The Truth About Yellow Elephants

Roseville Conservative was in rare form last night! While in the middle of a rant on Mrs. Sheehan and, he dispells the myth about the existance yellow elephants.

Your argument about supporting the Iraq war being hypocritical unless you are willing to sign up and serve is ridiculous… I did my time… so bark up some other tree.

How ridiculous is that Yellow Elephant Argument? Let’s translate it into other issues…

Pro-Choice: You can not be truly Pro-Choice unless you are willing to grab a Pistol and execute a post-Partum Abortion on yourself.

Pro Gay Rights: You can not be truly Pro Gay Rights until you have had or are having a Gay relationship. (some of you may be, who knows?)

Pro Little Guy: Go sell all your stuff and work for a homeless shelter, then you have earned the right to take shots at “Rich Republicans”. Leave us not forget that 89% of corporate donations go to Dems and Dem causes.

I think Aaron needs a hug!

Craig DeLuz

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