The Truth about Azatlan- From their own mouths! (Video Here)

I’m not going to vouch for the credibility of the organization that put together this video. But I do know that the words spoken on it represent the sentiment of those who support Azatlan and the effort at La Reconquista (The Reconquest).

Prominent Elected Latinos seen on the video include:

Fabian Nunez– Speaker of the California State Assembly

“You can be a revolutionary as you want to be. You can be a Chicano nationalist. You can believe in Azatlan.”

Art Torres- Chairman of the California Democratic Party & Former State Senator

“When I was in the senate ‘Why do you fight so hard for Affirmative Action ‘ I’ld tell my white colleagues ‘Because you’re gonna need it.’

Antonio Villiaregosa- Mayor of Los Angeles & Former Speaker of the California Assembly

“It is not enough to elect Latino leadership. If they’re supporting legislation that denies the undocumented they don’t belong in office. They don’t belong here.”

Joe Baca- United States House of Representatives & Former California State Senator

“The Latinos are coming! The Latinos are coming!”

“We can’t’ go back. It’s a civil war.”


And as far as I know, none of these elected officials has ever publicly explained their overt support of such an effort to repatriate California and other states back to Mexico.

(Click the Pic to see the Video)