This Is What Happens When Bureaucrats Get A Hold Of Good Policy


School administrators in Lincoln, RI cancelled a spelling bee because they say it violates the Federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Government bureaucrats are notorious for taking the easy way out when it comes to compliance with the law. Consider the following two examples:

1. The Federal Title IX law requires colleges and universities to spend the same amount of resources on women’s intercollegiate athletics as they do on men’s. And while supporting women in athletics is a great idea, the implementation of this idea has resulted in the elimination of may small college football programs. Why?

Football (which is predominantly a male sport) is the most expensive sport by far on most college campuses. So in order to comply, many schools have opted to eliminate their football programs rather than add other women’s sports. Problem Solved? I think not! Women get no more funding than they got before and men lose out on the chance to play football at the college level.

2. In attempting to meet standards put forth in most affirmative action programs, admissions officers lower admission standards for under-represented populations in order to increase their enrollment on college campuses. This is instead of identifying students in these identified groups who have the potential to succeed and then providing them with the tool they need to compete on a level playing field. The problem is many of these students never graduate because they were not properly prepared to do so.

The fact is these bureaucrats almost always take the road of least resistance. And that is why so many good public policy ideas turn into bad bureaucratic programs

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Craig DeLuz

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