proverbs 22:6)

How many of us really do these things? I would say very few Christians do even half of them. If we did, we would not see the degradation in the moral values of our leadership that we see today.

Take for example my home state of California. Frequent church attendance stands at just 32% (23% once a-week and 8% almost once a-week) Placing the state near the bottom in frequent church attendance. Only six states have fewer people attend church on a regular basis. This is the same state who’s legislature was the first legislative body in the country to pass a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. How exactly is this in line with the values of Christian Democrats?

I would ask my Christian brothers and sisters to consider whether they have transformed their political world view to be consistent with their Christian faith or if they have perverted their faith to conform with their political beliefs. Are you a Christian first or a Democrat first? By their every action, the Democratic Party has demonstrated that they “despise” God. Do you?

No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. Matt 6:24

Memo to GOP: More Unites Us Than Divides Us

newt & cain 628x471

According the Associated Press, “The Republican Party seems as divided, angry as ever”. And I can’t say I disagree.

Elections losses tend to bring out the worst in political parties. Finger pointing and laying blame are a regular occurrence following defeats like the one Republicans were dealt in November. And as expected, Democrats and the mainstream media are taking particular pleasure in very visible meltdown that is currently taking place in the GOP.

The GOP’s internal struggles to figure out what it wants to be were painfully exposed after Mitt Romney’s loss to President Barack Obama on Nov. 6, but they have exploded in recent days. The fallout could extend well beyond the party’s ability to win policy battles on Capitol Hill. It could hamper Republicans as they examine how to regroup and attract new voters after a disheartening election season.

I’ve been a GOP activist for almost 20 years. I’ve seen this sort of infighting before.

Some claim the Party needs to change it’s values to win. Others say we need to double down on them and become even more committed them. There are those who say we need to reconnect with our base, while others point to a need for broader communication strategies that will expand our base. And as expected, they all have a plan.

In the end, they all have good points. But they also miss one very important point: More unites us than divides us.

I just celebrated 20 years of marital bliss. And one of the most important lessons I learned early on was that my wife loved me and was ON MY TEAM.

What a novel concept! The GOP is a team. And like any team, we are going to have disagreements. The important part is how we handle those disagreements and the ones with whom we disagree. If we treat them like they are the enemy, then the focus of the argument is to win. However, if we treat them like a member of OUR TEAM, then the focus is completely different; to solve the problem.

I sit on a school board in a very liberal part of Sacramento. Recently, I was elected to be Board President. This will be my third year serving in this capacity. A conservative friend of mine once ask me how I got along with the liberals of the board. I replied “Great!”. She was surprised at this answer, until I explained that most of the choices we make are not between right or left, but between right and wrong. Upon this, we as a board could agree.

Those who follow me in social media may find this hard to believe, but I don’t walk around wearing my Republicanism on my sleeve. Neither do I go around round looking for liberal dragons to slay. Instead, I live my values and let the chips fall where they may.

From time to time those with whom I work will disagree with me; and that disagreement will sometimes be based on my conservative values. In these cases, I enthusiastically advocate for my position, while at the same time trying to keep in mind that the person with whom I disagree is on my team. Whether in community work, on the school board or in our local GOP, we have come together to reach a common goal. They (or I, depending on your perspective) are simply “The Loyal Opposition”.

In politics, we have spent so much time attacking one another that we wind up talking at each other rather than to each other. A few years ago, I advised a fellow conservative blogger to take a look at how much time he spends attacking fellow Republicans. I explained that if he was spending more time attacking Conservatives than challenging liberals on their flawed policies, then maybe he needs to rethink his priorities.

I became a Republican because the values of the GOP were consistent with my own. I got active in the Party because I wanted to see those values exemplified in our elected leaders. My experience has been that most (not all) Republicans agree with me on most (not all) of those values. I recognize that 90%, 80%, heck even 60% agreement does not make them the enemy. They are still on my team and should be treated as such.

We should work together on those things that unite us. And feel free to work separately (and respectfully) on those things we disagree on. I believe in the end, we will find that there is more that unites us than divides us.

Meg Whitman for Governor- So let me get this straight…

I truly want to keep an open mind about Meg Whitman’s candidacy for Governor. But judging by the LA Times interview published today, she is not off to a great start.

-She doesn’t know how she feels about school choice.
-She didn’t vote for Prop 187.
-She didn’t vote in the Recall.
-She “didn’t vote as often as I should, and it’s something I regret. And no good excuses for it. Wish I had. Should have.”
-She believes that Pete Wilson is “the greatest governor in memory”.
-She “praised” him for raising taxes during the 1992 budget crisis.
-And she didn’t even become a Republican until 2007.

Why exactly should I vote for her?

First, there are certain bedrock issues that California Republicans care about. Immigration is #1 amongst these issues. She will need to take a firmer stance on how she will address this issue. And not being able to articulate a position on school choice is inexcusable. As public schools continue to fail our most vulnerable students, school choice is the premiere GOP solution to addressing this crisis.

And let’s talk about not voting in the recall and not even becoming a Republican until 2007. WHAT UP WITH THAT?! A the GOP candidate for the state’s highest office, she would be our standard barer. But if she hasn’t been willing to stand until just recently, why should she be elevated to lead our party? I mean, I am all for new converts coming and getting involved in my church. But I’m not going to make them the Pastor.

