Was Ice Cream Truck Bill Designed to Aide in War on Terror?

My buddy Jedd forwarded the following to me from The Roundup:

Apology time? Way back in March, Gov. Schwarzenegger derided the Legislature for not engaging on serious issues. “But it does look like the legislators, facing the deadline for filing legislation, did find time to introduce bills on cosmetic surgery for dogs, the name of our baseball team in Anaheim and where ice cream trucks can park,” the governor said. The latter referred to AB 1148 by Lodi Assemblyman Alan Nakanishi, which would make it a crime for ice cream trucks to double park.

The bill never even got a hearing, but now that a Lodi ice cream truck driver has been arrested with suspected ties to al-Qaida, it does beg the question: Did Nakanishi know something we didn’t? Maybe AB 1148 really is a matter of vital national security!

We smell a gut and amend coming…

What I want to know is: What did Nakanishi know and when did he know it?

Craig DeLuz

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