True National Security: America’s Christian Foundation


Many have heard that America is a Christian nation, but are not comfortable explaining why a Christian form of government is needed to secure life, liberty, and property for people of all faiths.

THIS SATURDAY, February 26, from 8:15am to noon, I will be participating in a seminar to put on by Public Awareness Ministries. It will feature nationally-known Christian history experts and teachers James Rose (President, American Christian History Institute) and Katherine Dang (President, Philomath Foundation). They will provide reasoning from Scripture about America’s security for life, liberty, and property: her Christian foundation (and how to preserve it).

I encourage you to attend and invite friends and family to this free seminar! It is open to all adults, and provides excellent Scriptural foundation for college, high school, and home school students in the areas of history, civics, and government.

You can RSVP by emailing OR calling Mark Matta at 916-716-1075 .

Abraham Lincoln said, “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next

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