I will give her half a point for her statement about Pete Wilson. Compared to Davis and our current governor, I would welcome the moderate level of conservatism he brought to Sacramento. But I am alarmed by the level of contempt that he and others who support Whitman have shown toward the more conservative wing of our party. Whitman could inadvertently be labeled as an anti-conservative simply because of the company she keeps.

I am still checking her out. But if she is going to win the support of the GOP base, she has got to do better than this.

Craig DeLuz on the Capitol Hour- The Republican Reformation

“And if by these things you are not reformed by Me, but walk contrary to Me, then I also will walk contrary to you, and I will punish you yet seven times for your sins.” Lev 26:23-24

Republican voters sent a clear message to Republican elected and candidates- start governing like Republicans or we will send you packing! So have we learned our lesson?

Is this the beginning of the Republican Reformation?

We will be talking about this and more TODAY on the Capitol Hour.

Details Below:

When: Today, November 26th

Station: KTKZ 1380AM

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TIME: 12 noon-1 pm (PST)

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Is the Religious Right wrong for the GOP?

I knew it was only a matter of time before my fellow Republicans started taking pot shots at us religious conservatives; blaming us for the outcome of this most recent election. (See Kathleen Parker: Religious right threatens Republican Party’s future)

Is it just me or wasn’t the man at the top of our ticket a guy who took great pride in the fact that he was not a member of the Christian right? And wasn’t his campaign run by folks like Steve Schmitt, who did everything possible to run their candidate as anything but a conservative Republican? Face it, this was the year of the “Moderate Republican” and they lost.

The only reason it was as close as it was, was because of the addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket. We all watched as crowds cheered, donors gave and volunteers flooded the campaign. Why were they doing this? It was because this young energetic PRO-LIFE, PRO-GUN, PRO-MARRIAGE, CONSERVATIVE woman was now on the ticket. Like her or not, Sarah Palin brought energy and excitement to this presidential election at levels her more moderate running mate could not. And had it not been for the conservative haters in the campaign undermining her at every turn, the ticket might have done even better.

But let’s be honest, considering the level of Obamania that swept the country and the media, an almost $1 billion war chest and a meltdown of the financial markets; Ronald Regan- heck, even Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have won. So, I don’t blame John McCain. But to blame religious conservatives for the state of our party is just plain wrong.

I believe that there are two primary culprits to this meltdown.

The first is Republicans not walking the talk. We claimed to be about smaller government, but the greatest expansion of government spending happened under our watch. We claim to be about family values, but we had leaders propositioning congressional pages and playing footsies in the men’s room. We claimed to be the party of “Ethics and Moral Values”, meanwhile members of our party are being run out of office (some to jail) under corruption charges. We claim to be a party who supports equality for all, but we can’t seem to find our way to some communities until we need their vote. To make a long story short, we lost because we governed like democrats.

The second culprit is the GOP infighting. Moderates blame conservatives, stating that the only way to win is to abandon our socially conservative principles and change the party platform. Then conservatives fire back, questioning the “Republicanism” of anyone who disagrees with them on anything. We become the proverbial circular firing squad shooting at each other instead of the Democrats. If we are to turn this around two things are going to have to happen. First, moderates need to stop attacking our conservative values. Conservatives make up the core to of the GOP’s base. We are the meat and potatoes, moderates are the side dish. So, stop trying to change the platform. Likewise, conservatives must realize that not everyone is going to score 100% on the conservative values test. The party platform is the measuring stick we should use when judging our candidates. But we must also keep in mind that in some cases the perfect Republican candidate will not be the perfect Republican. Believe it or not, one can be a fiscal conservative and social moderate and still be convicted of being a Republican. In the infamous words of Mr. King (Rodney that is) “Can’t we all just get along?”

However, there is a silver lining to this rather dark cloud. The best solution for the syndrome that now ails the Republican party past has always been a Democratic administration. Nothing brings combatants together like a common enemy.

Let us not forget that Jimmy Carter helped us usher in the Regan Revolution. Then there was Bill Clinton’s liberal leadership, which led to the Contract With America. The election of Barak Obama could turn out to be best thing that could have happened to the GOP. That is, if we can learn to get along, govern according to our values and take a serious look at how we plan to attract new Republican voters.

So, what will Republican need to do to attract these new voters? We need to go to where they are; to get to understand their issues; and then, effectively communicate how our common conservative values can produce societal and public policy solutions to the challenges they face.

We have a lot of heavy lifting to do to rebuild our party. And if we are to be successful, it will not be as some sort of “Democrat-Lite” Party. “All the liberal values without the annoying tax increases.” It will be because we have committed the resources necessary to build relationships with voters and have focused our message on shared values of family, opportunity and freedom as it applies to all Americans.

This Brotha has escaped the plantation!

Thank God! Someone else gets it!

Debra Bowen hosts drive by registation, but has no voter reg cards for GOP

According to the California Republican Party, Secretary of State, Debra Bowen’s office refused to fulfull their request for 20,000 voter registration cards. The excuse given was that the delayed budget caused them to run low on printed voter registration cards.

When confronted by the media, Bowen’s office denied any such shortage. Little did the folks at the CRP saved the voicemail message for them from the Secretary’s office. and it tells a very different story.

Meanwhile, Ms. Bowen has hooked up with her fellow Democrats to host a “Driveby Voter Registration” event at the Sacramento Convention Center. I guess they the shortage only applied to certain groups.

