The Vast Center Wing Conspiracy

Roseville Conservative, a fellow member of the Western Alliance was right! RINOs are gathering to conspire against us. And I have found their home!

Here is the mission of the The Vast Center Wing Conspiracy:

We will starve the elderly, but only after we make sure they have a nice, hot meal. You know, maybe a nice piece fish; a glass tea; two tasty side orders; a nice big piece apple pie for dessert.

We will privatize Social Security. Well, not all of it. Just a few parts. Maybe not even that much, just give you the option to invest it yourself. If that’s okay with you.

We will kick puppies, but only while we have really soft, large pillows strapped to our feet.

We support school vouchers. Unless you think we shouldn’t.

We will cut government spending. Okay, not really, but it sounds nice. We want our pork too. Except those of us who are kosher. But we promise not to increase it any more than it already is. Unless somebody really wants us to.

Be afraid!…. BE VERY AFRAID!!!

Craig DeLuz

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