Ventura County Democrats try to run homosexual candidate out of congressional race?

Once again, hypocrisy abounds in the liberal camp. In this case Brett Wagner, a homosexual candidate for congress is accusing the Ventura County Democrat Party of derailing his candidacy because of his sexual orientation.

While I don’t know that his being homosexual is the reason for their actions, it is clear that they are actively trying to get him out of the race.

The following is an Associated Press story released today:

California Democratic Party investigating candidate allegations

VENTURA, Calif. (AP) The California Democratic Party will investigate allegations that Ventura County party officials improperly asked congressional candidate Brett Wagner to quit so someone else could run against Republican Rep. Elton Gallegly.

Wagner, who suggested last month that party leaders want him out because he is a homosexual, urged an investigation in hopes the group of officials get booted from their positions within the party.

During an Oct. 5 news conference, Assembly District 37 Committee Chairman Tom Parker and Ojai Valley Democratic Club President Sue Broidy, among others, outlined concerns about Wagner’s campaign finances, his employment background and alleged use of a nonprofit to advance his campaign.

They also worry that the issue will hurt anyone who wins the Democratic primary next June, upsetting their hope to unseat Gallegly, whose 24th Congressional District stretches from Simi Valley to Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Twenty-four party members signed a petition delivered to Wagner’s office.

Wagner, who has no intention of withdrawing his candidacy, said during an emergency meeting of the Ventura County Democratic Party Central Committee that the group’s allegations were unfounded.

Region 14 director Bob Manley of the California Democratic Party said he will oversee the investigation.

Wagner said members of the group violated their oaths of office when they signed the petition as delegates of the 24th Congressional District and ran personal attacks on his character.

“One of the problems I had with this group … is they floated out a series of scurrilous and unfounded allegations against me,” Wagner said.

Broidy denied there were any scurrilous allegations. She said she and the other four people at the Oct. 5 press conference called for Wagner’s resignation as individual members of the party and were not acting as representatives for their groups.

I guess not even Democrats are exempt from having the “Bigot” card played against them.

(Hat tip to California Assembly Communications Staff)

Craig DeLuz

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