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Message from The West Wing: They’ll Like Us When We Win!

Over the last few weeks, I’ d enjoyed watching all seven seasons of the West Wing on Netflix. And then I re-encountered what has become one of my all time favorite moments in television.

It was a speech was by the make believe President’s Communications Director, Toby Ziegler played by Richard Schiff. He was responding to a Democrat congresswoman (who also happened to be his ex-wife) who was upset about comments included in a speech he prepared for the President to give at the United Nations.The statement said:“The world will be free when there is freedom to worship for everyone. The world will be free when we finally shake off the rusted chains of tyranny, whether in the guise of fascist dictatorships or economic slavery, or ethnic hostility, or the crushing yoke of Islamic fanaticism.

This play congresswoman like so many real life liberal politicians was upset because the President would take a stand against Islamic fanaticism. She would rather they take a more diplomatic approach toward dealing with the Islamic holy war against the west.…this one moment in time, you have to get off your horse and just… simply put – be nice to the Arab world.

The response by this hardcore liberal character was as on point as any I have heard from any real life conservative. Toby replies:Well… How about when we, instead of blowing Iraq back to the seventh century for harboring terrorists and trying to develop nuclear weapons, we just imposed economic sanctions and were reviled by the Arab world for not giving them a global charge card and a free trade treaty? How about when we pushed Israel to give up land for peace?How about when we sent American soldiers to protect Saudi Arabia, and the Arab world told us we were desecrating their holy land? We’ll ignore the fact that we were invited. How about two weeks ago, in the State of the Union when the President praised the Islamic people as faithful and hardworking only to be denounced in the Arab press as knowing nothing about Islam? But none of that is the point.

In other words, we have been as nice as we can be to the Muslim world and look what got us… 9/11. The time has come for us to take a stand against those in the world who have determined in their minds to destroy us and our way of life. This does not mean all Muslims are against us. Nor does it mean that all who are against us are Muslim.

Our goal in the war on terror was not to be liked, but to protect the innocent from the evil of terrorism. We have taken a stand! And if you don’t like that we have taken a stand….Tough!

I don’t remember having to explain to Italians that our problem wasn’t with them, but with Mussolini! Why does the U.S. have to take every Arab country out for an ice cream cone? They’ll like us when we win!

Craig DeLuz on the Capitol Hour- The Republican Reformation

“And if by these things you are not reformed by Me, but walk contrary to Me, then I also will walk contrary to you, and I will punish you yet seven times for your sins.” Lev 26:23-24

Republican voters sent a clear message to Republican elected and candidates- start governing like Republicans or we will send you packing! So have we learned our lesson?

Is this the beginning of the Republican Reformation?

We will be talking about this and more TODAY on the Capitol Hour.

Details Below:

When: Today, November 26th

Station: KTKZ 1380AM

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TIME: 12 noon-1 pm (PST)

Call in Numbers: (916) 923-3300 or 1(800) 923-1380

Is the Religious Right wrong for the GOP?

I knew it was only a matter of time before my fellow Republicans started taking pot shots at us religious conservatives; blaming us for the outcome of this most recent election. (See Kathleen Parker: Religious right threatens Republican Party’s future)

Is it just me or wasn’t the man at the top of our ticket a guy who took great pride in the fact that he was not a member of the Christian right? And wasn’t his campaign run by folks like Steve Schmitt, who did everything possible to run their candidate as anything but a conservative Republican? Face it, this was the year of the “Moderate Republican” and they lost.

The only reason it was as close as it was, was because of the addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket. We all watched as crowds cheered, donors gave and volunteers flooded the campaign. Why were they doing this? It was because this young energetic PRO-LIFE, PRO-GUN, PRO-MARRIAGE, CONSERVATIVE woman was now on the ticket. Like her or not, Sarah Palin brought energy and excitement to this presidential election at levels her more moderate running mate could not. And had it not been for the conservative haters in the campaign undermining her at every turn, the ticket might have done even better.

But let’s be honest, considering the level of Obamania that swept the country and the media, an almost $1 billion war chest and a meltdown of the financial markets; Ronald Regan- heck, even Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have won. So, I don’t blame John McCain. But to blame religious conservatives for the state of our party is just plain wrong.

I believe that there are two primary culprits to this meltdown.

The first is Republicans not walking the talk. We claimed to be about smaller government, but the greatest expansion of government spending happened under our watch. We claim to be about family values, but we had leaders propositioning congressional pages and playing footsies in the men’s room. We claimed to be the party of “Ethics and Moral Values”, meanwhile members of our party are being run out of office (some to jail) under corruption charges. We claim to be a party who supports equality for all, but we can’t seem to find our way to some communities until we need their vote. To make a long story short, we lost because we governed like democrats.

The second culprit is the GOP infighting. Moderates blame conservatives, stating that the only way to win is to abandon our socially conservative principles and change the party platform. Then conservatives fire back, questioning the “Republicanism” of anyone who disagrees with them on anything. We become the proverbial circular firing squad shooting at each other instead of the Democrats. If we are to turn this around two things are going to have to happen. First, moderates need to stop attacking our conservative values. Conservatives make up the core to of the GOP’s base. We are the meat and potatoes, moderates are the side dish. So, stop trying to change the platform. Likewise, conservatives must realize that not everyone is going to score 100% on the conservative values test. The party platform is the measuring stick we should use when judging our candidates. But we must also keep in mind that in some cases the perfect Republican candidate will not be the perfect Republican. Believe it or not, one can be a fiscal conservative and social moderate and still be convicted of being a Republican. In the infamous words of Mr. King (Rodney that is) “Can’t we all just get along?”