DeLuz Brothers Discuss Race And The Presidential Election

This week the Sacramento County Republican Party was in the news for having items on their website that some called racially motivated, others called stupid,sophomoric jokes. In any case, the issue has ignited a firestorm that leaves many asking “Who is really playing the race card in this year’s historic presidential election?”

David believes that the Republicans are up to their old tricks, including fear-mongering. Meanwhile Craig thinks that while some of the complaints are legitimate, the Democrats are also doing whatever they can to deflect legitimate criticism away from their candidate by declaring it all to be racist.

To tune in simply go to and click on the Listen Live Button at the top of the page.

You can even join the conversation by calling in at (347) 237-5073. We will be breaking down the upcoming election and much more. You don’t want to miss the fireworks!

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Why Values Matter- Republican appointed justices approve gay marriage

While Republican candidates and organizations send out a flurry of press releases and statements decrying last week’s California Supreme Court decision, few in the GOP have discussed the fact that three of the four judges who voted to legalize same-sex marriage were appointed by Republicans. Joyce Kennard (Deukmeijan), Kathryn Mickle (Wilson) and Chief Justice Ronald George (Wilson) joined Carlos Moreno (Davis), the only Democrat on the Supreme Court in legalizing same-sex marriage.

If there was ever an argument for supporting Real Republican candidates, it is the travesty that has been hoisted upon the voters of California by these liberal Republican Supreme Court justices. Take for example Chief Justice Ronald George. He was appointed to the Court in 1991 by Gov. Pete Wilson and has too often been on the wrong side of Republican values in his rulings.

In 1996 he and Justice Mickle were in the minority of a 4-3 decision that upheld a law requiring minors to obtain their parent’s consent before getting an abortion. A year later, Justice George would be a part of the 4-3 majority who, in an unprecedented move voted to overturn their own ruling.

It is also worth noting that the key to this reversal was the fact that Justice Armand Arabian, who voted to protect parents’ rights retired not long after the first decision. Unfortunately, he was then replaced by Justice Ming Chin, another Wilson appointee who would then vote to overturn the parental consent law passed by the legislature.

This just goes to show how schizophrenic our Republican controlled court can be when it comes to moral issues; one minute they are constitutional, the next minute they are not. Too many of their rulings have been textbook examples of liberal judicial activism. AND THESE ARE REPUBLICAN APPOINTEES!!!!

I would hate to see what the court would be like with a bunch of Democrat appoints. Of course, with Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

Memo to Republicans: If we elect Real Republicans, we will get Real Justices and Real Justice!

Will the Real Republicans Please Stand Up?

Sacramento Republican Activists Launch Effort to Support the Republican Wing of the Republican Party

(Sacramento) – Limited government, lower taxes and family values are just a few things that voters usually associate with the Republican Party. But recently, elected Republican officials have been actively taking positions against these bedrock Republican values and have supported efforts to increase minimum wage, driving up unemployment; proposed a tax increase on homeowners to pay for fire protection that they are already paying for; and fighting against an effort to protect the definition of marriage, as between a man and a women. Some say you can hardly tell the Republicans from the Democrats these days.

This has caused, a group of Republican Party activists in Sacramento to launch an effort to take back their Republican Party. Today, Support the Platform (STP) officially announced their slate of candidates for the Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee, along with their plans to help Real Republicans get elected. “Our goal is to make sure that we elect Republican candidates to office who actually support Republican values”, declared Craig DeLuz, Chairman of STP. “Our values are outlined in our Republican Party platform. And if you want to represent Republicans in office, we believe you should support Republican principles.”

The Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee (SCRP) is the official arm of the Republican Party in Sacramento County. Thirty-one of the Committee’s 44 members are elected by Republican voters in Sacramento County and run by Supervisorial District. The other 13 are positions held by Republican elected officials or party nominees for various partisan offices. “For too long we have allowed our Party to be controlled by people who are hostile to what we as Republicans stand for,” exclaimed Mali Currington, a candidate for the Ninth Assembly District in Sacramento, “I for one am glad to see Real Republicans standing up to be counted.”

STP’s efforts will start with the upcoming June primary where efforts are under way to elect their slate of candidates to the GOP Central Committee. Additionally, they are asking other Republican candidates to sign the “STP Pledge” declaring their commitment to support Republican values as outlined in the California Republican Party Platform. They also have launched a website to provide readers with up to date news and information on Republicans running for office in Sacramento County and where they stand on the issues important to Republican voters.

According to DeLuz, “We will be on the radio, on the web and in Republicans’ mailboxes letting them know there are still Republicans out there who believe in the values that make this Nation great.”

Should Republicans compromise their values in order to win? A lesson from the Compromise of 1877…

There are many in the Republican Party who claim that the only way we can win is by changing our positions on some of the more controversial issues. Specifically, they would like to see us eliminate our Party’s opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage, as is outlined in our party platform.

It is for these folks that I offer this brief history lesson, outlining what happens when we compromise what we knew to be right in order to win an election. It was Republican’s agreement to the Compromise of 1877 eventually ended reconstruction and ushered in 100 years of Jim Crowe and oppression of blacks, all so we could have a Republican in the white house .

