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Conservatism & The Black Community

Earlier this year, I had a chance to participate in the Frederick Douglas Foundation’s 2nd Annual Conference. Particpants came from all across the nation and shared their thoughts on our values and how they pertain to the black community.

Black Republican Nominated to Congress in South Carolina. Democrats lament, “He’s no Alvin Greene!”

In 1854, the GOP is founded in opposition to slavery. In 1964, we elected segregationist Strom Thurmond. Now in 2010, we nominate an African-American to fill Thurmond’s old seat. The circle is complete!

Unlike their Democratic counterparts, South Carilina Republicans have nominated an African-American man who is undoubtably qualified and ready serve his constitutents in Washington DC.

The Associated Press reports:

Voters in South Carolina nominated a black Republican lawmaker for an open congressional seat Tuesday, rejecting a renowned political name and potentially changing the face of the national party.

State Rep. Tim Scott defeated Paul Thurmond, an attorney who is son of the onetime segregationist U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond. Scott, who won the runoff with 69 percent of the vote, is poised to become the nation’s first black GOP congressman since 2003.

Scott, 44, owns an insurance business and became the first black Republican in the South Carolina Legislature in more than a century when elected in 2008.

He’s now the favorite in the coastal First District, which has elected a Republican congressman for three decades. He would become the first black Republican congressman since Oklahoma’s J.C. Watts retired in 2003.

I think the fact that Mr. Scott defeated the son of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond is a wonderful bit of irony.

It will be interesting to see how the national establishment reacts to him. Will he be a game changer the way that JC Watts was during his tenure; helping the party develop policy to address issues beyond the usual GOP focus? Or will he be an establishment guy trying to sell the party as it’s ambassador to the black community?

I don’t know him. So, I cannot say which he will be. But I everything I have heard about him is that he is a conservative, independent thinker. That should bode well for the type of leader he will be in Congress.

The one thing I do know is that he is no Alvin Greene!

Congratulations Mr. Scott!

In California, Top of the GOP Ticket Target Black and Latino Voters Early

Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina and leading Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman have begun there general election runs early. And they have done so by targeting those who Democrats seem to take most for granted- people of color.
The LA Times reported that over the weekend Carly was the only candidate of at any level to attend a Juneteenth celebration in Los Angeles.
Though many people had to ask her staff who Fiorina was, they crowded around to shake her hand, request her autograph and thank her for visiting South Los Angeles.

“I think it’s very brave of her to come out, because she certainly knows the kind of crowd she’s facing,” said Cathy Youngblood, 58, a cultural anthropologist from Watts. “She’s shown by being here, she’s willing to listen. … Do you see any other politicians here?”
And last week Meg Whitman began running Spanish language ads during the World Cup; making her the first Republican I can remember to ever do so, as well as the only candidate doing it at this time.
This just goes to show that these are not your typical Republican candidates. And this is not your typical lineup of GOP slate of candidates. Heavy on diversity and real world business experience, they present a stark contrast to the group of liberal political insiders offered up by the Democrats.
And unlike Republicans of the past (and their Democratic opponents) this new group of conservative leaders are not taking ethnic voters for granted. A strategy that I believe will pay off in the long run.
There may be issues that separate Republicans from Black and Latino voters. However, there are just as many issues upon which we have significant agreement. The need for real reform of our public schools, abortion, protecting the definition of marriage and the need for comprehensive immigration reform that includes aggressive enforcement of existing immigration laws; are just a few areas where there is support for conservative ideas amongst black and brown voters. And just like other voters, these groups are not happy with status quo incumbent politics.
Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina are engaging these voters; and engaging them early. They are hitting Democrats in their own backyard; making them step up and start offering a real alternative to these fresh new faces.
I hope that Meg and Carly keep up the pressure on their Democratic opponents. It will serve to not only help the GOP; but to give all voters a real choice come November.