However, there is a silver lining to this rather dark cloud. The best solution for the syndrome that now ails the Republican party past has always been a Democratic administration. Nothing brings combatants together like a common enemy.

Let us not forget that Jimmy Carter helped us usher in the Regan Revolution. Then there was Bill Clinton’s liberal leadership, which led to the Contract With America. The election of Barak Obama could turn out to be best thing that could have happened to the GOP. That is, if we can learn to get along, govern according to our values and take a serious look at how we plan to attract new Republican voters.

So, what will Republican need to do to attract these new voters? We need to go to where they are; to get to understand their issues; and then, effectively communicate how our common conservative values can produce societal and public policy solutions to the challenges they face.

We have a lot of heavy lifting to do to rebuild our party. And if we are to be successful, it will not be as some sort of “Democrat-Lite” Party. “All the liberal values without the annoying tax increases.” It will be because we have committed the resources necessary to build relationships with voters and have focused our message on shared values of family, opportunity and freedom as it applies to all Americans.

Schwarzenegger calls Dem tax and spend budget “Very Courageous”

Finally! More than two months after the consitutional deadline to pass a budget, Senate Democrats finally put a budget proposal up for a vote. And it is not news to say, it failed on a party-line vote.

But what is noteworthy is that while Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger praised the Democrat budget proposal that increases both taxes and government spending, calling it “Very Courageous”. Legislative Republicans, whose votes are needed to pass the budget are not so impressed.

The Sacramento Bee reported:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today praised a new Democratic version of the state budget as “very courageous” and urged Republican senators to vote for it.

Schwarzenegger was 500 miles away in San Diego, campaigning against any budget that relies on borrowing money from local governments and transportation funds, as the Senate began debating the new Democratic version. He issued his words of praise in response to a reporter’s question.

The new Senate Democratic version is based on Schwarzenegger’s own latest proposal to break a near-record-long stalemate, with its centerpiece being a one-cent increase in the state sales tax for three years. Its chief difference is that Schwarzenegger would reduce the sales tax below the current after the three-year period while Democrats would merely end the extra penny without a further decrease.

Schwarzenegger stopped short of saying he would sign the new version.

On the other hand, Republican Assembly Leader, Mike Vilines sent out the following statement which appears to express the sentimant of most (if not all legislative Republicans):

“Today’s budget vote was neither courageous nor productive – it was more of the same from liberal politicians who would rather pick the pockets of hardworking families instead of cutting wasteful spending.

“Assembly Republicans commend our Senate Republican colleagues for defending hard-working Californians from billions in higher taxes and billions in new spending by standing united against the Senate Democrat budget. It’s clear that Senate Democrats didn’t even have unanimous support in their own caucus for this half-baked proposal.

“Their irresponsible budget would have hurt working families by increasing the state sales tax, threatened public safety byincluding a dangerous direct discharge parole scheme and done nothing to reform our broken budget system.

“Now that the Senate has joined the Assembly in rejecting a budget proposal containing tax increases, I hope we can finally get serious about working together to reach consensus on an honest budget compromise. We must come together to craft a state budget that helps California live within its means, improves our economy and protects Californians from higher taxes.”

One thing can be said for sure, the liberals who are working to increase our taxes are not interested in working with Republicans to truly fix this budget mess.

Why Values Matter- Republican appointed justices approve gay marriage

While Republican candidates and organizations send out a flurry of press releases and statements decrying last week’s California Supreme Court decision, few in the GOP have discussed the fact that three of the four judges who voted to legalize same-sex marriage were appointed by Republicans. Joyce Kennard (Deukmeijan), Kathryn Mickle (Wilson) and Chief Justice Ronald George (Wilson) joined Carlos Moreno (Davis), the only Democrat on the Supreme Court in legalizing same-sex marriage.

If there was ever an argument for supporting Real Republican candidates, it is the travesty that has been hoisted upon the voters of California by these liberal Republican Supreme Court justices. Take for example Chief Justice Ronald George. He was appointed to the Court in 1991 by Gov. Pete Wilson and has too often been on the wrong side of Republican values in his rulings.

In 1996 he and Justice Mickle were in the minority of a 4-3 decision that upheld a law requiring minors to obtain their parent’s consent before getting an abortion. A year later, Justice George would be a part of the 4-3 majority who, in an unprecedented move voted to overturn their own ruling.

It is also worth noting that the key to this reversal was the fact that Justice Armand Arabian, who voted to protect parents’ rights retired not long after the first decision. Unfortunately, he was then replaced by Justice Ming Chin, another Wilson appointee who would then vote to overturn the parental consent law passed by the legislature.

This just goes to show how schizophrenic our Republican controlled court can be when it comes to moral issues; one minute they are constitutional, the next minute they are not. Too many of their rulings have been textbook examples of liberal judicial activism. AND THESE ARE REPUBLICAN APPOINTEES!!!!

I would hate to see what the court would be like with a bunch of Democrat appoints. Of course, with Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

Memo to Republicans: If we elect Real Republicans, we will get Real Justices and Real Justice!

Will the Real Republicans Please Stand Up?

Sacramento Republican Activists Launch Effort to Support the Republican Wing of the Republican Party

(Sacramento) – Limited government, lower taxes and family values are just a few things that voters usually associate with the Republican Party. But recently, elected Republican officials have been actively taking positions against these bedrock Republican values and have supported efforts to increase minimum wage, driving up unemployment; proposed a tax increase on homeowners to pay for fire protection that they are already paying for; and fighting against an effort to protect the definition of marriage, as between a man and a women. Some say you can hardly tell the Republicans from the Democrats these days.