Here was the agreement- The 1876 presidential election ended with no clear winner. So, Democrats agreed to accept the Republican presidential electors (thus assuring that Rutherford B. Hayes would become the next president), provided the Republicans would agree to the following:

To withdraw federal soldiers from their remaining positions in the South
• To enact federal legislation that would spur industrialization in the South
• To appoint Democrats to patronage positions in the South
• To appoint a Democrat to the president’s cabinet

Once the parties had agreed to these terms, the Electoral Commission performed its duty. The Hayes’ electors were selected and Hayes was named president two days before the inauguration.

This deal effectively ended reconstruction. As it died, Republicans and Democrats made promises that the civil rights of all Southerners would be respected. And for a few years this was the case.

However, by the 1880s it was clear that the northern troops would never return. Thus, as the threat faded, Democrat officials were less likely to investigate and convict those implicated in voter intimidation, making Democratic victories even more lopsided as black voter participation (the most important Republican in the south at the time) began to decline.

Then, by the 1890s, the “redeemer governments” began to segregate facilities by race and the lynching of blacks began to accelerate greatly and soon more blacks than whites were being killed without the benefit of a trial. The final “approval” of the redeemer governments came in 1898 when the Plessy v. Ferguson decision legalized segregation with the famous phrase, “seperate but equal.”

With that victory segregationists accelerated the separation of the races and soon did not even bother to worry about the “equal” part. Also in the 1890s, the great denial of civil rights to Southern blacks became commonplace as poll taxes, literacy tests and intimidation effectively ended the practice of voting by Southern blacks.

This 19th century version of “postpartisanship” would in the end, ruin our nation and our party for the next 100 years; all because of our willingness to sell out our values, simply to win an election.

Huckabee: More of Miracle Guy

Just a bit of GOP humor I thought you would appreciate.

Nunez says what California Republicans Can’t- “Post-partisanship?” Pfft…

If there was ever any doubt that Post-Partisanship meant anything other than doing what Democrats want; California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez has officially put that to idea rest.

The San Jose Mercury News has a story today in which the Speaker made it clear that it was the Democrat agenda not a bi-partisan agenda that got advanced last year.

Nuñez also commented skeptically about Schwarzenegger’s newfound advocacy for what the governor calls “post-partisan” politics. While in Washington, Schwarzenegger repeated the phrase he coined earlier this year, referring to himself as a governor who accepts ideas from all sides.

“What he’s talking about sounds good theoretically. I think in practical terms the way I read it is it’s just semantics. Post-partisanship — what does that mean? I don’t know. It’s some word he made up,” Nuñez said.

“But I think he has a claim, in some ways, to that new term because last year we got a lot of things done. But you know we did it because we reached across the party aisle . . . Remember, everything we got done were Democratic issues.”

I was really hoping that some Republican in DC would speak up and say something about this, but it was a Democrat who finally spoke up. Maybe Speaker Nunez is tired of the Governor getting all the credit for the all that got done last year.

Could it be that he wants credit for getting a Republican Governor to go along with his agenda?

Time for a Sharp Stick in the Eye…

When a fellow Republican is attacked by liberals, I am usually the first to give them the benefit of the doubt, pending the facts. But it appears that might be alone in that practice.

Fellow Sacramento area Blogger Jason Daniel has chosen to join local liberal media and a political adversary of mine to take a swipe at yours truly.

At his website The Eyes of Argus Daniel writes:

Sacramento City Council will create an ethics commission for investigating campaign money violations because Election Loser Craig DeLuz blew campaign money on a silly rug and cross country trips

His comments are based on a Sacramento Bee article published last week regarding the City of Sacramento’s Campaign Matching Funds Program. The article reported the following:

The one candidate to receive matching funding, Craig DeLuz, ran against Sheedy in 2004 and collected nearly $17,000 in city funds.

A 2005 audit discovered that DeLuz used his campaign funds to fly to Washington, D.C., Chicago and San Francisco and purchase a rug for his office. Receipts were sometimes handwritten.

DeLuz defended his expenditures, saying it was necessary to raise money from people living outside the city in a tough fight against an incumbent.

DeLuz didn’t violate the ordinance as written, the audit found.

Now I first commented on these false allegations when they first surfaced back in September 2005 in my post “What a ‘Sheedy’ Thing to Do!” where I wrote the following:

First of all, the total amount for the items mentioned above was a little over $725. $286 went for a stay at the State GOP Convention and $321 was for a fundraising trip to Washington DC (with a two hour layover in Chicago.) That makes a grand total $607 in travel expenses on two fundraising trips.

And as for the $126 spent on a rug; we had a space for volunteer operations donated to the campaign for the final three months. The storefront location consisted of bare walls and a dusty concrete floor. But we were grateful to have it. So in order to make the place a little more pleasant for volunteers, we purchased a large roll of carpet remnant to roll out on the floor to cover the bare concrete floor and keep the dust from flying around.

I shared this information with the reporter who covered this issue back in 2005 and yet she repeated the same false statement in last week’s article. But as much as that bugs me; what really upsets me is when a guy like this jumps on the liberal’s bandwagon and attacks a fellow Republican without getting all the facts. It especially gets my goat that he could have easily contacted me and ask me what was up.

Before posting this piece, I attempted to contact Jason via the email address on his website and got no response. I wanted to speak with him to clarify what was going on and give him an opportunity to publish the whole truth. Unfortunately, four days later I have heard nothing. But it took him less that 24 hours to slander my name. I now know where his priorities lie.

It is this sort of irresponsibility that gives bloggers a bad name. It is why we have such a difficult time being taken seriously by the Main Stream Media. In the past I have enjoyed his incite on local issues affecting Elk Grove. But I now have to question the accuracy of what he writes along with his motivation for writing it. I no longer can count on him as a credible source of information. That’s really too bad!

