The Social Security Scare Tactics Continue…


Today, The Sacramento Observer Newspaper highlights a community meeting targeting the Black community to discuss Social Security Reform.

Under the title, “Social Security vs. Privatization?” the meeting convened at the Hart Senior Center on 27th and J streets to discuss whether the social security reform is a crisis, President George W. Bush’s proposal, issues concerning privatization and the personal responsibility to save.

But while the forum was couched as a debate (thus the title “Social Security vs. Privatization?”), there was no one invited to speak supporting privatization. But when one looks at the list of event organizers it is no wonder.

The two-hour town hall meeting was sponsored by several organizations including the Division of Social Work and the Gerontology Program at Sacramento State University, AARP, California Alliance for Retired Americans, Gray Panthers, the Older Women’s League, Resources for Independent Living and the Sacramento Central Labor Council.

And as usual, the propaganda machine does not even bother itself with the facts.

In a statement she did not agree with, Madoshi said she heard President Bush say social security reform would be “beneficiary” to African Americans.

Without doing any research I just laughed at that,” Madoshi said of Bush’s assumption. “This plan (to reform), or non-plan, or thought or dream will not be beneficiary. African Americans, women and disabled persons will (only) be displaced by this plan.”

And the reality is that those who continually trash the idea of Social Security Privatization have deliberately chosen not to do the research, because they know that the facts are not on their side.

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And if you want to know the real facts about how Blacks have faired under the current Social Security System, read my commentary “Social InSecurity- A Bad Investment For Black America

Craig DeLuz

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