This has caused, a group of Republican Party activists in Sacramento to launch an effort to take back their Republican Party. Today, Support the Platform (STP) officially announced their slate of candidates for the Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee, along with their plans to help Real Republicans get elected. “Our goal is to make sure that we elect Republican candidates to office who actually support Republican values”, declared Craig DeLuz, Chairman of STP. “Our values are outlined in our Republican Party platform. And if you want to represent Republicans in office, we believe you should support Republican principles.”

The Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee (SCRP) is the official arm of the Republican Party in Sacramento County. Thirty-one of the Committee’s 44 members are elected by Republican voters in Sacramento County and run by Supervisorial District. The other 13 are positions held by Republican elected officials or party nominees for various partisan offices. “For too long we have allowed our Party to be controlled by people who are hostile to what we as Republicans stand for,” exclaimed Mali Currington, a candidate for the Ninth Assembly District in Sacramento, “I for one am glad to see Real Republicans standing up to be counted.”

STP’s efforts will start with the upcoming June primary where efforts are under way to elect their slate of candidates to the GOP Central Committee. Additionally, they are asking other Republican candidates to sign the “STP Pledge” declaring their commitment to support Republican values as outlined in the California Republican Party Platform. They also have launched a website to provide readers with up to date news and information on Republicans running for office in Sacramento County and where they stand on the issues important to Republican voters.

According to DeLuz, “We will be on the radio, on the web and in Republicans’ mailboxes letting them know there are still Republicans out there who believe in the values that make this Nation great.”

Should Republicans compromise their values in order to win? A lesson from the Compromise of 1877…

There are many in the Republican Party who claim that the only way we can win is by changing our positions on some of the more controversial issues. Specifically, they would like to see us eliminate our Party’s opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage, as is outlined in our party platform.

It is for these folks that I offer this brief history lesson, outlining what happens when we compromise what we knew to be right in order to win an election. It was Republican’s agreement to the Compromise of 1877 eventually ended reconstruction and ushered in 100 years of Jim Crowe and oppression of blacks, all so we could have a Republican in the white house .

Here was the agreement- The 1876 presidential election ended with no clear winner. So, Democrats agreed to accept the Republican presidential electors (thus assuring that Rutherford B. Hayes would become the next president), provided the Republicans would agree to the following:

To withdraw federal soldiers from their remaining positions in the South
• To enact federal legislation that would spur industrialization in the South
• To appoint Democrats to patronage positions in the South
• To appoint a Democrat to the president’s cabinet

Once the parties had agreed to these terms, the Electoral Commission performed its duty. The Hayes’ electors were selected and Hayes was named president two days before the inauguration.

This deal effectively ended reconstruction. As it died, Republicans and Democrats made promises that the civil rights of all Southerners would be respected. And for a few years this was the case.

However, by the 1880s it was clear that the northern troops would never return. Thus, as the threat faded, Democrat officials were less likely to investigate and convict those implicated in voter intimidation, making Democratic victories even more lopsided as black voter participation (the most important Republican in the south at the time) began to decline.

Then, by the 1890s, the “redeemer governments” began to segregate facilities by race and the lynching of blacks began to accelerate greatly and soon more blacks than whites were being killed without the benefit of a trial. The final “approval” of the redeemer governments came in 1898 when the Plessy v. Ferguson decision legalized segregation with the famous phrase, “seperate but equal.”

With that victory segregationists accelerated the separation of the races and soon did not even bother to worry about the “equal” part. Also in the 1890s, the great denial of civil rights to Southern blacks became commonplace as poll taxes, literacy tests and intimidation effectively ended the practice of voting by Southern blacks.

This 19th century version of “postpartisanship” would in the end, ruin our nation and our party for the next 100 years; all because of our willingness to sell out our values, simply to win an election.

Nunez says what California Republicans Can’t- “Post-partisanship?” Pfft…

If there was ever any doubt that Post-Partisanship meant anything other than doing what Democrats want; California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez has officially put that to idea rest.

The San Jose Mercury News has a story today in which the Speaker made it clear that it was the Democrat agenda not a bi-partisan agenda that got advanced last year.

Nuñez also commented skeptically about Schwarzenegger’s newfound advocacy for what the governor calls “post-partisan” politics. While in Washington, Schwarzenegger repeated the phrase he coined earlier this year, referring to himself as a governor who accepts ideas from all sides.

“What he’s talking about sounds good theoretically. I think in practical terms the way I read it is it’s just semantics. Post-partisanship — what does that mean? I don’t know. It’s some word he made up,” Nuñez said.

“But I think he has a claim, in some ways, to that new term because last year we got a lot of things done. But you know we did it because we reached across the party aisle . . . Remember, everything we got done were Democratic issues.”

I was really hoping that some Republican in DC would speak up and say something about this, but it was a Democrat who finally spoke up. Maybe Speaker Nunez is tired of the Governor getting all the credit for the all that got done last year.

Could it be that he wants credit for getting a Republican Governor to go along with his agenda?

Bipartisanship means working with Republicans too!

By definition “Bipartisanship” includes two parties. But despite all the talk of willingness to work together to solve California’s problems, recent history has proven that the Democrat’s definition of “Bipartisanship” is doing exactly what they want.

Sacramento Bee Columnist, Dan Walters puts it best when he writes:

The Republican governor’s deals with Democratic legislators were on issues that they held dear — such as global warming, borrowing more money for public works and raising the minimum wage — and anything broadly controversial — such as building more reservoirs — was bypassed because he was eager to build a re-election record.

