The New Underground Railroad is looking for conductors

The New Underground Railroad started as the result of numerous conversations that have taken place with Black leaders from across the country. It was started with the goal of
dispelling the Myth that Blacks are incapable of being success without government programs. It will expose the Democrat Party’s legacy of bigotry and hatred.

Over time we have invited several likeminded black thinkers from across the nation to contribute to the discussion. Well, now the time has come for us to expand our reach and ask you, our loyal readers to join the fight to free our people from the psychological slavery of liberalism.

If you would like to be considered to be added as an official Conductor for the New Underground Railroad (Click Here)

Please be sure to include the following information for consideration:

1. The name and url of your blog or website.
2. Your name and email address
3. Your city and state of residence
4. A brief description of you political leanings ( Moderate to conservative commentators welcome. Liberals need not apply!)