The Black Community Deserves Better “Love” -By Assemblyman Tim Leslie

California Assemblyman Tim Leslie has been one of the most active legislators when it comes to addressing issues in urban communities. Though his work, he has demonstrated a heartfelt concern for California’s urban, underserved communities. There are few conservatives who is as respected on both sides of the isle.

In his piece The Black Community Deserves Better “Love” he questions the blind love affair the blacks have with the Democrat party.

There’s no question that the Democrat party machine loves black voters at election time. From city council contenders to presidential nominees, the candidates parade through black neighborhoods and churches, backslapping and misquoting Bible verses. In front of cheering crowds they thunder out sweet nothings.

But when the politicians sit down to do real business, it is clear who holds the Democrat Party’s heart: big labor bosses, trial lawyers, and pro-abortion, homosexual, and other liberal activists. Like the collegiate boyfriend who imagines his hometown girl will never be the wiser, the Democrat Party has a hard time staying faithful when other attractive voices come calling.

This one of the best articles I have read by a white republican as to why blacks should question the commitment of the Democrat party to the Black community. It is so good in fact, that most of the liberal media refused to run it.

Check it out!

Craig DeLuz

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