No conservative issues, such as reducing business regulation or reforming public employee pensions, were allowed on the table, and Republican lawmakers were largely excluded from the process. Thus, what happened in 2006 was scarcely a model of bipartisan policymaking, much less the “post-partisanship” that the governor now embraces.

So in looking to this new legislative year one can expect one of two scenarios. Either bipartisanship will continue to be the “Republican Governor” working with Democrat legislators to implement Democrat ideas. Or because re-election is behind him, the governor will work to include legislative Republicans and their ideas in the debate about how to fix California.

Only time will tell. But I’m hoping it’s the later. Walters does not seem so optimistic.

The enduring message from that experience isn’t that California is entering a new, golden era of centrist and cooperative politics, but that Schwarzenegger may be able to extend his record only if he deals with matters that the Democrats value, such as increasing health coverage.

Were Schwarzenegger to expand his horizons and approach the broader array of knotty issues facing the state, not merely those favored by Democrats, he would not only have to overcome the realpolitik dynamics of the Capitol but overcome the divisions within California itself that flow from its incredible socioeconomic complexity.

Deals cut on liberal legislation, But conservative bills get no love

End of session deals are nothing in the California Legislature. What is unusual is how these deals are being cut. Our “Republican” governor has chosen to works solely with Democrats in the legislature to pass legislation, leaving Republican leadership, and their conservative leaning initiatives to twist in the wind.

As the media announces deals on prescription drugs, green house emissions and increasing the minimum wage; legislation establishing tax incentives for business, an Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives and reforms to our redistricting process all fall by the wayside.

Take a look at what this “Republican” administration has to say about these measures and what Republican legislators have to say.

On Emissions Agreement (AB 32-Nunez) :

“We can now move forward with developing a market-based system that makes California a world leader in the effort to reduce carbon emissions. The success of our system will be an example for other states and nations to follow as the fight against climate change continues. AB 32 strengthens our economy, cleans our environment and once again, establishes California as the leader in environmental protection.

“Throughout the negotiations, my primary concern was that the Legislature passed a bill that provided the flexibility to address unforeseen circumstances. AB 32 will ensure that the state can make adjustments throughout its implementation.

“When I ran for office, I promised to not only help protect the environment, but also help turn back the clock to make sure that the environment we leave for our children is better than the one we have today. The state is the 12th largest carbon emitter in the world despite leading the nation in energy efficiency standards and its lead role in protecting its environment. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an issue we must show leadership on.

“It’s amazing the work that can be done for the people of California when Democrats and Republicans work together. I want to thank Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, Senator Don Perata and Assemblymember Fran Pavley for the hard work they have put in to make this agreement something we can all be proud of.” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

On Prescription Drugs (AB 2911- Nunez):

“The Legislature has been a great partner. By working together, we are providing meaningful prescription drug discounts for the hard-working Californians who pay the most for their life-saving medications, but can afford it the least,” Governor Schwarzenegger.
“Until we are able to provide basic health care insurance to all California residents, programs like this prescription discount will provide relief to the most vulnerable of our citizens. It’s progress– and progress is always made in increments,” Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata.
“No Californian should ever have to choose between buying their prescription medicine or putting food on their table,” said Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez. “This long overdue agreement will provide low-cost medicines for seniors and working families paying higher drug costs than anyone else.”

On the Minimum Wage Increase (AB 1835 Lieber) :

“With our economy booming and nearly 600,000 new jobs since I took office, the time is right to raise the minimum wage for working families,” said Gov. Schwarzenegger. “I promised in January that I would sign legislation increasing the minimum wage if it was not indexed to inflation. And that’s exactly what I will do when this bill hits my desk. I am especially pleased because this is another great example of what we can accomplish for the people of this state when we work together to move California forward.”

Notice anything strange? The “Legislative Leaders” the Governor refers to does not include any Republicans. As a matter of fact, every single one of these bills was carried by Democrat legislators and pushed through the process with very little debate or input by Republicans (other than their “NO” votes that is.)

Here is what Republican legislators had to say about these “Landmarkdeals”:

On Emissions Agreement (1 Republican vote- Asm. Shirley Horton)

“Carbon emissions are a serious issue that should be addressed with responsible action, but Assembly Bill 32 is not the answer. Adopting costly and unattainable regulations will drive businesses and jobs out of California into other states – and even into other countries with no commitment to improve air quality.” Assembly Republican Leader George Plescia

On Prescription Drugs (0 Republican votes):

“Republicans agree that expanding access to prescription drugs is an important priority, but we have many serious concerns about this prescription drug plan.

“By forcing companies to cut drug prices through price controls, which is the practical effect of this measure, we will jeopardize the development of life-saving drugs for all 35 million people in our state, drive up health insurance costs for all insured Californians, and threaten the jobs of thousands of highly skilled workers in this critical industry.

“Using a heavy-handed approach to force drug companies to participate may have the unintended and dangerous consequence of taking away critical medications for vulnerable Californians who depend upon Medi-Cal.

“Also troubling is the proposal’s vague language that could extend eligibility for prescription drug discounts to illegal immigrants living in California. This misguided approach disrespects the millions of legal immigrants who have worked hard to achieve the American Dream, and provides a costly incentive for more illegal immigrants to locate here.