GOPers condemn anti-semetic graphic used to promote San Mateo Tea Party

Reported on the Political Blotter blog:

“Chairman Nehring issued the statement in response to the use of anti-Semitic graphics used on the “Bay Area Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty” website in conjunction with the April 15 TEA Party in San Mateo. The image pictured a bucket of money being poured into a funnel with a Star of David on it, which in turn drips blood into a bottle where a person holding a Palestinian flag is seen drowning in blood. The text reads “Uncle Sam Reminds You: KEEP PAYING TAXES. The ongoing extermination of Palestinian Children Can’t be Done Without Your Help.”

Ron Paul, if you remember, is a former Republican candidate for President that was widely popular with may of the more conservative members of the party. His site’s use (or association with) this type of imagery is EXACTLY why the legitimate voices of concern and anger get drowned out. The folks with real concerns about the economy and the future of the country get drowned out with this type of demagogery. Its shameful, and its why the Republican Party is stuck in reverse.


What is shameful my brother is the ignorance you demonstrate in this post.

First, Ron Paul is not a conservative and most of his fans are not conservative, mainstream Republicans. He is representative of a protectionist, Libertarian movement that has recently attempted to play a role in the GOP. And while many of their limited government, anti-tax values are consistent with those of the Republican Party. There are some values we do not share.

And as for being anti-Semitic, keep in mind that it is the GOP who has fought to stand strong with Israel, while Democrats would have them surrender to the Islamic nations who would like to blow them off the face of the earth. A fringe group in the GOP holding up a sign is a drop in the bucket compared to the anti-Israeli sentiment that populates the Democratic Party.

Are the Republicans the REAL party for African Americans? Craig Says ‘Yes’

Folks… I thought I heard everything from my brother, Craig. However, today – the 80th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – my brother argued (somewhat effectively) that the Republican Party is actually better-aligned with the issue interests of Blacks. That’s nothing new, as Blacks are thought to be rather conservative along a number of issues (crime and justice, abortion, religion, military service, and gun rights).

However, he also said something that shocked me: That America would be better off with McCain/Palin in the White House instead of Obama… Wow! Its one thing to say that Blacks are conservative, but its an entirely different thing to say the nation would be better off with the old guy and the young chick in charge – even with many conservatives holding their noses as they went to the polls to “support” the Republican ticket. But not Craig, folks! Oh no, not my brother! He obviously has not only drank the “kool aid” (yes, I said it!!!), but he’s in the back mixing up another batch for you and me to enjoy – NOT!

But, Craig said it, folks! Check it out

Let me know what you think….

Let’s pray for my brother… he obviously is in some sort of painful denial….

Watch the “Why the GOP should cave!” dog and pony show LIVE!

Today at 3 pm the California Legislature will be holding a joint session to hear from the State’s fiscal leaders on why they need to address the State’s massive budget deficit ASAP. Featured speakers include State Controller John Chiang, Treasurer Bill Lockyer, Mike Genest, the Governor’s Director of the Department of Finance, and Mac Taylor, the state’s non-partisan legislative analyst. Each will speak for 15 minutes, and then there will be questions from the legislature afterwards.You can tune in and watch it live at .

Sacramento Bee writers, Dan Walters and Jon Ortiz will also be hosting a live blog during the presentation at That is how important this presentation will be.

But you can be assured that the bulk of the dog and pony show will be focused on why legislative Republicans should cave on their commitment not to raise taxes.

Bill Lockyer has already threatened to withhold the sale of any bonds until the budget is fixed. Furthermore, he would cease the flow of funds to current projects. Additionally, Governor Schwarzenegger has hinted at massive layoffs amongst the ranks of state employees, a proposal that will do more to influence Democrats than Republicans.

But what is missing from any discussions are the substantive requests that GOP legislators have put forward. Namely:

• Economic stimulus proposals (not tax cuts) for employers like:
o AB 32 implementation relief
o Repeal of eight hour overtime
o Regulatory relief

• Substantive budget reform like:
o A real spending cap
o A rainy day fund
o Providing flexibility to agencies (especially schools) on how they can spend their budgets.

