Was a Deal Cut on Paycheck Protection? I’m not the only one who thinks it was!

In today’s Sacramento Bee, columnist Dan Weintraub questions whether or not teachers and business leaders cut a deal on Prop. 75; a measure that would require public employee labor unions to get thier members’ permission before spending thier money on politics.

Last week in my post “CTA Drops Tax Hike Initiative for No Reason? I’m not buying it!” I shared the same concerns that the California business community might repeat history by taking a neutral position on paycheck protection as they did in 1998 in order to avoid initiatives that would propose raising taxes. Well Dan seems to share my concerns.

Did the business groups, in exchange for ducking the property tax hike headed their way, agree to abandon the governor in November and stop contributing to his favored measures?

Absolutely not, Hime said.

“That’s not part of the deal,” he said. “We’re not going to turn our backs on the governor.”

That will be clear soon enough, as Schwarzenegger’s campaign gears up after Labor Day. Some of the biggest members of Hime’s coalition have been major donors to the governor’s campaigns. If they suddenly stop contributing, they will be conspicuous in their absence.

Keep this in mind… The Paycheck Protection Initiative is not part of the Governor’s reform agenda. He hasn’t even endorsed it! So if Hime’s coalition didn’t support it, he would not be going against the Governor, would he?

Dan is right about one thing… we will soon know!

Craig DeLuz

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