“Californians deserve the right to choose the prescription drug plan that is best for them – one that keeps the government bureaucrats out of their medicine cabinet and out of their doctor’s office. We believe market-based solutions, like health savings accounts, are the best approach to ensure that families have access to affordable prescription drugs.” Assembly Republican Leader George Plescia

On the Minimum Wage Increase (1 Republican vote- Sen. Maldanado) :

California’s minimum wage already is more than 30 percent higher than the federal level,” said Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment Vice-Chair, Alan Nakanishi (R – Lodi). “This bill would make California the permanent home of the highest minimum wage rate in the country, and would actually hurt workers by encouraging job-creators to move to states with lower overhead.”

“Employers will have to reduce employees or shift the cost increase onto consumers. Each of these actions will have a negative result on employees,” Assemblyman Nakanishi said. “The auto-pilot increases will further jeopardize economic growth in California.”

Now this is how Republicans really feel about these measures! And that is why all three garnered a whopping total of 2 Republican votes; with both of them coming from the caucus’ most liberal members.

So what does all this mean?

It very well could be a sign of things to come: our “Republican” Governor works with Democrat leadership to implement Democrat initiatives.

Fight the Republican Evolution!

Vote for “The Support The Platform Slate”!


Remember When…

Click Pic to enlarge
Smaller government, lower taxes, family values, grandma and apple pie… These are the things that the Republican Party once stood for. What has happened?

As a matter of fact, one of the most commonly agreed upon planks of the Republican Party Platform has to do with smaller government and lower spending.

Read More…

Support The Republican Wing of the Republican Party!

In recent times, it has become evident that not all in our party agree with these values. And these individuals have, over time, systematically worked themselves into positions of leadership within our party, while at the same time sought to subvert these core principles and those who do support them.

We with the “Support The Platform” Slate have come to the realization that the time has come for us to stand up for the principles upon which this nation and our party were founded

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Are Republicans sinking their own Ship?

Over the weekend California Republican Party leadership and activists met to discuss (among other things) whether or not to revoke the Party’s endorsement of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who is seeking re-election this year. But the sad fact is that no matter what they decide, we (the GOP) will end up looking stupid.

The CRP broke with a long standing tradition of not endorsing in GOP primaries when it voted to endorse the re-election of Governor Schwarzenegger more than a year before the campaign was to begin. Many warned against doing such, pointing out that there is no way to know what may happen in the next year that could impact the election. But there are those in our party who believe that winning is more important than sticking to our principles.

As those who champion victory over values gain traction in the Republican Party, this lose-lose scenario that now faces our party will prove to be the tip of the iceberg.

My buddy Eric Hogue articulated their argument best in a recent blog post:

I’d love to be able to say that a 100% conservative candidate can win a statewide election in California, but it is just not true. This state is 35% social liberals, and 35% social moderate…conservatives ‘might’ have a voting base 30% – maybe.

Eric goes on to point out that State Senator Tom McKlintock couldn’t win in his 2000 race for state controller because he is too conservative and could not raise enough money. But Eric ignores the fact that Tom got more votes than any other statewide GOP candidate that year; including President Bush who’s campaign was headed by libersal GOPer’s like Gerald Parskey. In addition, McKlintock came within a few thousand votes of winning despite getting no financial support from the party.

That’s right buddy… it is moderates like the New Majority and the business community who now control the purse strings in the GOP that are most responsible for the narrow defeats of conservative candidates and causes. These are the folks who refused to put one cent into the campaign of a man who could have been the only Republican elected to statewide office in California; those like RINO rising star, Seve Poizner who instead of supporting a conservative Republican, gave money to Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry. These are the same folks who refused to support a common sense initiative like Prop. 73 and left it to languish with only $250,000 to run a statewide media campaign.

I have stated numerous times that conservatives and moderates have to learn to get along if we are to win in California. In June, we will hold a primary election to determine what candidates will represent our party in the November general election. And who ever that candidate is; Moderate or Conservative we should support them…. as long as they can be convicted of being a Republican.

However, the inference by many in our party is that conservatives must support moderates, but, moderates do not have to support conservatives. And that we conservatives are supposed to sit down and shut up while liberals, calling themselves conservatives support policies that undermine the very core of our conservative values. I DON’T THINK SO!

Anyone who would sell out their principles in order to obtain power will eventually go even further to maintain that power. Thus, conservatives not only have a right, but a responsibility to stand up and speak out. As the conscience of the GOP, we must stand firm in supporting the principles upon which our party and our nation were founded.

Unfortunately though, removing the endorsement of the Governor won’t fix the mess that has been created by liberal republicans and “sell out for a win” conservatives. While it would serve as a nice moral victory, it would in fact hand the Governor’s office over to the most liberal, tax and spend, anti-God factions of our state. No matter how conservatives may feel about he current administration, this nightmare scenario should frighten them into rethinking their strategy.

Actually, Eric does offer a much better approach:

If you’re mad at Arnold, then the GOP should release (in writing) its determined platform, and its criticisms of the governor’s new direction – not the governor. Offer a press brigade against his direction, but don’t remove the endorsement and offer another candidate, it will kill the party for the future.
If we want the Gov to STOP nominating liberal, Democrat judges, state such. If we want him to remove Susan Kennedy, state such as a party. If we are upset over the increase in borrowing and the hike in minimum wage rates, state such AS A PARTY…LOUDLY…
I would encourage the CRP and the Governor’s campaign to wake up to the reality that they cannot win without conservatives. And whether they want to believe it or not, many conservative voters will stay home if they believe that their choices boil down to a liberal with a “D” after his name versus a liberal with an “R” after his name.

Craig DeLuz

Visit The Home of Uncommon Sense…

Should California Republicans Become “Democrat-Lite”?