• Ongoing spending reductions by:
o Consolidating agencies and departments with duplicative functions “Blowing up the boxes”
o Re-visiting collective bargaining agreements and related side deals.
o Reworking of funding formulas that demand so much of the state budget.

Even as Democrats declare “Everything needs to be on the table”. Please notice that these options will be found nowhere on that table. Not because Republicans have not proposed them. Rather, Democrats have killed them at every turn.

Craig DeLuz on the Capitol Hour: The Republican Reformation

“And if by these things you are not reformed by Me, but walk contrary to Me, then I also will walk contrary to you, and I will punish you yet seven times for your sins.” Lev 26:23-24

Republican voters sent a clear message to Republican elected and candidates- start governing like Republicans or we will send you packing! So have we learned our lesson?

Is this the beginning of the Republican Reformation?

We will be talking about this and more TODAY on the Capitol Hour.

Details Below:

When: Today, November 26th

Station: KTKZ 1380AM

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TIME: 12 noon-1 pm (PST)

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Is the Religious Right wrong for the GOP?

I knew it was only a matter of time before my fellow Republicans started taking pot shots at us religious conservatives; blaming us for the outcome of this most recent election. (See Kathleen Parker: Religious right threatens Republican Party’s future)

Is it just me or wasn’t the man at the top of our ticket a guy who took great pride in the fact that he was not a member of the Christian right? And wasn’t his campaign run by folks like Steve Schmitt, who did everything possible to run their candidate as anything but a conservative Republican? Face it, this was the year of the “Moderate Republican” and they lost.

The only reason it was as close as it was, was because of the addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket. We all watched as crowds cheered, donors gave and volunteers flooded the campaign. Why were they doing this? It was because this young energetic PRO-LIFE, PRO-GUN, PRO-MARRIAGE, CONSERVATIVE woman was now on the ticket. Like her or not, Sarah Palin brought energy and excitement to this presidential election at levels her more moderate running mate could not. And had it not been for the conservative haters in the campaign undermining her at every turn, the ticket might have done even better.

But let’s be honest, considering the level of Obamania that swept the country and the media, an almost $1 billion war chest and a meltdown of the financial markets; Ronald Regan- heck, even Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have won. So, I don’t blame John McCain. But to blame religious conservatives for the state of our party is just plain wrong.

I believe that there are two primary culprits to this meltdown.

The first is Republicans not walking the talk. We claimed to be about smaller government, but the greatest expansion of government spending happened under our watch. We claim to be about family values, but we had leaders propositioning congressional pages and playing footsies in the men’s room. We claimed to be the party of “Ethics and Moral Values”, meanwhile members of our party are being run out of office (some to jail) under corruption charges. We claim to be a party who supports equality for all, but we can’t seem to find our way to some communities until we need their vote. To make a long story short, we lost because we governed like democrats.

The second culprit is the GOP infighting. Moderates blame conservatives, stating that the only way to win is to abandon our socially conservative principles and change the party platform. Then conservatives fire back, questioning the “Republicanism” of anyone who disagrees with them on anything. We become the proverbial circular firing squad shooting at each other instead of the Democrats. If we are to turn this around two things are going to have to happen. First, moderates need to stop attacking our conservative values. Conservatives make up the core to of the GOP’s base. We are the meat and potatoes, moderates are the side dish. So, stop trying to change the platform. Likewise, conservatives must realize that not everyone is going to score 100% on the conservative values test. The party platform is the measuring stick we should use when judging our candidates. But we must also keep in mind that in some cases the perfect Republican candidate will not be the perfect Republican. Believe it or not, one can be a fiscal conservative and social moderate and still be convicted of being a Republican. In the infamous words of Mr. King (Rodney that is) “Can’t we all just get along?”

