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In Case You Missed it:Activist twins are polar opposites politically

This weekend, the Sacramento Bee did a piece on my twin brother David and I. It was a really cool article. And I’m not just saying that because it is about me!

Activist twins are polar opposites politically

Outside the Pyramid Alehouse on 10th and K streets Thursday, it was hard not to notice the dapper DeLuz twins theatrically debating the great issues of our time.

They’re both 6-foot former linebackers and passionate activists well-known in Sacramento political circles.

Though Craig is sometimes confused for David and vice versa, that’s a giant mistake. Politically, the brothers are polar opposites.

David DeLuz – born 10 minutes before Craig on June 7, 1969 – is a liberal Democrat who proudly sports an Obama-Biden button and wears a blue tie and a navy blue suit.

Craig DeLuz – a quarter-of-an-inch shorter – is a conservative Republican in jeans and a gray pattern sport coat who staunchly defends McCain-Palin.

While there are physical differences between them, it’s really when the DeLuz brothers open their mouths that it’s easiest to tell them apart.

David opposes Proposition 8, which would ban gay marriage. Craig recently showed up at American River College to support a controversial student council resolution endorsing Proposition 8.

They vehemently disagree on abortion and the Iraq war.

In recent weeks they’ve heckled each other at a Black Political Forum in North Sacramento and an NAACP voter education rally at the state Capitol.

They also go at it on local radio and their blog: http://deluzbrothers.

“It’s just now getting to the point where people realize there are actually two of us,” David said. “I lost a politically connected position because they thought I was him.”

Craig said he lost a job when his potential employer found out he was the right-leaning DeLuz.

David, who was president of the Sacramento branch of the NAACP from 2002-2005, is an administrator with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation “focused on offender re-entry.”

Craig is Capitol director for Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries, R-Lake Elsinore.

Despite their differences, David managed Craig’s 2000 campaign for Sacramento City Council (he lost to Sandy Sheedy).

“Our goal is the same, to have an engaged community that provides opportunities for everyone,” David said.

The twins haven’t bet on the presidential race “because David won’t give me enough points,” Craig said.

Craig predicts that “an Obama presidency and a Democratic Congress will be one of the best advertising tools for the Republican Party” because they’ll tax and spend Americans into oblivion.

Obama epitomizes style over substance, Craig said. “McCain is not the most attractive or the best speaker, but he’s challenging the administration and trying to find common ground, compared to a guy taking the easy route and saying whatever people want to hear.”

David fires back: “Your depiction of Barack Obama is way over the top. His record demonstrates a willingness to try new ideas. He’s right where we need to be. It’s about creating a middle class that can be a consumer class.”

The twins – born to an Italian American mother and an African American father in Richmond – were adopted by a black couple, John and Elevera DeLuz.

John Deluz, who grew up in Newport, R.I., the son of a Cape Verdian immigrant, joined the Air Force during World War II and was trained as an electrician.

But he couldn’t get a job in Oakland because the electricians union discriminated against blacks. So he wound up taking a job washing cars and later became a warehouse supervisor for Safeway.

“He’d say, ‘You’re just as good as anybody, but you’re no better than anybody, and you’re going to have to work twice as hard to get half as far as the average white boy,’ ” David said.

Both parents were dedicated Democrats.

The twins played football for DeAnza High in Richmond. Craig was nicknamed ” ‘Duke,’ for John Wayne, because I walked like a cowboy and was ready to draw down on anybody.”

“The one thing you did not want to do was mess with one of the DeLuz brothers because if you got in a fight with one of us you had three to five minutes before the other showed up,” Craig said.

Craig went to Chico State, where he became the first African American elected president of the student government. He began listening to Rush Limbaugh but didn’t become a Republican until after his son was born in April 1995.

That day, he realized $2,500 of his first big commission check for signing up members for the California Chamber of Commerce was being taken in taxes. “I said this is outrageous!”

Meanwhile, David attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and in 1988 was inspired by Jesse Jackson – the first black man to make a serious run for president.

“There have been a lot of heated arguments,” David said. “We argued a lot over Bill Clinton and morality in public service. Craig has the nerve to question the morals and ethics of Democrats in general – because we support abortion and gay rights, we are somehow morally inferior to the Republicans.”