Everyone has a take on why Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reform initiatives took such a beating at the poles during the recent special election. At the center of the discussion seems to be the age old debate as to how the Republican Party can attract non-traditional Republican voters and expand the party’s base.
Many Republican leaders in California are guided by the belief that the only way to win is to abandon our socially conservative principles. Others like myself, believe that it is not our principles that must change, but how we message our values and the sincerity of our efforts to work with and for those who traditionally have not voted Republican.

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman puts it best in this overlooked article in the San Francisco Chronicle back on August 7, 2005 :

“We don’t have to choose between motivating our base and bringing new faces and new voices into the party,” said GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman, who was elevated to the post after successfully managing President Bush’s 2004 re- election campaign.

“We talk about a compassionate conservative philosophy that not only unites Republicans, but attracts support among discerning Democrats and among independents.”

Meeting in this traditionally Democratic, working-class city, Republicans spent hours talking about how to reach out to new constituents: blacks, Latinos, Asians, Catholics and women.

Rather than conceal their conservative extremes, party leaders heartily embraced Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, the guest of honor, who told fellow Republicans that his traditional values message “is a good solid message for every community in America.”

As Democrats struggle with their positions on guns, gays and God in order to satisfy disparate wings of their party and lure swing voters, Republicans are promoting conservative values as a way to enhance their electoral standing.

Looking to expand what already is its strongest hold on power in nearly eight decades, the Republican Party sees its strong traditional values message, coupled with the failures of the welfare state and the Democratic Party’s rigidity, as the keys to attracting minorities and other new members.

“We’re not asking Republicans to become more liberal to lure new voters into the party,” Mehlman told the delegates.

This is the strategy that helped Republicans re-elect a President with dropping approval numbers, expand their majorities in both the House and the Senate, as well as increase the number of Republican governors across the country.

The discussion about the party’s future came at a time of historic strength for Republicans.

The GOP has more seats in Congress than at any time since 1929, when Herbert Hoover was president. Republicans hold the governor’s seat in 28 states, including the nation’s four largest. And for the first time since pollsters began asking party affiliations, roughly the same number of people identify themselves as Republicans as Democrats.

In Pennsylvania this strategy has resulted in the election of Senator Rick Santorum, who has been one of the most consistent conservative voices in the upper house. It has also been a key influence in the candidacy of former NFL great Lynn Swan for Governor of this swing state.

In Ohio, it is conservative messaging to broad audiences that helped Republicans pass a constitutional amendment to protect marriage, elect a Black Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, who is also the leading candidate for Governor in the 2006 election. An let us not forget that it was Ohio that was the key win that put President Bush over the top in his re-election bid.

The fact is, conservative values reach across racial and cultural lines. It transcends socio-economic status and even political parties. And the reason we are having problems expanding our base here in California is because party leadership has decided that conservatism won’t work here.

Santorum’s politics are not popular with all Republicans, particularly in more socially moderate states such as California.

Duf Sundheim, chairman of the California Republican Party, acknowledged that Santorum’s brand of conservatism differs from his own. At the same time, he said Santorum’s prominence has no effect in California.

“Our fortunes between now and ’06 are more tied to (Republican) Gov. (Arnold) Schwarzenegger than any external factor,” Sundheim said.

Unfortunately, what Sundheim doesn’t understand is that our success at the ballot box will not be determined by “Star Power” . It is not the popularity of Senator Santorum or Governor Schwarzenegger that will determine our part’s success, but it is our values, how we communicate them and how we translate them into public policy that will be the key to winning at the ballot box.

One only need look at the special election to realize that basing our strategy on the popularity of any one man is a bad idea. I wrote in a recent post “Are Conservatives to Blame?”

From the very beginning, Republicans and Democrats made it clear that this election was a referendum on Governor Schwarzenegger. Republicans were hoping to ride popularity and “star power” to victory, just as they had in the 2003 Recall and the 2004 elections. Democrats on the other hand used it as an opportunity to get away from discussing the actual merits of the Governor’s reforms and instead make his personal integrity the issue. Needless to say the Democrat’s plan was much more effective.

Those of us who have been working in the grass roots trying to expand the base of the Republican Party understand that it will take more than a high profile media campaign to expand our party.

“I don’t go into the community with a big ‘R’ on my chest, because the door will be slammed in my face,” said David Morgan, president of the California Black Republican Council. Instead, Morgan described a GOP event with hip-hop music and free hot dogs and hamburgers, in which he registered 40 new African American voters.

Pam Olsen, a Florida pastor, said she resisted telling her congregants “vote for George W. Bush.” But she felt comfortable telling them that “God is pro-life,” and said she saw many black pastors get involved in helping Bush because of their opposition to same-sex marriage.

What is attracting these new Republican voters is the willingness of Republicans to come to where they are; understand their issues; and communicate how our common conservative values can produce societal and public policy solutions to the challenges they face.

We have a lot of heavy lifting to do to expand our party here in California. And if we are to be successful, it will not be as some sort of “Democrat-Lite” party. “All the liberal values without the annoying tax increases.” It will be because we have committed the resources necessary to build relationships with diverse voters and have focused our message on shared values of family, opportunity and freedom as it applies to all Californians.

Craig DeLuz

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Team Poizner is in full effect at CRP Convention…Uh Oh…Here comes RC!!!!!!

Roseville Conservative and Team Poizner Donkey getting their freak on…

Dare I say he makes an A** of Poizner.

(Click Pic for Video)

Craig DeLuz

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Why You Should Vote for My Guy….

The CRP convention hall is packed with tables for candidates for statewide office.

I thought you might like to hear directly from the campaigns why you should vote for their candidates. Now some of you may take these videos as cracks against the candidates. They are not.

