Vote to Boycott Arizona Prompts Recall of Sacramento City Council Members

Voters have had enough of the Sacramento City Council’s refusal to do something about it.
After the Mayor and six council members voted to institute a boycott of the state of Arizona (in protest of their new immigration enforcement law) a group of Sacramento area residents opted to organize a recall of those who voted in favor of the boycott.
Congressional District 5 candidate, Paul Smith; Conservative Radio Talk Show Host, Eric Hogue; and Tea Party Express Organizer Mark Williams have put together to gather the names and addresses of city residents who would be willing to sign a recall petition. The plan is to move on each member of the council, once they have commitment from enough voters in each district.
Organizers admit that it is unlikely that they will gain enough support to recall all the members of the council. But they feel that if they are able to remove even one, their point would be made. And the truth is, there are plenty of other reasons to want a change in city leadership.
Sacramento is facing a budget deficit of at least $43 million. Crime, including violent crime is on the rise. And despite gathering more than enough signatures to put a referendum for a Strong Mayor on the ballot, the city council refused to allow the people to vote on the idea. In fact, there is such dissatisfaction with the council that in the most recent election, two incumbents (Robbie Waters and Ray Tretheway) failed to win reelection.
If there was ever a time to take back our city government from these “Not so ready for prime time players” now is that time. The only question is going to be whether or not folks are actually going to fully invest in this effort. Because without a commitment of time, talent and treasury this recall will go nowhere.