The Rise and Fall of the Religious Left…Man that was fast!

It would be hysterically funny if it weren’t so sad. The immoral minority continues their quest to define moral values that are devoid of morality.

The San Francisco Chronicle published an article last week on conference in Berkeley, CA to discuss “Liberal Spirituality”:

Liberals have complained for two decades that conservatives misuse religion for political gain, but it wasn’t until well-organized evangelicals powered President Bush’s election in November that some decided that they had to do more than gripe.

The latest post-election attempt at transforming the spiritual energy of the left into political clout began Wednesday at UC Berkeley, where 1,200 people attended the opening of a conference on “Spiritual Activism.”

Democrats seem to think that they can win if they talk the talk, without walking the walk. What they constantly refuse to accept is that you cannot say you love children, then kill millions before they are even born. You cannot claim to stand up for religious freedom, while silencing those who practice the religion upon which our nation was founded. You cannot say that you value marriage and the family, then undermine societies most fundamental institution with same-sex marriage.These are just a few of the basic moral underpinnings of just about every relgion on earth.

The goal of the four-day conference is to create a spirituality-based platform to counter the religious right, but organizers are also intending to connect with “religio-phobic” liberals through seminars such as, “I Don’t Believe in God, But I Know America Needs a Spiritual Left.”

I believe that there are many in the Democrat Party who support traditional moral values and will not be fooled by this new found “Spirituality” of the left. If Democrats want to truly attract these, as well as other “Values Voters” they are going to have to come to grips with one simple truth:

“Moral Values” absent Morality have no Value!

Craig DeLuz

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