I was hoping to let grass roots folks tell you why they are supporting their candidates, but was shocked by how little they actually knew…or at least would share about the individuals they were helping to elect. The worst part is that these are supposed to be involved activists.

Whenever I put myself out there for someone, I at least make sure I know what they stand for. I want other people to know why they should vote for my guy; how his getting elected will make their lives better. I didn’t get that from these folks and left their tables wondering.

Please forgive my commentary…I couldn’t help myself . (Click Pics for Video)

Able Maldonado for State Controler

He’s in control!!!!

This guy actually works for Senator Maldonado; or at least he says he does. And the best reason he can come up with to vote for his boss is that “He has a desire to control spending?” Do yourself a favor my friend, pick up one of the brochures sitting in front of you and study it.

Keith Richman for State Treasurer

He can win!!!!

“Vote for me because I can win?” Heck, if everybody voted for me, I could win too. If this is the best that these folks can come up with, their candidate is in big trouble. This is the problem with the direction our party is going. We have become so obsessed with winning that we don’t care if a candidate is qualified or even shares our values.

Ray Haynes for State Board of Equalization

Ray’s in the House!!!!

Ok… maybe it isn’t fair that Ray Haynes was actually at the table. But hey… He was actually at the table!

Craig DeLuz

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The Truth About Yellow Elephants

Roseville Conservative was in rare form last night! While in the middle of a rant on Mrs. Sheehan and, he dispells the myth about the existance yellow elephants.

Your argument about supporting the Iraq war being hypocritical unless you are willing to sign up and serve is ridiculous… I did my time… so bark up some other tree.

How ridiculous is that Yellow Elephant Argument? Let’s translate it into other issues…

Pro-Choice: You can not be truly Pro-Choice unless you are willing to grab a Pistol and execute a post-Partum Abortion on yourself.

Pro Gay Rights: You can not be truly Pro Gay Rights until you have had or are having a Gay relationship. (some of you may be, who knows?)

Pro Little Guy: Go sell all your stuff and work for a homeless shelter, then you have earned the right to take shots at “Rich Republicans”. Leave us not forget that 89% of corporate donations go to Dems and Dem causes.

I think Aaron needs a hug!

Craig DeLuz

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The Vast Center Wing Conspiracy

Roseville Conservative, a fellow member of the Western Alliance was right! RINOs are gathering to conspire against us. And I have found their home!

Here is the mission of the The Vast Center Wing Conspiracy:

We will starve the elderly, but only after we make sure they have a nice, hot meal. You know, maybe a nice piece fish; a glass tea; two tasty side orders; a nice big piece apple pie for dessert.

We will privatize Social Security. Well, not all of it. Just a few parts. Maybe not even that much, just give you the option to invest it yourself. If that’s okay with you.

We will kick puppies, but only while we have really soft, large pillows strapped to our feet.

We support school vouchers. Unless you think we shouldn’t.

We will cut government spending. Okay, not really, but it sounds nice. We want our pork too. Except those of us who are kosher. But we promise not to increase it any more than it already is. Unless somebody really wants us to.

Be afraid!…. BE VERY AFRAID!!!

Craig DeLuz

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Beware of Charging RINOs

As 2006 campaigns begin to take shape RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are taking aim, not at Democrats, but fellow Republicans. While this is nothing new, what is different is their willingness to use talking points provided by the liberal mass media.

On June 28th Carl Burton, President of the California Congress of Republicans (CCR) broadcast emailed “Blindly Fighting For the Right to Loose” by a liberal columnist with the Los Angeles Times. Then the very next day, GOP candidate for State Treasurer and Assemblyman Keith Richman sent out a similar article by Jill Stewart of the San Francisco Chronicle entitled “Why Dems Dominate State”. Both of these commentaries were published in liberal rags, by liberal columnists and blame conservative Republicans for the Democrat majority in the California legislature. No surprise here. But what is disturbing is that they are being circulated by leaders in the California Republican Party.

In the introduction to his email Richman comments:

Most Californians think political parties are established to win elections for their members. Yet the attached San Francisco Chronicle column, Why Dems dominate state by Jill Stewart, details how some of the most conservative members of the California Republican Party work against the mainstream candidates best positioned to beat Democrats.

First of all, let’s not confuse RINOs with ideological moderates. I have no problem with ideological moderates. While I may not always agree with them, these are individuals who’s positions on the issues are based on what they truly believe to be right. Contrary to Richman’s assertion, political parties are established by like-minded individuals to promote a common political philosophy. If he can’t support that philophy, then maybe he is in the wrong party.

But this attack on conservatives is not based on the merit of their principles. Rather, it is based on the RINO theory that compromising on our party’s principles is the only way we win elections in California.

…instead of drafting non-ideologues capable of winning statewide races and rebuilding the party, GOP activists are doing what they do best: taking position in the circular firing squad.

What is a non-ideologue? It is someone who does not advocate for an ideology or specific set of principles. The National and State platforms for the Republican Party are clearly Pro-family and Pro-life. There is no denying it.

So, is Mr. Richman saying that in order for Republicans to win, we must sacrifice our principles? Does he truly believe that it is more important that our candidates win than that they represent the principles of our Party?

…the most conservative members of the California Republican Party work against the mainstream candidates best positioned to beat Democrats.

If moderates want to promote their centrist ideology, they should feel free to go right ahead. Heck! That’s what primary elections are supposed to be about, an opportunity for candidates to share their values and their vision with GOP voters in an effort to win their support. But I wonder if moderates ever considered the fact that maybe they reason they aren’t winning these Republican primaries is because their views are not truly mainstream?