“We argue about everything,” Craig said. “He’s a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan. I belong to Kappa Alpha Psi and he belongs to Phi Beta Sigma,” rival black fraternities.

Their mother, who disliked George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and loved Bill Clinton, “gave Craig a hard time until the day she died,” David said.

Inside the Pyramid Alehouse on Thursday, after the brothers fought over the last chicken wing, Craig declared his love for Sarah Palin.

“She’s got a reputation for taking on corruption and implementing fiscal conservatism. She took on the people who ran as Republicans and were spending like drunken liberals and booted them out.”

“Are you kidding me?” David responded. “That woman is clearly unqualified to serve as president.”

Craig contended: “Obama doesn’t say what change he’s about.”

David countered: “He’s definitely going to turn away from the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war and rely more on diplomacy, and he’s going to support working families rather than CEOs and big corporations.”

Jacques Whitfield, who worked with both brothers at the old Grant Joint Union High District where he served as general counsel from 1997 until earlier this year, says “they’re both very good at speaking up for their constituencies.”

Whitfield, now a management consultant, leans left, “but I respect Craig’s courage to stand up for what he believes in as an archconservative, even in this Democratic town where much of the agenda is progressive.”

Whitfield said Craig is a true believer and “interestingly enough, so is David. At the end of the day I love them both.”

Craig has gotten to know some prominent conservatives, such as…

White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow

Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman

Pennsylvania Gubernatorial candidate and NFL Hall of Famer, Lynn Swan

Syndicated Talk Show Host and Author, Hugh Hewitt

Pro-Family Activist, Jerry Fallwell

Craig DeLuz joins the Gallery of Hope…

I have been a regular blood donor for over 15 years. It’s not something that I really talk about or have ever made a big deal over. I just always thought it was an easy way to help people and get some orange juice and cookies in the process.
Well, I have been honored by our local blood bank BloodSource to be a part of their Gallery of Hope.

As described on their website:

The exhibit is the culmination of nearly two years of creative work. Twenty-two, 26”x 36” framed, black and white photographs capture life in the faces of the subjects, people who give blood and people who have received blood.
“Through this project the BloodSource brand has evolved. The images – pictures that tell incredible stories through smiles and through the eyes of people – are found on walls at BloodSource blood centers, used in brochures and publications, in public service announcements, and even in larger-than-life format on the exterior of BloodSource bloodmobiles,” said Leslie Botos, Vice President, Public Affairs at BloodSource. “When we started with this project we never dreamed that it would truly tell the BloodSource story.”
The coolest part of this experience is the fact that my picture has been put on one of their mobile blood donation buses. Pretty cool huh?

DeLuz kids promote Volunteerism with California’s First Lady

I was doing some research for a work related project dealing with non-profit organizations in California and came across this picture at the website for California Volunteers. It is a picture of my daughter (Jazmine) and her brother (Craig) with Maria Shriver at the grand opening of the California Hall is fame. (Click Here to see the video)

I also found it interesting that the same picture can be seen when you go to the First Lady’s website. I’ll have to admit that it is kind of cool to see my kids out there promoting volunteerism with the First Lady and the Governor. But I have to lament that I have yet to get the same sort of access to this administration.

I have asked Craig and Jazmine to see if they could hook me up with the Governor and they have told me to have my people call their people. I thought I was their people! 🙂

Rally Addresses Upcoming Election

It is rare that a Republican urges the overthrowing of the government, but Craig DeLuz did just that recently when he spoke during a voter awareness drive hosted by the Sacramento NAACP.

Voting is a form of non-violent revolution, said DeLuz, former chairman of the California Black Republican Council and brother of former chapter president David DeLuz.

“You can overthrow the government,” he said. “If you’re not doing your job, we will vote you out.”

(Click Here for More)

Craig DeLuz Applauded by Governor Schwarzenegger

That’s right!!!! CRAIG DELUZ, jr. was applauded by Governor Schwarzenegger and the First Lady Maria Shriver last week as he held up a photo honoring former President Ronald Regan, who was being inducted into the brand new California Hall of fame. THAT’S MY BOY!!!!!!