However, there is a silver lining to this rather dark cloud. The best solution for the syndrome that now ails the Republican party past has always been a Democratic administration. Nothing brings combatants together like a common enemy.

Let us not forget that Jimmy Carter helped us usher in the Regan Revolution. Then there was Bill Clinton’s liberal leadership, which led to the Contract With America. The election of Barack Obama could turn out to be best thing that could have happened to the GOP. That is, if we can learn to get along, govern according to our values and take a serious look at how we plan to attract new Republican voters.

So, what will Republican need to do to attract these new voters? We need to go to where they are; to get to understand their issues; and then, effectively communicate how our common conservative values can produce societal and public policy solutions to the challenges they face.

We have a lot of heavy lifting to do to rebuild our party. And if we are to be successful, it will not be as some sort of “Democrat-Lite” Party. “All the liberal values without the annoying tax increases.” It will be because we have committed the resources necessary to build relationships with voters and have focused our message on shared values of family, opportunity and freedom as it applies to all Americans.


I don’t think the religious right is what’s wrong with the Republican Party. What is wrong with the Republican party is not just the inconsistency between the symbols and messages of the party and its practices; its not just the infighting between the moderates and conservatives (which has occured since the party’s founding and, coincidentially, near the turn of the last century as well after a big war (WWI) and an electoral trouncing). What is wrong is that people are attracted to hope – not hate. They eventually get around to understanding that fear is not a long-term strategy; that when times get tough, they want to hold onto something that will bring them together and get them through the bad times.

Following 9/11, the Republicans established a good short run strategy centered around fear: fear of terrorist attacks; fear of those “other” people, and a false sense that hugging the flag like Linus and his blanket would make the bad people and things go away. This extreme Nationalist agenda practiced by the conservative right- punctuated by discussions of immigration reform; xenephobia; analyzing how one sang the anthem or whether he wore a flag pin on his lapel; who crosses their heart for the pledge; and questioning the patriotism of here-to-fore patriotic leaders. This strategy got them through the 2002 and 2004 elections but by 2006, the American people began to get wise to this strategy. Some of us began to look around and realize that the extreme nationalism practiced by conservatives in America in the late 20th and early 21st Century was counterproductive – and was even shunned by our founding fathers who themselves believed that dissent and protest were inherent rights and part of exercising true patriotic spirit and duty.

(Actually, this type of politics had its start before 9/11. George Bush I hired a young southerner named Lee Atwater, and he pioneered the sleaze, win-at-all-costs politics of the political right in the mid 80s. Its funny, Lee Atwater died knowing his brand of politics was ill-conceived; I guess Karl Rove missed that memo. Thank you Lee Atwater!)

Where were we? Oh yeah, why Republicans lost: Republicans lost not because their ideas were bad – they lost because no one ever got to discuss their ideas, because we were too busy focusing on people’s patriotism, and whether they were socialist, fascist, or Maoist, than whether their ideas were good for America. We were more concerned about to whom they prayed and less about what they prayed for.

There is an old saying: Great minds talk about ideas; average minds talk about events; and small minds talk about people. This is the yardstick of political success- and y’all just don’t measure up.

This Brotha has escaped the plantation!

Thank God! Someone else gets it!

DeLuz Brothers Discuss Race And The Presidential Election

This week the Sacramento County Republican Party was in the news for having items on their website that some called racially motivated, others called stupid,sophomoric jokes. In any case, the issue has ignited a firestorm that leaves many asking “Who is really playing the race card in this year’s historic presidential election?”

David believes that the Republicans are up to their old tricks, including fear-mongering. Meanwhile Craig thinks that while some of the complaints are legitimate, the Democrats are also doing whatever they can to deflect legitimate criticism away from their candidate by declaring it all to be racist.

To tune in simply go to and click on the Listen Live Button at the top of the page.

You can even join the conversation by calling in at (347) 237-5073. We will be breaking down the upcoming election and much more. You don’t want to miss the fireworks!