For example: How are Republicans supposed to take seriously candidates like Steve Poizner. This GOP candidate for Insurance Commissioner gave $10,000 to the 2000 Democrat recount effort and $2000 to John Kerry. As a matter of fact, I am not even sure he endorsed George W. Bush for President in 2004. Even if we look past his pro-abortion, anti-marriage, anti-war views there is very little about Mr. Poizner that would cause one to confuse him an actual Republican. He is as close to being a Democrat as one can get without actually being one. He is a RINO in the truest sense of the word.

Then there is Keith Richman. Although not quite as out there as Poizner, has established a liberal enough record to be dubbed “RINO of The Year” by TV and Radio commentator Larry Elder. He has supported tax increases when not other Republican was willing to do so (Not exactly smart for a guy running for State Treasurer) and was the only Republican to support a 2003 Father’s Day resolution by homosexual assembly members which was meant to trounce traditional marriage The sad part was, he was the deciding vote (41-21 with 17 abstentions). But even worse than his liberal positions on the issues is his insistence that the only way for Republicans to win is to be like him. And groups like the California Congress of Republicans are falling into this same mindset.

CCR has plenty of ideological moderates who believe in core Republican prinicples, but differ with conservatives on some high profile policy matters. I know this because I was once an active member with this group, as a board member and editor of the newsletter for the Sacramento Chapter. During that time, I felt at home amongst moderates and conservatives who believed in the organization’s big tent mission. But today is a different story.
Many in the leadership of this group see conservative Republicans as the enemy. I encourage the members of CCR to beware of charging RINOs in their mitst. Lest they become like the New Majority, the California Republican League and the Log Cabin Republicans; groups that seek to undermine the core values of the Republican Party… All in the name of winning!

Memo to “non-ideological” moderates (aka RINOs): The battle cry of “Vote for me if you want to win!” doesn’t inspire anyone (Just ask Dick Riordan). Winning for the sake of winning is worthless, especially if you have to give up your principles in the process.

P.S. This strategy of quoting far left columnists in order to endear yourselves to those of us who DO support Republican principles….Bad Idea!

Craig DeLuz

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Come Back to the Republican Wing of the Republican Party!

Donna Schalansky
Sacramento County Repulican Party Chairman

Last night the Sacramento County Republican Party refused to support a resolution in favor of Traditional Marriage. Below is a blow by blow account from Angela Azevedo, Legislative Director for the Eagle Forum of California.

Tonight I attended the Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee meeting. It was the most disgusting display of conservative versus liberal Republican politics I have ever witnessed. Last month one of my Sacramento Republican Assembly members brought forth a motion to waive the first reading of the resolution by Assemblyman Tim Leslie in support of Congressman Dan Lungren’s March 17, 2005 statement in support of marriage between one man and one woman; the motion to waive failed and was tabled for this month’s meeting.

A motion to table indefinitely was made by member Chuck Hobson and was seconded by Congressman Dan Lungren’s own appointed (and staff member) alternate, Peter Takeishi. Peter even voted in support of tabling the matter indefinitely, citing that Congressman Lungren wished the SCRP not to consider the resolution and stick to the SCRP’s strategy to focus on voter registration. The California Republican Party’s own party platform supports marriage between one man and one woman. Yet the Congressman, who signed the marriage protection pledge, refused take a position on a resolution that gives him credit for sticking to traditional marriage values.

Two other Central Committee alternates, the alternates for Gary Podesto and Roger Niello, also voted in favor of tabling the motion, even though Assemblyman Tim Leslie, who was in attendance of tonight’s SCRP meeting, strongly urged Central Committee members to support the resolution.

If you are as angry as I am, I urge everyone who are constituents of Congressman Lungren and Assemblyman Roger Niello, to write them and let them know that they’re representatives to the Central Committee are not standing to protect the sanctity of marriage. I don’t know how to get hold of Gary Podesto since he is no longer the mayor of Stockton. But if anyone has an address for him, I would appreciate it if you could forward that information. Tonight I witnessed members of the county party show that they are nothing but puppets to the SCRP Chairman Donna Schlansky and the overwhelming voting members of the Log Cabins, to vote against the resolution to support marriage between one man and one woman.

If ever there’s a need to stand united as a Party, as people of faith, and in support of the President’s Constitutional amendment to protect marriage, it’s now. I give thanks to Craig DeLuz who made the statement to the central committee that even Black Democrats support marriage between one woman, yet the SCRP won’t take a position.

Thank you for allowing me to vent …

Angela M. Azevedo, President
Sacramento Republican Assembly
State Legislative Director
Eagle Forum of California

For the first time last night I was ashamed to call myself a Republican. But I am not giving up my party that easily. I emplore you to let the Sacramento County Republican Party know that if they cannot support Traditional Marriage we will not support them.

2005 – 2006 Sacramento County Republican Committee Members
(Click on name for email address)

Chairman- Mrs. Donna Schalansky
1st Vice- Chairman Mr. Jim Bopp
2nd Vice- Chairman Mr. Richard Fiechtner
3rd Vice- Chairman Mr. John Madriz
4th Vice- Chairman Mr. Don Faller
Treasurer- Mr. Charles Hobson
Secretary- Mrs. Amber Schalansky-Fretwell (No Email)
Executive Director- Mrs. Karen Atteberry (No Email)

You can also call and fax the County Party office at:

(916) 925-1850 Fax (916) 925-0933


Lets encourage them to Come back to the Republican Wing of the Republican Party!

Craig DeLuz

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