UPDATE 2/28/2007
Hours after this post went up, I recieved an email from Mr. Daniel apoligizing for not getting back to me sooner. Unlike most of us bloggers, he actually has a life… go figure!
In his email he stated the following about his comments:
I have not checked but I hope that you do post a responce. I would have to check into it a bit before I retract anything. Besides I’m not sure how I added on to a sac bee hatchet job. I just posted a link and you happen to be connected to the topic. I don’t blog on you much. And I’m not sure what your buying a rug for your campaign head quarters amounted to your questioning my conservatism. I would think that me not being to hip to you buying a rug (when we all know that you got matching city money to run) with campaign money, would be considered a Conservative position. I don’t really read you blog because you tend to blog on state and national issues so I did not read your defense posting.

I did not remove any benefit of doubt to your spending. The real issue is the fact that you made some decisions with the money that seem to be questionable. it stands to reason that if its an issue 2 years later, you might have to ease up on defending yourself and agree that it did raise eyebrows.

I will take more time to read your position when i get the chance this weekend.

I would say that if you would like to write an opinion piece on the issue of this campaign reform movement i would post it for a day as a guest piece. Let me know what you think.

I will contact you next week.

And to his credit he didn’t even wait until next week, but followed up the same evening with the following:

Well, I just saw your blog posting. Bravo. Thanks for lighting me up. fair is fair. The offer to write a post for Argus is still on the table.

Good stuff though! If you think that MY creditability is in question, I would give it a litte more time and thought. I would’nt get so caught up with your Battle against liberals that you hit everybody with your vitriol. Maybe the point of my mention of you is that I think that your actions might have been a little irresponsible? Not anything to do with my turning to the liberal dark side. LOL!!

Fair enough Jason! All is good!

The New Underground Railroad is looking for conductors

The New Underground Railroad started as the result of numerous conversations that have taken place with Black leaders from across the country. It was started with the goal of
dispelling the Myth that Blacks are incapable of being success without government programs. It will expose the Democrat Party’s legacy of bigotry and hatred.

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Bipartisanship means working with Republicans too!

By definition “Bipartisanship” includes two parties. But despite all the talk of willingness to work together to solve California’s problems, recent history has proven that the Democrat’s definition of “Bipartisanship” is doing exactly what they want.

Sacramento Bee Columnist, Dan Walters puts it best when he writes:

The Republican governor’s deals with Democratic legislators were on issues that they held dear — such as global warming, borrowing more money for public works and raising the minimum wage — and anything broadly controversial — such as building more reservoirs — was bypassed because he was eager to build a re-election record.

No conservative issues, such as reducing business regulation or reforming public employee pensions, were allowed on the table, and Republican lawmakers were largely excluded from the process. Thus, what happened in 2006 was scarcely a model of bipartisan policymaking, much less the “post-partisanship” that the governor now embraces.

So in looking to this new legislative year one can expect one of two scenarios. Either bipartisanship will continue to be the “Republican Governor” working with Democrat legislators to implement Democrat ideas. Or because re-election is behind him, the governor will work to include legislative Republicans and their ideas in the debate about how to fix California.

Only time will tell. But I’m hoping it’s the later. Walters does not seem so optimistic.

The enduring message from that experience isn’t that California is entering a new, golden era of centrist and cooperative politics, but that Schwarzenegger may be able to extend his record only if he deals with matters that the Democrats value, such as increasing health coverage.

Were Schwarzenegger to expand his horizons and approach the broader array of knotty issues facing the state, not merely those favored by Democrats, he would not only have to overcome the realpolitik dynamics of the Capitol but overcome the divisions within California itself that flow from its incredible socioeconomic complexity.

LA Times Plays the Race Card. But It’s not going to work!

In a feeble effort to portray Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a racist, the Los Angles Times released an excerpt from a tape that was recorded during a private meeting.

(Click Here to Listen to the tape)

The LA Times goes on to detail the closed door conversation:

They move on to Garcia, a Cathedral City lawmaker who is the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants. On her website, Garcia is described as “born on the Lower East Side of New York to teen parents.”

“Bonnie Garcia is great,” Kennedy says on the recording. “She’s a ball-buster. She’s great. Is she Puerto Rican?”

“She seems to me like Cuban,” Schwarzenegger says.

“She’s not Mexican,” Kennedy replies.

“No,” the governor agrees.

“But she said something,” Kennedy says, “and I thought, I thought she was Puerto Rican.”

Then Schwarzenegger offers a theory.

“She maybe is Puerto Rican or the same thing as Cuban. I mean, they are all very hot. They have the, you know, part of the black blood in them and part of the Latino blood in them that together makes it.”

My first question is how did they get this tape? Who was recording it? Well it appears that from time to time the governor records some of his meetings so that his speech writers can capture his speech patterns and language styles on policy issues. So, he does not record all of his conversations. But this was clearly meant for internal use and must have been leaked by someone inside the administration.

My second question is what are people supposed to be so offended about? Are Latinos and Blacks supposed to be up in arms because the governor said we are hot? I AM HOT!!! And so is Assemblywoman Garcia!

I’ll tell you what does offend me though… The fact that the liberals like the LA Times and gubenatorial candidate Phil Angelides would think so little of Blacks and Latinos to believe that such trivial garbage is all that we care about.