Details Below:

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Listen to Craig DeLuz on the Capitol Hour with Eric Hogue

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 3rd at 12:30 pm I will be joining Eric Hogue as we breakdown several local races and discuss the battle for the heart of Sacramento’s Republican Party

Here are the details:

Tuesday, June 3rd (Tomorrow) @12:30 pm

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Should Republicans vote for Kevin Johnson?

On Saturday, I received three different mailers from the Kevin Johnson for Mayor campaign urging me to support his candidacy. The one that stood out the most was the piece that lead with “Attention Republicans”. Then it finally hit me… I don’t know if I, as a Republican should vote for Kevin Johnson.

I realized that the true choice is between two democrats; one who is an unabashed liberal and the other who is clearly more moderate. I am forced into a quandary as to whether I would be selling out my Republican values to support a democrat-Kevin Johnson, based only on the hope that he will be better Fargo on the issues that are important to me. And while a side by side comparison of the two candidates bears this out to be true, a closer inspection into the Johnson campaign presents numerous contradictions that leave this Republican voter with more questions than answers.

For example, between Johnson and the incumbent, Heather Fargo, Johnson clearly has a better platform from which to promote economic development and job growth. As a business owner and most importantly an employer, Johnson knows what it takes to make Sacramento an attractive place for business. Lower taxes, less regulation and incentives would likely result from a Johnson administration; that is if he is able to stand up to anti-business, entitlement crowd who view business as nothing more than a fatted calf to be tied down fleeced to pay for pet government funded program. The California Legislative Black Caucus, United Healthcare Workers and Teamsters Local 150 represent a small sampling of Johnson’s endorsees who will be inevitably leaning on Johnson to curb his enthusiasm toward the business community.

The Johnson campaign has also tried to portray their candidate as a public safety and limited government advocate. His proposal to increase the number of officers on the street without increasing spending sounds like a great idea on the surface, but lacks the level of specificity that would make it believable. It is also import to consider whether the support Johnson is receiving from the Central Labor Council came with a price. When the chips are down, will Johnson stand up to the pressure from public employee labor unions or will he be like most Democratic electeds and fold like an empty suit, giving up more in salaries and benefits than the City can really afford?

For a brief moment social conservatives found a sliver of hope upon which to hang their support of Kevin Johnson. During a televised debate, Johnson unequivocally stated that he believed that marriage was between a man and a woman. But following the California Supreme Court’s 4-3 decision to legalize same-sex marriage, Johnson made a considerably large step in the opposite direction declaring that he was supportive of the court’s decision and would be an advocate for the LGTB community. Now admittedly, he tempered this position by altering the statement of his website to state that his opposition to same-sex marriage was his personal view and that it would not affect his policy decisions as mayor. This apparent flip-flop is troubling because it presents Johnson as a candidate who wants to be on both sides of the issue; one who will change his position if enough pressure is applied.

All this having been said, I still will not go as far as to say that Republicans should not vote for Kevin Johnson. His primary opponent, Mayor Heather Fargo is clearly more of a big government, tax raising anti-family, job-killing liberal than Johnson. But we should be under no illusion that his campaign has presented any substantive argument that should cause one to believe that a Johnson administration will be able to stand up to the union bosses and limit the growth of our city government; cut taxes and regulation in order to the keep and bring jobs to Sacramento. And we have already been assured by Johnson that his personal inclination toward traditional family and moral values will have nothing to do with his decisions as mayor.

The choice as to whether or not to vote for Kevin Johnson comes down to voting for the devil you know (Heather Fargo) or the candidate you don’t (Kevin Johnson). My hope is that this election continues into the fall, so that I can get to know Johnson better. I know that the chances of us electing a Republican in Sacramento are slim and that Kevin Johnson may be the closest thing we may ever get to a fiscally conservative, pro-business, morally minded mayor.

But before I hang my hat on that hope, I want to know, that I know, that I know….. And right now, all that I know about Kevin Johnson is…. I don’t know.