Unions Up In Arms Over Paycheck Protection


Do you believe that anyone has the right to take money out of your hard earned paycheck and spend it on political causes that you disagree with? Without your permission?

That is exactly what is taking place with union workers across the nation. Well here in California, a group of small business advocates are working to get a measure on the ballot that would require unions to get permission for their members before using their dues for political purposes.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

The initiative would require public employee unions to obtain written permission every year from their individual members before spending any dues money on political contributions.

“We believe a lot of union members want the freedom to decide how their dollars are spent,” Fox said.

Imagine that… people having freedom to decide how their money is spent. Evidently, unions seem to think this concept is un-American.

Lou Paulson, president of the California Professional Firefighters Association, “They want to stop us from getting our message out.”

No one is trying to stop unions from getting their message out. We just object to them stealing the money to do it.

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Craig DeLuz

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