Even the most liberal of liberal Blacks aren’t falling for this one. In a statement released by Dr Amos Brown, the President of the San Francisco NAACP he stated:

Anyone who knows the Governor as I do shares my deep offense to Mr. Angelides’ calculated political attack on the Governor today.

“Mr. Angelides’ record of divisive and partisan politics stands in sharp contrast to this Governor’s leadership and commitment to all communities.”

While I do not agree with the governor on everything, he has done more to empower people of color within his administration and in the community than any of his recent predicesors. He has appointed more people of color (Blacks and Latinos in particular) than Gray Davis ever did. And unlike Davis, he has actually given them the authority necessary to do their jobs.

But you won’t see the Times reporting on that; because it actually portrays a Republican in a good light. Not media bias here, eh?

Support the Platform Declares Victory!

Well the 2006 primary election is behind us. And here in Sacramento County, those who support the state and national platforms of the Republican Party were overwhelmingly successful.

Of the 16 candidates for the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee who participated in the Support the Platform Slate, 12 were elected. That is a success rate of 75%. WOW!!!!

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Fight the Republican Evolution!

Vote for “The Support The Platform Slate”!


Support The Republican Wing of the Republican Party!

In recent times, it has become evident that not all in our party agree with these values. And these individuals have, over time, systematically worked themselves into positions of leadership within our party, while at the same time sought to subvert these core principles and those who do support them.

We with the “Support The Platform” Slate have come to the realization that the time has come for us to stand up for the principles upon which this nation and our party were founded

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Republicans issue details on “Pay As You Go” Infrastructure Proposal

As the California Legislature begins to discuss the details of the The Governor’s Infratstructure Bond, Assembly Republicans are putting forth the details on their own plan to meet California’s many infrastructure needs.

They believe their “Pay as You Go” plan will allow us to “Build More, Build Now and Spend Less”

The Assembly Republican Caucus issued the following press release this afternoon:


Proposals Will Enable California to Build More, Build Now, and Spend Less

SACRAMENTO – Building on their commitment to address California’s infrastructure challenges, Assembly Republicans today unveiled a package of common-sense reform legislation that will enable California to build more, build now, and spend less.

“These reforms provide the tools we need to get the job done,” said Assembly Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, of Bakersfield. “Republicans believe we must adopt the reforms needed to build a stronger California. Our proposals will stretch infrastructure dollars to the fullest, and eliminate the roadblocks that have hindered vital projects for far too long.”

The following reform proposals have been introduced recently by Assembly Republicans:

A Fiscally Responsible Way to Pay for Infrastructure Spending

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 27, by Assemblyman McCarthy, institutes a “pay as you go” approach for infrastructure, setting aside a portion of the state budget each year for critical projects like highways, levees, and water delivery systems – without raising taxes or incurring billions of dollars in unnecessary interest payments.

Protecting Proposition 42 Transportation Funds

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 4, by Assemblyman George Plescia, R-San Diego, eliminates the ability of the Legislature and the governor to raid gas tax revenue, protecting funding for streets and highways just as the voters demanded when they passed Proposition 42.

Assembly Bill 2028, by Assemblyman Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar, states the intent of the Legislature to fully restore all funds in the 2007-08 budget that have been diverted from Proposition 42 projects in recent years.

Utilizing Design-Build Methods in Transportation Projects

Assembly Bill 2025, by Assemblyman Roger Niello, R-Sacramento, authorizes the California Department of Transportation to utilize design-build methods when building transportation projects across California. With design-build projects, one single entity designs and constructs the project, reducing administrative costs, increasing flexibility and innovation in design and construction, while improving accountability.

Allowing School Districts to Invest More in the Classroom

Assembly Bill 2024, by Assemblyman John J. Benoit, R-Palm Desert, repeals Senate Bill 1419 of 2002, which makes it impossible for school and community college districts to save money through public-private partnerships. Under the proposal, local districts would be able to contract out for non-instructional services like bus transportation, facilities maintenance and cafeteria service – allowing them to invest more in the classroom.

Granting the Governor Additional Powers for Flood Emergencies

Assembly Bill 2029, by Assemblyman Mike Villines, R-Clovis, gives the governor the authority to declare a state of emergency when federal or state flood control officials proclaim an area of the state is in danger of an imminent levee breach or flood threat.

Preserving Our Environment While Protecting Health and Safety

Assembly Bill 2026, by Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian, R-Stockton, requires state officials to reexamine the standards for maintenance and operation of levees in the state, giving the highest consideration to protecting the health and safety of Californians, while respecting environmental protections.

Assembly Bill 2027, by Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa, R-Richvale, eliminates a key hurdle for stronger flood control efforts by suspending the requirement that “no net loss” of wildlife habitat may take place due to such projects

Craig DeLuz

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Are Republicans sinking their own Ship?

Over the weekend California Republican Party leadership and activists met to discuss (among other things) whether or not to revoke the Party’s endorsement of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who is seeking re-election this year. But the sad fact is that no matter what they decide, we (the GOP) will end up looking stupid.

The CRP broke with a long standing tradition of not endorsing in GOP primaries when it voted to endorse the re-election of Governor Schwarzenegger more than a year before the campaign was to begin. Many warned against doing such, pointing out that there is no way to know what may happen in the next year that could impact the election. But there are those in our party who believe that winning is more important than sticking to our principles.