The caption from Yahoo News read as follows:

Calif., Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, left, and his wife, first lady Maria Shriver, applaud as Craig DeLuz, 11, displays a photograph of former President Ronald Reagan one of a dozen Californians to be inducted in the newly created California Hall Of Fame, in Sacramento, Calif., Monday, July 31, 2006. The hall of fame, to be opened this December, will be located in the California Museum of History, Women and the Arts and is intended to celebrate the achievements of Californians in the arts, education, business, labor science, sports, philanthropy and public service. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

While I am truly proud of my boy, I do have to lodge one small compliant. How is it that my son, who isn’t even old enough to vote has met the Governor; and my brother, a life-long Democrat and liberal activist has not only met him, but works for him; but I, a longtime Republican activist and loyal Republican voter has not met him?

I guess life just isn’t fair…

Maybe my son can get me a hook up…

Standing in the GAP

One of the most exciting and inspirational events I have ever had the privilege of participating in took place a couple of weeks ago. The Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) is designed to spur discussion about the tragedy of abortion came to UC Davis. And I was blessed to be on hand to minister to and talk with UC Davis faculty, staff and students.

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform sponsors The Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) which is:

… a traveling photo-mural exhibit which compares the contemporary genocide of abortion to historically recognized forms of genocide. It visits university campuses around the country to show as many students as possible what abortion actually does to unborn children and get them to think about abortion in a broader historical context.

I know what you are thinking… “Oh great!!! Another Christian, right-wing whacko carrying around disgusting abortion pictures making us ‘Sensitive’ Pro-lifers look bad!” Well nothing could be further from the truth. Those who organize the GAP make every effort to create a positive atmosphere for discussion and dialogue.

It is our policy to treat everyone who approaches the GAP display with respect. We do not yell or use amplified sound. CBR holds staff and volunteers to strict rules of engagement. We know that the images we display are not pleasant. They represent an injustice of such magnitude that words alone fail us. Until injustice is recognized, however, it cannot be eradicated. We place our images in the public square because it is the last mass-media venue available to us. For all the people who will not take the time to be educated about abortion themselves, we bring the education to them.

As a matter of fact, every volunteer must sign a code of conduct before being allowed to participate in the project. It stated that we were not allowed to shout at people or force them to look at the photos. We also were not allowed to bring up religion, unless asked specific questions relating to the topic. But I will tell you, there was plenty of discussion and almost all of it was positive.

There were several people who came by simply to share their disgust at the pictorial. My question to them was, “Are you disgusted that these atrocities were taking place or that we are showing them to you?” And almost always they were upset that we were showing them the abortion pictures.

The reality is that abortion advocates and the mainstream media have done thier best to sanitize the issue of abortion. For example, they call the unborn child a “fetus” in order to dehumanize it. It is funny how they will show you all kinds of gore and violence on TV and then get upset when you show them actual pictures of babies that have been aborted.

One of the pictorials showed the picture of a child who was born prematurely (24 weeks) next to a child that had been aborted during that same stage of the pregnancy (24 weeks). The only difference between the two was that one was wanted by their mother and the other was not. The caption of that one was “The Insanity of Choice!”

I made it a point to share that while I realized that these pictures were upsetting, we were not responsible for what was in them. These photos displayed the reality of abortion… A reality that Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry don’t want people to know about.

It was amazing how misinformed many of the folks I spoke with were. One student could not believe that abortion was legal past the first trimester. And when I shared how partial-birth abortions are performed, many of the abortion supporters even had to agree to that it was a barbaric procedure.

And then there were those who were simply in utter denial. One onlooker admitted that he believed a parent’s right to choose should even extend to after the child was born. Another, when confronted with statistics demonstrating the disproportionate number of abortions performed in the Black community, made the statement that most young Black men are in prison anyway. So it was probably a good thing. This was a left-wing, liberal white woman saying this!

There were also those whose perspective on abortion was clearly altered as a result of the discussions that took place. It was hard to look at pictures of 8 and 10 week old aborted children (most of which had visible hands, feet, eyes, etc.) And not at least question whether or not it was a child. And our plea to them was “that if there is any doubt, shouldn’t error on the side of allowing the children to live?”

