The Democratic Culture of Denial

Leave it to our friends on the left to never let reality get in the way of a good socialistic political agenda. It does not matter the candidate or the issue, Democrats continued refusal to accept the fact that they and their ideas bare no resemblance to mainstream values is clear proof of the Democratic Culture of Denial.

Nowhere is this more evident than right here in California. As Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides begins his push toward the November general elections, he has the audacity to try and portray himself as a centrist. Pffft!!!!

Isn’t this the guy who wants to raise taxes; drastically increase government spending; over-regulate business; open the boarders; give diplomas to kids to can’t read; write or do math at a 10th or 8th grade level; socialize medicine and ignore California voters and legalize same-sex marriage? Where exactly is the centrist agenda?

Phil, and the California Democratic Party have staked out their position on the far left. And according to polls, they have chosen to go against the values of most California voters on most of these key issues. So why exactly to they think they can win in the fall? Well, there are two modes of thought on this. They either think that we are stupid or they have fallen victim to the Democratic Culture of Denial.

Phil Angelides a centrist? Yeah… When pigs fly!!!!