As those who champion victory over values gain traction in the Republican Party, this lose-lose scenario that now faces our party will prove to be the tip of the iceberg.

My buddy Eric Hogue articulated their argument best in a recent blog post:

I’d love to be able to say that a 100% conservative candidate can win a statewide election in California, but it is just not true. This state is 35% social liberals, and 35% social moderate…conservatives ‘might’ have a voting base 30% – maybe.

Eric goes on to point out that State Senator Tom McKlintock couldn’t win in his 2000 race for state controller because he is too conservative and could not raise enough money. But Eric ignores the fact that Tom got more votes than any other statewide GOP candidate that year; including President Bush who’s campaign was headed by libersal GOPer’s like Gerald Parskey. In addition, McKlintock came within a few thousand votes of winning despite getting no financial support from the party.

That’s right buddy… it is moderates like the New Majority and the business community who now control the purse strings in the GOP that are most responsible for the narrow defeats of conservative candidates and causes. These are the folks who refused to put one cent into the campaign of a man who could have been the only Republican elected to statewide office in California; those like RINO rising star, Seve Poizner who instead of supporting a conservative Republican, gave money to Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry. These are the same folks who refused to support a common sense initiative like Prop. 73 and left it to languish with only $250,000 to run a statewide media campaign.

I have stated numerous times that conservatives and moderates have to learn to get along if we are to win in California. In June, we will hold a primary election to determine what candidates will represent our party in the November general election. And who ever that candidate is; Moderate or Conservative we should support them…. as long as they can be convicted of being a Republican.

However, the inference by many in our party is that conservatives must support moderates, but, moderates do not have to support conservatives. And that we conservatives are supposed to sit down and shut up while liberals, calling themselves conservatives support policies that undermine the very core of our conservative values. I DON’T THINK SO!

Anyone who would sell out their principles in order to obtain power will eventually go even further to maintain that power. Thus, conservatives not only have a right, but a responsibility to stand up and speak out. As the conscience of the GOP, we must stand firm in supporting the principles upon which our party and our nation were founded.

Unfortunately though, removing the endorsement of the Governor won’t fix the mess that has been created by liberal republicans and “sell out for a win” conservatives. While it would serve as a nice moral victory, it would in fact hand the Governor’s office over to the most liberal, tax and spend, anti-God factions of our state. No matter how conservatives may feel about he current administration, this nightmare scenario should frighten them into rethinking their strategy.

Actually, Eric does offer a much better approach:

If you’re mad at Arnold, then the GOP should release (in writing) its determined platform, and its criticisms of the governor’s new direction – not the governor. Offer a press brigade against his direction, but don’t remove the endorsement and offer another candidate, it will kill the party for the future.
If we want the Gov to STOP nominating liberal, Democrat judges, state such. If we want him to remove Susan Kennedy, state such as a party. If we are upset over the increase in borrowing and the hike in minimum wage rates, state such AS A PARTY…LOUDLY…
I would encourage the CRP and the Governor’s campaign to wake up to the reality that they cannot win without conservatives. And whether they want to believe it or not, many conservative voters will stay home if they believe that their choices boil down to a liberal with a “D” after his name versus a liberal with an “R” after his name.

Craig DeLuz

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California Republican Assembly Members Urge UC to Divest from Sudan

A group of students called the UC Sudan Divestment Taskforce contacted the office of California Assemblyman Tim Leslie in an effort to get legislative support from Assemblyman Leslie, who happens to be the Vice-Chairman of the Assembly Higher Education Committee. Not only did the assemblyman write a letter in support of their effort, but he also got the majority of the Assembly Republican Caucus to sign onto the letter as well.

These students were pleasantly surprised that Republicans would be so supportive of their efforts. We let them know that California Assembly Republicans have been trying to get the state to divest from Sudan for years only to have many of their efforts thwarted by Democrats, because it wasn’t their idea.

Leslie’s office sent out the following press release this afternoon.


(SACRAMENTO) – Assembly Republicans, led by Assemblyman Tim Leslie (R-Tahoe City) are encouraging the UC Regents to adopt an investment policy which includes a policy of substantive divestment from Sudan. The UC Board of Regents will be meeting tomorrow (Thursday, January 19th) to decide whether or not to adopt such a policy.

“What is taking place in Darfur, Sudan is nothing short of government sponsored genocide!” declared Leslie, who serves as Vice-Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, “By divesting from the Sudan, we are sending a clear message that California will not tolerate the cruel practices of this oppressive government.

This is not a new position for California legislative Republicans. Assemblyman Ray Haynes (R-Murrieta) has for years advocated for divestment from the Sudan. “It is simply the right thing to do”, he exclaims, “Genocide and religious tyranny cannot be ignored, let alone condoned.”

In a letter signed by 14 Republican Assembly members, they point out to the UC Regents that over 400,000 Darfurians have been murdered, over 2.5 million have been displaced, and nearly 70% of Darfur’s villages have been razed. Their letter goes on to state, “The government’s systematic policies of rape and denial of humanitarian aid serve as gruesomely effective adjunct tools in this genocidal campaign.”

Back in November 2005 the UC’s Committee on Investments voted unanimously to recommend that the Full Board of Regents adopt an investment policy which would include substantive divestment from the Sudan. Assembly Republicans are confident that the UC Regents full board will follow suit.