Person after person shared their personal testimony of how they, their girlfriend or a friend toiled through the process of having an abortion and the devastation it caused in their lives. They said that if they had known the whole truth, they might have made a different decision. In love, we let them know that many of us have made that mistake because we simply didn’t know. And that is why we were there, so that they could be exposed to the information that the abortion industry has intentionally hidden from them.

Most encouraging was the overall response by the students at UC Davis. With very few exceptions, they were gracious, respectfully inquisitive and even those who did not agree with us treated us with respect and recognized our right to freely express our views in the public square.

The folks at UC Davis were class acts and I for one would like to thank them for being so hospitable.

Operation Completion

Craig serves as MC for Operation Completion rally supporting the troops

Craig and fellow Western Alliance Members, Andy Nevis and

Katelyn Sills

Photos from “The Cup”

For those who did not get a chance to see “The Cup” at Calvary Christian Center, I thought you might enjoy seeing what you missed.

Jesus raises a girl from the Dead

Jesus washes the feet of the Disciples

Judas is called out

Jesus shares his heart with the disciples

The Last Supper

Judas Betrays Jesus


The Two Marys

Mary the mother of Jesus

The Scourging

More Scourging

Even more scourging

On the cross

Jesus is crucified

Jesus breathes his last breath

My 2005…

Just thought I would share some personal photos from of my favorite moments of 2005.

Whitewater rafting on the middle fork of the American River (Cool pic huh!)

My wife, Sobna and I at the 25th Anniversary Celebration for Calavary Christian Center .

Craig Jr. and I during Mulitcultural Sunday celebrating Western Culture.

Speaking to the press in Stockton during the Protect Marriage Bus Tour.

Photo with Bush impersonator at Tim Leslie fundraiser

Speaking at Sacramento press conference against Assembly Bill 19 which would have legalized same-sex marriage.

Sobna and I pose for a picture with Former Attorney General John Ashcroft at a Placer County Republican fundraiser.

Sitting in for Sacramento radio talk show host Eric Hogue.

Family vacation at Disneyland (Jazmine is driving…Scary!)

Playing a Roman Soldier in a Easter production called “The Cup”.

Sobna and I celebrate 13 yeas of marriage in Reno.

Happy New Year!!!

Craig DeLuz

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About Craig

Born in the Bay Area, Craig DeLuz grew up in a working-class household, where his father, John DeLuz, was a warehouse supervisor, and his mother, El Vera, took care of his five brothers and sisters. His parents were dedicated to making ends meet for their family, and learn the value of honesty, work, and cooperation. Craig went on to study business finance at California State University at Chico. While attending Chico State, he became CEO of all student-owned businesses and was elected as the first black Associated Student Government president in the university’s 100-year history.

Craig is a widely recognized voice for conservative values. As Founder of Uncommon Sense Media Group, Craig has served as Editor for Red County-Sacramento, the publisher of the VOICE of North Sacramento and Editor-N-Chief for Man2Man Magazine. He is also a featured commentator with the American Urban Radio Network and MAD Moments on Sacramento’s 1380 AM KTKZ. Additionally, hosts his own blog at the Home of Uncommon Sense. Craig has also appeared as a public speaker, radio talk show personality and frequent guest of political, faith and community television shows.

Craig’s resume as a community servant and political activist is equally as extensive. In 2000, he took over as the head of the Make a Difference Project a leading community group promoting volunteerism and civic engagement. As the Interim Executive Director with the Women’s Civic Improvement Club of Sacramento, the oldest African American organization in the state, Craig helped erase a $500,000 debt; and get the group back on track and develop a programmatic focus.

Craig currently serves as a member of the Robla School District Board of Trustees, one of Sacramento’s highest performing school districts. You can also find Craig walking the halls of our state capitol where he works as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries. This follows his tenure as Legislative Aide and Communications Director for Assemblyman Tim Leslie. During his time in the capitol Craig has fought against wasteful spending, bigger government and higher taxes.

Craig and his wife Sobna live in North Sacramento. They also have two children, Craig Jr. and Jazmine.