Leslie Added, “California’s movement on this issue is paramount to raising broader awareness to the atrocities occurring in this country. It is imperative that the UC take the appropriate action and vote for divestment.”

Craig DeLuz

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Should California Republicans Become “Democrat-Lite”?

Everyone has a take on why Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reform initiatives took such a beating at the poles during the recent special election. At the center of the discussion seems to be the age old debate as to how the Republican Party can attract non-traditional Republican voters and expand the party’s base.
Many Republican leaders in California are guided by the belief that the only way to win is to abandon our socially conservative principles. Others like myself, believe that it is not our principles that must change, but how we message our values and the sincerity of our efforts to work with and for those who traditionally have not voted Republican.

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman puts it best in this overlooked article in the San Francisco Chronicle back on August 7, 2005 :

“We don’t have to choose between motivating our base and bringing new faces and new voices into the party,” said GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman, who was elevated to the post after successfully managing President Bush’s 2004 re- election campaign.

“We talk about a compassionate conservative philosophy that not only unites Republicans, but attracts support among discerning Democrats and among independents.”

Meeting in this traditionally Democratic, working-class city, Republicans spent hours talking about how to reach out to new constituents: blacks, Latinos, Asians, Catholics and women.

Rather than conceal their conservative extremes, party leaders heartily embraced Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, the guest of honor, who told fellow Republicans that his traditional values message “is a good solid message for every community in America.”

As Democrats struggle with their positions on guns, gays and God in order to satisfy disparate wings of their party and lure swing voters, Republicans are promoting conservative values as a way to enhance their electoral standing.

Looking to expand what already is its strongest hold on power in nearly eight decades, the Republican Party sees its strong traditional values message, coupled with the failures of the welfare state and the Democratic Party’s rigidity, as the keys to attracting minorities and other new members.

“We’re not asking Republicans to become more liberal to lure new voters into the party,” Mehlman told the delegates.

This is the strategy that helped Republicans re-elect a President with dropping approval numbers, expand their majorities in both the House and the Senate, as well as increase the number of Republican governors across the country.

The discussion about the party’s future came at a time of historic strength for Republicans.

The GOP has more seats in Congress than at any time since 1929, when Herbert Hoover was president. Republicans hold the governor’s seat in 28 states, including the nation’s four largest. And for the first time since pollsters began asking party affiliations, roughly the same number of people identify themselves as Republicans as Democrats.

In Pennsylvania this strategy has resulted in the election of Senator Rick Santorum, who has been one of the most consistent conservative voices in the upper house. It has also been a key influence in the candidacy of former NFL great Lynn Swan for Governor of this swing state.

In Ohio, it is conservative messaging to broad audiences that helped Republicans pass a constitutional amendment to protect marriage, elect a Black Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, who is also the leading candidate for Governor in the 2006 election. An let us not forget that it was Ohio that was the key win that put President Bush over the top in his re-election bid.

The fact is, conservative values reach across racial and cultural lines. It transcends socio-economic status and even political parties. And the reason we are having problems expanding our base here in California is because party leadership has decided that conservatism won’t work here.

Santorum’s politics are not popular with all Republicans, particularly in more socially moderate states such as California.

Duf Sundheim, chairman of the California Republican Party, acknowledged that Santorum’s brand of conservatism differs from his own. At the same time, he said Santorum’s prominence has no effect in California.

“Our fortunes between now and ’06 are more tied to (Republican) Gov. (Arnold) Schwarzenegger than any external factor,” Sundheim said.

Unfortunately, what Sundheim doesn’t understand is that our success at the ballot box will not be determined by “Star Power” . It is not the popularity of Senator Santorum or Governor Schwarzenegger that will determine our part’s success, but it is our values, how we communicate them and how we translate them into public policy that will be the key to winning at the ballot box.

One only need look at the special election to realize that basing our strategy on the popularity of any one man is a bad idea. I wrote in a recent post “Are Conservatives to Blame?”

From the very beginning, Republicans and Democrats made it clear that this election was a referendum on Governor Schwarzenegger. Republicans were hoping to ride popularity and “star power” to victory, just as they had in the 2003 Recall and the 2004 elections. Democrats on the other hand used it as an opportunity to get away from discussing the actual merits of the Governor’s reforms and instead make his personal integrity the issue. Needless to say the Democrat’s plan was much more effective.

Those of us who have been working in the grass roots trying to expand the base of the Republican Party understand that it will take more than a high profile media campaign to expand our party.

“I don’t go into the community with a big ‘R’ on my chest, because the door will be slammed in my face,” said David Morgan, president of the California Black Republican Council. Instead, Morgan described a GOP event with hip-hop music and free hot dogs and hamburgers, in which he registered 40 new African American voters.

Pam Olsen, a Florida pastor, said she resisted telling her congregants “vote for George W. Bush.” But she felt comfortable telling them that “God is pro-life,” and said she saw many black pastors get involved in helping Bush because of their opposition to same-sex marriage.

What is attracting these new Republican voters is the willingness of Republicans to come to where they are; understand their issues; and communicate how our common conservative values can produce societal and public policy solutions to the challenges they face.

We have a lot of heavy lifting to do to expand our party here in California. And if we are to be successful, it will not be as some sort of “Democrat-Lite” party. “All the liberal values without the annoying tax increases.” It will be because we have committed the resources necessary to build relationships with diverse voters and have focused our message on shared values of family, opportunity and freedom as it applies to all Californians.

Craig DeLuz

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